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Best Affordable Sustainable Bodysuits

15 Best Affordable And Sustainable Bodysuits

The best bodysuits are comfortable, eco-friendly, cheap, and ethically made with organic or recycled fabrics to help you look and feel your best with a clean conscience.

If you are interested in fashionable lingerie and undergarments, choose versatile and durable pieces from the best underwear brands that protect the environment and garment workers.

Here is our selection of the best affordable and sustainable bodysuits made under high social and environmental standards.

Panaprium is proud to be 100% independent, free of any influence, and not sponsored. We carefully handpick products from brands we trust. Thank you so much for buying something through our link, as we may earn a commission that supports us.

1. Organic Basics Invisible Bodysuit

organic basics sustainable cheap bodysuit

Category: Basics, bodysuits, briefs, thongs, shorts, bras, accessories
For: Women, men
From: Copenhagen, Denmark
Values: Organic, recycled, local, give back
Prices: $30-$50

Organic Basics is an eco-friendly brand that ethically makes affordable and seamless bodysuits in Europe with organic cotton and recycled materials.

Organic Basics is committed to sustainable fashion production and puts sustainable thinking at the center of everything it does. Sustainability is its core mission.

The clothing label invests in quality fabrics and craftsmanship and designs its clothes with simplicity and function in mind. It also has a fund that supports grassroots activists and organizations that address environmental crises.


2. Vitamin A Bedette One Piece

vitamin a sustainable one piece

Category: Basics, bodysuits, robes, bikinis, accessories
For: Women
From: Garden Grove, California, United States
Values: Organic, recycled, give back, made in the USA
Prices: $50-$190

Vitamin A is a clothing brand that produces affordable and sustainable swimwear and underwear in the USA. It's all about feeling good, looking good, and doing good.

Vitamin A creates comfy and chic bodysuits designed to last while caring about fit and style details. Its pieces are flawless, comfortable, and dependable in all the best ways.

The clothing label uses sustainable high-performance fabrics with eco-conscious, organic cotton, and recycled textiles. It also gives back a portion from every sale to organizations that protect our oceans.


3. Groceries Apparel Thong Bodysuit

groceries apparel affordable sustainable bodysuit

Category: Basics, bodysuits, bras, bralettes, shorts, accessories
For: Women, men
From: Los Angeles, California, United States
Values: Organic, recycled, made in the USA
Prices: $30-$70

Groceries Apparel is an American-made loungewear and underwear brand that creates sustainable bodysuits locally in Los Angeles with natural and recycled fabrics, such as organic cotton, hemp, lyocell, and recycled plastic.

Groceries Apparel redefines transparency and human responsibility by supporting family farms, localized manufacturing, living wages, and Monsanto-free post-consumer ingredients.

The sustainable clothing brand is passionate about empowering human beings. It ensures fair conditions and treatment across its entire supply chain and provides full traceability to its customers.


4. Made Trade Bamboo Bodysuit

made trade cheap ethical bodysuit

Category: Basics, bodysuits, bras, hipsters, bikinis, thongs, briefs, accessories
For: Women, men
From: Portland, Oregon, United States
Values: Organic, Fairtrade, recycled, vegan, BIPOC
Prices: $10-$70

Made Trade is a Fair Trade retailer that sustainably and ethically creates goods for the modern wardrobe and home. It offers affordable and sustainable bodysuits and intimates for women and men.

Made Trade is committed to true transparency and making a positive impact on the world. The well-curated online marketplace sells a selection of ethical products handcrafted in North America and around the world.

Made Trade adheres to sustainable and Fair Trade practices that support both artisans and the Earth's natural resources. It strives to make the world a more beautiful place through higher ethical standards.


5. Reformation Luna Bodysuit

reformation cheap eco-friendly bodysuit

Category: Basics, bodysuits, shorts, thongs, bralettes, shirts, robes
For: Women
From: Los Angeles, California, United States
Values: Organic, recycled, made in the USA
Prices: $10-$50

Reformation makes sustainable women's lingerie, underwear, and intimates. It offers a collection of sustainable bodysuits and other basics made in the USA for petite up to extended sizes.

The clothing retailer designs effortless silhouettes that celebrate the feminine figure with the most beautiful and sustainable fabrics possible. It pays attention to minimize its social and environmental impacts.

