Are glasses attractive on guys?

Are Glasses Attractive On Guys? 15 Tips To Wear Them

Are glasses attractive on guys? The simple answer is yes but it depends a lot on how you wear them. Guys wear glasses for many reasons - to correct their... Read More

Best Outfit Tips for a Successful Nursing Interview

What you wear to an interview is important to give your prospective employer the right first impression and make you feel confident. What you wear can help or hurt your... Read More
Nursing Interview Outfits
Salt Cave Attire

Salt Cave Attire: What To Wear For Full Relaxation

Salt caves are becoming more popular, being included in day spas, wellness centers, and fitness facilities. Sitting in a salt cave, also known as halotherapy, has a multitude of benefits,... Read More

Hydrotherapy Attire: What to Wear for a Great Experience

Hydrotherapy is a great therapy for recovery and treatment of a variety of issues, including relieving pain, promoting circulation, and reducing muscle spasms.  Exercising in the water is also a... Read More
Hydrotherapy Attire
Cute female pharmacist outfits

Practical And Cute Female Pharmacist Outfits

Over several decades psychology and communication researchers have stated that many people judge likeability, trustworthiness, education level, credibility, and education level-vital attributes for female pharmacists, depending on their attire. That... Read More

Ultimate Guide To What Surgeons Wear In Surgery

In the operating room, surgeons must wear specialized outfits to prevent contamination. Surgeries are not simple procedures since they are complex and involve saving lives. Surgeons don't wear these uniforms... Read More
Surgeons Wear In Surgery
dental assistant outfits

Dental Assistant Outfits: The Ultimate Guide

Dental assistants are medical professionals, meaning they can't just wear whatever they want at work. Wearing the right dental assistant outfit is very essential. Note that your appearance reflects your... Read More

The Insider Guide to 15 Practical Items Nurses Wear to Work

Most nurses wear medical scrubs to work at a hospital, lab, or doctor’s office. Scrubs serve as a practical uniform to easily identify the medical staff at any institution. Nurses... Read More
what nurses wear to work
outfits to wear to medical school

20 Practical and Professional Outfits to Wear to Medical School

The best outfits to wear to medical school depend on the classroom or clinical rotation setting. For a classroom setting, a smart casual outfit such as khakis and a polo... Read More

How Do Textile Dyes Harm Our Environment And Health

The textile dyeing industry has been in existence for over 4,000 years. Yet, textile dyes and their chemicals used in clothing manufacturing remain overlooked, as well as their negative impacts... Read More
Textile Dyes Harmful effects Environment
Reasons Wear Barefoot Shoes

Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Wear Barefoot Shoes

There are so many benefits of wearing barefoot and minimalist shoes. Whether you enjoy running, hiking, or wearing lightweight, flexible shoes, switch to footwear with less cushion that is truly... Read More

20 Best Non-toxic And Natural Dye Clothing Brands

The best clothing brands create affordable and sustainable clothes in a fair and resource-efficient manner with non-toxic, natural dyes, and organic materials. Most chemicals used for textile manufacturing, washing, bleaching,... Read More
Non-toxic Natural Dye Clothing Brands
Polystyrene Clothing Fabric

All You Need To Know About Polystyrene Clothing Fabric

Polystyrene is a petroleum-based synthetic fiber widely used to make fabrics and materials in various industries, including clothing in the fashion world, similar to other plastic fabrics. Polystyrene is a... Read More

All You Need To Know About The Zero Waste Lifestyle

The zero-waste lifestyle is a way of living that decreases the amount of waste being produced every day on a global scale. It aims to reduce overproduction and overconsumption of... Read More
Zero Waste Lifestyle Meaning Guide
Sustainable Living During COVID

12 Easy Tips For Sustainable Living During COVID

Can you still have a sustainable lifestyle during the COVID-19 crisis? Living sustainably is one of the best things you can do to protect the environment and human health. During... Read More

6 Dangers Of Wearing New Clothes Without Washing

Is it OK to wear new clothes without washing them? Unfortunately, most fashion items that you can buy today can endanger your health and well-being. Many garments produced by the... Read More
Dangers Of Wearing New Clothes Without Washing
Affordable Sustainable Face Masks

20 Best Affordable And Sustainable Face Masks

The best face masks are sustainable and affordable, soft, lightweight, and easy to clean. They contain eco-friendly and animal-free materials that are also durable and moisture-wicking. Thankfully, many sustainable brands... Read More

How Often Do You Need To Replace Your Underwear

If you are thinking about changing your undergarments, now is probably a good time to do so. The closer to your skin you wear your clothes, the more often you... Read More
how often replace buy underwear
toxic clothing chemicals

8 Shocking Reasons Why Your Clothing Is Toxic

Most clothes in circulation today are toxic to your health and the environment. They contain harmful chemicals that pollute the air, soil, and water sources and damage your skin. Many... Read More

22 Insanely Helpful Sustainability Apps You Need

The best sustainability apps make it easy for you to pursue an eco-conscious lifestyle. They help you make mindful decisions as an informed consumer that cares about people, animals, and... Read More
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easy zero waste swaps

22 Easy Zero Waste Swaps You Need To Know

We are on the verge of a global social and environmental crisis. It's now, more than ever, crucial to adopt a Zero Waste lifestyle. All kinds of waste are piling... Read More

What Does It Mean To Be Bluesign Certified?

Some of the most environmentally friendly, socially conscious clothing items are Bluesign certified. Eco-conscious consumers looking for greener products of every kind can trust the Bluesign certification. Bluesign is a... Read More
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pamela reif sustainable living tips

5 Simple Tips For Sustainable Living From Pamela Reif

German influencer and model Pamela Reif shares her best tips for sustainable living in a video in partnership with international clothing retailer NA-KD Fashion. Sustainability is one of the biggest... Read More

All You Need to Know About Oeko-Tex Certification

The Oeko-Tex certification is one of the world's best-known labels for textiles tested for harmful substances. It certifies high product safety and is widely used in the global apparel and... Read More
oeko tex certification standard 100 wedding clothes
best fabrics for sensitive skin

The Ultimate 5 Best Fabrics For Sensitive Skin

Wearing the right fabrics makes a big difference in your quality of life, especially if you have sensitive skin. Some textiles used for fashion keep your skin safe and healthy.... Read More