Dental assistants are medical professionals, meaning they can't just wear whatever they want at work. Wearing the right dental assistant outfit is very essential. Note that your appearance reflects your personality and shows your professionalism and dedication to your job.

Additionally, a proper dental assistant outfit will make you feel more comfortable as you work and contribute to a hygienic and safe environment, that is very important for various dental procedures.

So, whether you're new to the profession or need a refresher on what to wear, this guide has you covered! Read on for crucial dental assistant outfits and why they are essential.


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scrubs dental assistants outfit

The surgical or medical has evolved considerably over the last 50 years. Modern scrubs are designed with 100% cotton. Brands mainly use the material to create scrubs because it is easy to clean and comfortable. The tops usually have a v-neckline and are short-sleeved. On the other hand, pants are drawstring, making them very easy to adjust. There are also some with buttons and pockets.

Another reason the fabric is used is that medical professionals must be able to quickly and easily clean their clothing. This is particularly important for dental assistants' clothing because they can quickly get saliva droplets on their attire during procedures or get contaminated and infections in the healthcare setting.

The material is durable, and you can wash it in hot water daily without any problems. It can handle all kinds of cleaning procedures that you throw at it.

Actually, my dentist has a pair of scrubs that is over five years old, and it still looks great. That shows how durable these pieces are.


Lab coat

Lab coat dental assistant outfit

A lab coat is another essential attire for dental assistants. It provides an extra layer of protection against spills and splatters, keeping the dental assistant's clothes clean and hygienic. Lab coats are also easy to clean, and you can wash them daily to maintain a high level of cleanliness in the office.


Face mask

Face mask dental assistant outfit

A face mask is an essential accessory for dental assistants, protecting them from inhaling harmful particles and microorganisms. It also protects patients from any germs or bacteria the dental assistant may carry. Face masks are essential in maintaining a sterile environment in the dental office.


Safety glasses

Safety glasses dental assistant outfit

Safety glasses are important for dental assistants as they protect their eyes from debris and splatters. They are also essential in protecting the dental assistant's eyes from the bright lights used in dental procedures.


Medical gloves

Medical gloves dental assistant outfit

Gloves are essential for dental assistants as they protect their hands from exposure to harmful chemicals and microorganisms. They also protect patients from any germs or bacteria the dental assistant may carry. Gloves are available in various materials, including latex, vinyl, and nitrile, allowing dental assistants to choose the material that best suits their needs.


Scrub cap

scrub cap

A scrub cap is an important accessory for dental assistants as it keeps their hair out of their faces and prevents loose hairs from falling into the patient's mouth. Scrub caps are available in various colors and styles, allowing dental assistants to express their style while maintaining a professional appearance.



headcover dental assistant outfit

A head cover is another important accessory for dental assistants as it keeps their hair out of their face and prevents loose hairs from falling into the patient's mouth. It also helps to maintain a sterile environment in the dental office.


Shoe covers

Shoe covers dental assistant outfit

Shoe covers are essential for dental assistants. They protect their shoes from exposure to harmful chemicals and microorganisms. They also prevent debris or dirt from being tracked into the dental office, maintaining a clean and hygienic environment.



sneakers dental assistant outfit

Donning the proper footwear is crucial in all medical settings, including dental facilities. Dental assistants walk from one office to another several times a day. As such, you must take care of your feet by wearing the right shoes.

I recommend lightweight and breathable sneakers for dental assistants like these sustainable ones from Squaremax.  So as you make a big difference in someone's day, do it with a clear conscience.  

Overall appearance

Generally, dental assistants should look professional and presentable. Dress nicely and neatly. The following tips can help you achieve this:

  • Have clean and neat hair: For women,  pull back your hair so it won't get in your way while working.
  • Trim your nails if they are long
  • Avoid perfumes with strong scents because some of your patients or colleagues might be allergic to the smell.

Besides that, wear what makes you comfortable. There are no best scrubs, lab coats, or medical gloves for dental assistants. There is only what works for you. So do not be afraid to experiment and discover which brand and type work the magic for you.

I would only recommend that you go for those made of sustainable material materials. Not only are the fabrics more breathable, but they are also kinder to the planet.


I recommended that dental assistants limit the amount of jewelry they wear because they are potential sources of contamination. Bracelets, rings, and necklaces can easily pick up blood,  dirt, saliva, and other contaminants.


Signing Out!

Working as a dental assistant is a meaningful and gratifying career. Making others feel at ease and heard is essential to being a great one. As a result, communication and performance are two of the most crucial abilities required for this position. And to communicate and perform well, you must also wear clothes that give you the confidence to do so.

Dental assistants require a wide range of outfits and accessories to not only perform their duties seamlessly but also maintain a safe and hygienic working environment. Each item mentioned above is vital in ensuring the dental office is functional, clean, and sterile. Besides that, make sure that you dress well and neatly.

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