Reformation uses sustainable materials such as organic cotton, recycled cotton, linen, and Tencel lyocell. It makes some of its clothes with recycled fabrics, such as regenerated nylon or deadstock fabrics.


6. Thought Recycled Nylon Bodysuit

thought ethically made recycled bodysuit

Category: Basics, bodysuits, briefs, slips, thongs, bralettes, bikinis, camis, socks, accessories
For: Women, men
From: London, United Kingdom
Values: Organic, recycled, give back
Prices: $10-$30

Thought is an eco-friendly fashion brand creating ethical and sustainable collections for women and men with organic and recycled materials. It offers a range of seamless underwear crafted from soft, stretchy recycled nylon.

Thought creates comfortable and affordable intimates that keep you secure, including bodysuits, briefs, thongs, bralettes, bikinis, camis, socks, and accessories.

The organic brand is committed to considered design, responsible sourcing, and fostering change. It aims to show that there are more sustainable ways to live, dress, and be.

Thought supports TRAID, a UK charity that works to minimize, improve, and transform the environmental impact of clothing manufacturing. Send your clothes back to TRAID to support the people and places making your clothing.


7. NA-KD Strap Jersey Bodysuit

na-kd cheap sustainable bodysuit

Category: Basics, bodysuits, lingerie, thongs, briefs, bras, camis, accessories
For: Women
From: Gothenburg, Sweden
Values: Organic, recycled
Prices: $20-$30

NA-KD is a top next-generation fashion marketplace, a mobile-based online shopping sanctuary for fashion addicts. It offers affordable and sustainable bodysuits for women.

NA-KD sells many different clothing labels at various price points and designs a range of cute and fashionable clothes, underwear, and accessories under its brand.

The NA-KD brand is one of the fastest-growing on social media. To launch new collections, it regularly partners with influencers such as Andrea Hedenstedt, Anika Teller, Astrid Olsen, Camille Botten, Dilara Avci, Pamela Reif, Kristin Sundberg, and more.


8. Everlane Off-the-Shoulder Bodysuit

everlane ethical cheap bodysuit

Category: Basics, bodysuits, hipsters, thongs, bralettes, bikinis, accessories
For: Women, men
From: San Francisco, California, United States
Values: Organic, recycled
Prices: $10-$40

Everlane is an ethical fashion brand creating modern and beautiful essentials, at the best factories, without traditional markups. It's a great destination to buy high-quality, fair, affordable, and sustainable bodysuits.

The clothing retailer is headquartered in San Francisco, California, and sells primarily online. It uses a high proportion of sustainable materials such as organic cotton and recycled fabrics.

The brand also offers ethically made and designed to last intimates, basics, and accessories for women and men. It believes in exceptional quality to make a difference.

Everlane is widely known for its radical transparency. It educates consumers on its supply chain, factories, employees, and the price breakdown of each product.


9. Etsy Organic Cotton Bodysuit

etsy cheap organic cotton bodysuit

Category: Basics, bodysuits, bras, briefs, thongs, accessories
For: Women, men, children
From: NYC, New York, United States
Values: Natural, vintage, independent sellers
Prices: $10-$30

Etsy is an American e-commerce website focused on hand-made or vintage fashion items, homeware, and craft supplies. It offers a wide range of affordable and sustainable bodysuits made from organic fabrics.

Many independents sellers list comfy, eco-friendly, cute, and cheap undergarments on Etsy. The marketplace is very active and widely recognized as the most trusted vintage store.


10. ASOS Marketplace Sept Bodysuit

asos marketplace cheap vintage bodysuit

Category: Basics, bodysuits, bras, camis, corsets, knickers, slips, socks, accessories
For: Women, men
From: London, United Kingdom
Values: Vintage, artisan craft, animal welfare, authenticity
Prices: $20-$40

ASOS Marketplace sells pre-loved clothing from independent brands and vintage boutiques online. It launched in 2010 in Europe with just 20 sellers and is now a leading online platform for thrift shopping.

The European marketplace represents over 800 boutiques from all over the globe. It offers a unique range of affordable bodysuits from small brands to famous high-street names.

ASOS Marketplace sells vintage 90s underwear from popular clothing brands and new, chic designs from international boutiques and skilled artisans.


