Panaprium is your source for a conscious, fair, and environmentally friendly lifestyle. We provide philosophy, influences, and awareness around the attitude and desire for better living and offer inspiration, ideas, tips, and buying advice, as well as a platform for discussion.

About us, our story, and vision

Panaprium is all about ethical and sustainable living. We focus on exceeding your expectations while delivering valuable information, guidance, and expertise on topics such as conscious fashion and sustainability, but also self-care, nutrition, household, and living. We believe in using technology for good to make the world more environmentally friendly.

For us, sustainability is not a trend. It is a priority. Saving energy, consuming organic, living plastic-free, ethically, and cruelty-free. Above all else and most importantly, Panaprium is shaping a sustainable future with its passionate community, clear vision, distinct style, and its specific set of values.

At Panaprium, it is in our soul to learn as much as possible and give it back to our community. We focus on offering immense value and expertise for issues we are passionate about. We always try to relate to and engage as much as possible with our community members.

Panaprium represents aspirations, emotions, values, and identities close to learning, growing, and giving. We speak from human experience as we want to contribute to social good and make an impact in the world by helping people. We are committed to green and natural living, health, and wellness. 


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Our values

Our experts are at the heart of Panaprium. They are our greatest strength and receive many learning and personal growth opportunities. The amount of care and respect within our organization make us confident to share the same with every one of our customers.

Our team works with the very best. We pair with passionate entrepreneurs, artists, and athletes to bring value to the world. We are proud of our partners, who work every day for others, to inspire, share love, and spread positivity within our communities.

Who we are

Founded in 2019, Panaprium takes its roots in Berlin, Germany. Berlin is where you can trace our very beginning. But our soul lies in our global community. Join us on our ever-evolving journey. Building a strong community is most important to us.

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What we do

At Panaprium, we want to inspire our communities to make healthy, fair, ethical, and environmentally friendly choices. We assemble great people to spread awareness about green fashion and sustainability.

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What we believe

We help people reach the level they aspire to. Our dreams are what drive us to wake up every morning. We use creativity and innovation to motivate, inspire, and help others make conscious choices.

Contact us

Should you have further questions about us, please visit our contact page.