Fast fashion is responsible for the huge growth of the textile and apparel industry over the last 20 years.

Fortunately, an alternative to fast fashion is gaining popularity: slow fashion or sustainable fashion.

At Panaprium we promote a more conscious approach to fashion and sustainable living.


Ethical & Fair

We collaborate with passionate athletes, artists and entrepreneurs to create the best resources, reviews, lists, guides and tips. We are proud to say that our entire company is ethical and fair.

We believe that every employee should be treated with respect and paid a fair living wage.

Our team looks at every position and make sure it is ethical and fair, with safe working conditions.

We value a respectful approach to people and nature in everything we do.

These guiding principles should be applied everywhere, especially in the fashion industry. It is one of our top priority.

Trust and transparency are essential values in our strong community. We regularly check the application of our standards personally and pay close attention to fairness and high quality products.

Panaprium strives to make others happy, using fairness and sustainability.

We do not focus on making the most profits, but rather on a happy and healthy life for all people. Especially for our members and partners who are involved in the value chain.

By building a strong community around sustainable living, we aim to create an environment where everyone feels free and accepted, and their abilities are valued and appreciated.


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No animal should have to die or suffer to create amazing products.

That is why we believe in products that are 100% vegan, animal free and sustainable.

We promote a vegan lifestyle, fair, green, and eco-friendly fashion.

Unfortunately, there is a lot of animal-cruelty in the fashion industry. We want to spread awareness that cruelty-free alternatives exist. Ethical can also mean fashionable.

Veganism can extend to more than just the food on your plate. In the face of a multifaceted environmental crisis, we made the responsible choice of picking high-quality products made from cruelty-free and sustainable materials.

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Panaprium members and partners are committed to eco-friendly production. Sustainability is one of our most important guiding principles. We aim for a low water impact and carbon footprint, following our beliefs in protecting the environment.

We aim to minimize waste in packaging. We do our best to promote eco-friendly packaging materials that are either recyclable or bio-based and biodegradable.

Hardly any water should be used in the fabrication process of clothing. We believe in reducing the impact of textile production on the planet.

No harsh chemicals or toxic dyes are necessary to make stylish clothes. Inks should be water based and environmentally friendly.

We look for fabrics that meet the highest standards of quality and sustainability. All fabrics should be either natural, organic, or recycled. 

Recycling is a community affair that matters a lot to us. We invite everyone to gather and sort their waste into containers, educate and promote environmental stewardship.

By using ecological materials in all part of the production process, we hope to reduce the dependency on oil, and toxic emissions from waste incineration.

The fashion industry should rely on renewable raw materials to create beautiful and functional products while avoiding overproduction.