11. People Tree Nicole Bodysuit

people tree cheap organic bodysuit

Category: Basics, bodysuits, briefs, thongs, camis, bras, shorts, socks, accessories
For: Women
From: London, United Kingdom
Values: Organic, Fair Trade, recycled, artisan craft, give back
Prices: $10-$50

People Tree is an online garment retailer making sustainable clothes from environmentally-friendly materials, including Fair Trade, certified organic cotton.

In 2013, it became the first fashion company to be awarded the World Fair Trade Organization (WFTO) product label, guaranteeing dedication and compliance with the principles of Fair Trade.

People Tree offers a wide range of affordable basics and underwear for women, including bodysuits, camisoles, briefs, thongs, shorts, bralettes, socks, and more.

People Tree is also committed to working with disadvantaged farmers and workers to promote fairer trading conditions. It helps combat poverty and employs people in underserved communities around the world.


12. Hackwith Design House One Piece

hackwith design house sustainable bodysuit

Category: Basics, bodysuits, bras, bralettes, briefs, accessories
For: Women
From: St. Paul, Minnesota, United States
Values: Organic, recycled, made in the USA, made to order
Prices: $40-$110

Hackwith Design House is a clothing brand and design studio in St. Paul, run by Lisa Hackwith. Lead designer Lisa finds delights in the details and loves the process of creating beautiful things.

Hackwith Design House makes sustainable, affordable, and durable bodysuits in the USA. It releases a limited edition design every week.

The designing and making process all happens in one place with a small team. The studio includes a conference room, industrial sewing machines, cutting tables, an inventory, and a shipping station.


13. Mara Hoffman Arete Bodysuit

mara hoffman eco-friendly bodysuit

Category: Basics, bodysuits, tops
For: Women
From: NYC, New York, United States
Values: Organic, recycled, luxury, give back, made in the USA
Prices: $60-$180

Mara Hoffman is a premium designer brand that creates organic basics and bodysuits for women up to extended sizes out of recycled textiles and other eco-friendly materials.

The ethical fashion brand is well-known for its sustainable, luxurious garments made from pre and post-consumer waste. The designer label aims to reduce its impact and generate awareness.

Mara Hoffman offers stylish and unique alternatives manufactured responsibly in the USA by smaller artisan groups under fair conditions. Many of its clothes are made in Los Angeles to foster a healthy local economy.


14. Miakoda Classic Bodysuit

miakoda sustainable bodysuit usa

Category: Basics, bodysuits, bralettes, accessories
For: Women
From: NYC, New York, United States
Values: Organic, recycled, vegan, Fairtrade, made in the USA
Prices: $50-$80

Miakoda is an organic clothing brand that ethically makes affordable, sustainable bodysuits and other women's basics in the USA. It sources plant-based materials and produces its vegan garments in Fairtrade, local factories.

The fashion label aims to create change by treating the planet, animals, and each other better. It manufactures its clothes sustainably and ethically in the NYC garment district.

Miakoda uses certified sustainable fabrics, including organic cotton, lyocell, and other upcycled materials. It personally visits its factories multiple times during every season to ensure a clean, safe, and respectful work environment.


15. Stay Wild Swim Kaia Bodysuit

stay wild swim sustainable bodysuit

Category: Basics, bodysuits, bikinis, bras, bralettes, brief, accessories
For: Women
From: London, United Kingdom
Values: Recycled, luxury
Prices: $40-$50

Stay Wild Swim is a premium swimwear brand that makes sustainable and affordable bodysuits from regenerated ocean plastic. It aims to flatter every woman and turn threats into threads.

Stay Wild Swim designs and makes eco-friendly undergarments and swimsuits in London and ensures that its production is as sustainable and ethical as possible.

The brand promotes conscious consumption and encourages its customers to buy less but buy better. Its sustainable bodysuits are beautiful and made to last so that you don't have to shop for new pieces every season.


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About the Author: Alex Assoune

Alex Assoune Alex Assoune (MS) is a global health and environmental advocate. He founded Panaprium to inspire others with conscious living, ethical, and sustainable fashion. Alex has worked in many countries to address social and environmental issues. He speaks three languages and holds two Master of Science degrees in Engineering from SIGMA and IFPEN schools.



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