How to Get Healthy Doing Yoga

How to Get Healthy Doing Yoga

Yoga may not be the most intense activity. But you can get healthy doing yoga and even lose weight. All you need to do is practice with consistency and follow... Read More

How to Choose the Right Yoga Class for You in Berlin

Yoga is rising in popularity everywhere. In Berlin as well! But with so many different yoga styles and classes, how do you choose the right yoga class for you? Berlin... Read More
Choose Right Yoga Class Berlin
Is It Worth Buying Organic Cotton? Pros & Cons

Is It Worth Buying Organic Cotton? Pros & Cons

Thinking of buying organic cotton? You might want to know the benefits and disadvantages of this type of cotton. There are many pros and cons to organic cotton. factors to... Read More

50 Surprising Health Benefits of Zumba

Looking for a fun and enjoyable way to work? Try Zumba. Zumba is definitely one of the most surprising way to work out and keep yourself healthy and fit. It... Read More
50 Surprising Health Benefits of Zumba

5 Reasons You Are Eating Healthy But Not Losing Weight

  Learn 5 reasons why you may be eating healthy but not losing weight. It takes time, patience and commitment to get results. Reaching your ideal weight is not an... Read More

How to Lose Weight With 10 Yoga Poses

How to lose weight with 10 yoga poses? Do these simple yoga asanas to lose weight easily at home. With very easy steps, you will reach your ideal weight and... Read More
How to Love Weight With 10 Yoga Poses
Become a consistent early morning exerciser

Become a consistent early morning exerciser

By this point, we all know how important it is that we take care of bodies by giving it a robust and balanced diet and exercise. Our mothers have told... Read More

5 Natural Ways to Maintain Beautiful and Youthful Skin

When it comes to the concept of natural beauty, many people associate it with the skin. And it is no wonder why – skin it is the first thing that... Read More
Natural Ways Maintain Beautiful Youthful Skin flower
5 Surprising Benefits of Bitter Melon

5 Surprising Benefits of Bitter Melon

Bitter melon is also known as bitter gourd. It looks like cucumber having gourd like bumps all over. As the name suggest, this vegetable is a melon which has a... Read More

5 Morning Rituals that Can Change Your Life

Waking up in the morning and parting with the warm mattress and blanket seems like a chore. Most of us procrastinate as much as we can until there is no... Read More

How To Choose To Be Happy

  How to choose to be happy? Happiness determines our health and well-being. It is a goal everybody has. Having a positive and fulfilling life. We all experience different emotions.... Read More

Is Dairy Healthy | Is Dairy Good Or Bad For You

  Is dairy healthy or unhealthy? Is it good or bad for you? What are the health benefits of eating dairy products? Should you eat milk, butter, cheese, yogurt, ice... Read More
is-dairy-healthy-good-or-bad-for-you cheese

Yoga For Digestion | Ease Digestion And Prevent Bloating

Are you looking to practice yoga for digestion? To reduce bloating after a big meal or the holiday season, take a deep breath and step on your yoga mat. Regular... Read More

Yoga For Detox | Detox Yoga Benefits For Health

Can yoga for detox help with purification of the body? If you are looking to adopt a healthier lifestyle, try yoga for detox. The right yoga routine helps your body... Read More

Yoga For Diabetes | How To Cure Diabetes With Yoga

Is it a good idea to practice yoga for diabetes? Does yoga cure diabetes at all? Yoga is a very ancient and proven practice. It has been around since thousands... Read More

Yoga For PCOS | Best Yoga Poses For Hormonal Imbalance

Yoga for PCOS helps tremendously. Anxiety and stress are major causes for polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS). Hormonal imbalances lead to poor sleep quality and weight gain. Luckily yoga is a very powerful remedy. You will... Read More

Amazing Inspirational Yoga Quotes On Happiness

Are you looking for amazing inspirational yoga quotes on happiness? I personally love yoga quotes for inspiration and motivation. They are great for personal enlightenment and offer many benefits. In the pursuit... Read More

How To Tone Your Body At Home | Lean Without A Gym

Can you tone your body at home? Do you need a gym to tone your body? The main advantages of a home workout is making it entirely your own. If you create... Read More
Tone Your Body At Home
Increase Oxygen Intake With Yoga

How To Increase Oxygen Intake With Yoga

It is possible to increase oxygen intake with yoga. For our survival, the supply of oxygen is important. It allows our muscles and organs to function properly, gives energy and eliminates toxins. Low... Read More

Physical Benefits of Yoga | Yoga To Improve Health

What are the physical benefits of yoga? Yoga is an amazing way to become healthier. It is much more than just physical exercise. It has mental, spiritual and emotional benefits... Read More
yoga physical benefits sup
Yoga Help Fight Cellulite exercise

How Does Yoga Help Fight Cellulite | Yoga For Cellulite

Can yoga help against cellulite? It is a very common problem, for your legs and butt. Yoga targets these areas very effectively. We spend so much time sitting in our... Read More

Yoga To Quit Smoking | Natural Lung Cleanse

You can practice yoga to quit smoking. Yoga is an amazing way to get a natural lung cleanse. Regular yoga practice helps you live a healthier life. Yoga is a great way... Read More
yoga quit smoking natural cleanse
Yoga For Blood Circulation

Yoga For Blood Circulation | Improve Blood Flow

It is recommended to practice yoga for blood circulation. To remain healthy, improve blood flow with yoga. Poor circulation is cause of many health disorders. An amazing way to prevent... Read More

Water Fasting For Weight Loss | Health Benefits

Is water fasting for weight loss a good idea? Many advocate the health benefits of water fasting if done correctly for a short period of time. Is it true? Will... Read More
water fasting weight loss
yoga zumba choose dance

How To Choose Yoga Vs Zumba. Which One Is Better

What is better: Yoga Vs Zumba? It depends on your goals. Both Yoga and Zumba are great activities to increase your fitness level. They are very fun to practice and enjoyable in... Read More