Freelance Writer, English Speaker (m/f/d)

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Create articles for and share your knowledge and experiences with our highly-engaged readers on our website.


We are looking for people with a passion for ethical fashion and eco-friendly living. 


Panaprium is a platform for discussion where you will share personal stories, best practices, and tips on how to live a sustainable lifestyle.




Your responsibilities


  • Create unique, engaging, and informative articles and blog posts.
  • Perform thorough research on topics our readers are passionate about.
  • Pick the topic you want to write about from our list of available topics (except for the first article).
  • Edit and publish original content, text, and images and ensure it's clearly written, easy to follow, and displays a solid command of English grammar and spelling. 
  • Write articles at your leisure and schedule them to automatically be published on the morning of your publishing date set in advance.
  • Produce at least four articles per month, which is perfect for most people to have plenty of time to work without being overwhelmed.
  • Ensure you do not miss a publishing date ever. Writers that do will be let go.
  • Pick up as many articles to write as you like whenever you desire more work. 




Your profile


  • Love to tell interesting stories and share personal experiences. 
  • Passionate about living an ethical lifestyle and particularly about sustainable fashion.
  • Fluent in English, preferably a native speaker.
  • Proficient at writing original, clear, easy-to-read, beginner-oriented, well-researched, and instructional articles.




Benefits and perks


    • Get paid $0.04 per word, at least $40 up to $120 per article depending on the length assigned based on the topic, from 1,000 up to 3,000 words.
    • Reach a new audience daily, boost your credibility, expand your network, and increase your reputation in the industry.
    • Get a positive space to share uplifting and inspiring values and principles, including sustainability, health, balance, and well-being.
    • Manage your workload and time and work from home with flexible working hours to balance your work and private life.
    • Have a short bio with your picture for your author profile that appears on every article you write and publish.
    • Get a longer bio page with a link to your website or a social media profile to further promote yourself and grow an audience over time once you built a strong relationship with the team through your valuable work.




    Legal disclaimer


    You understand and agree that all written content, text, images, photos, videos, and all other media written, submitted, and published becomes the exclusive property of Panaprium. And you do not have the right to republish that content on your own website or anywhere else.


    By submitting any article to Panaprium, you are giving us the rights to publish your content and the permission to make adjustments to your content as our editors see fit.


    Please note that we have rights to edit your article to best suit our style and audience. This includes the possibility of editing or removing links within article. We only publish original content that has not been published anywhere else.


    This opportunity is available to anyone around the world. This is a freelance writing gig and you will be an independent contractor. You will work under your own name and sign an agreement with us in writing if your application is successful.


    You agree that you are solely responsible for any tax obligations, if any, due to all taxing authorities arising from or in connection with any compensation earned by you as a result of your participation in the freelance writing gig.


    By submitting your application, you consent to the transfer of your data to our company, our recruiting platform and the service providers. You can revoke consent and withdraw your application at any time. 


    The revocation of consent, also individually, is possible at any time for the future by email to Further information on data processing in the context of applications can be found in our data protection policy.




    How to apply


    • Send your application by completing the following form: Apply to write for Panaprium. We’ll respond to you ONLY if your application piques our interest and on a rolling basis as spots are open. Watch for an email from us.
    • Include your first and last name, email address, phone number, and postal address.
    • Demonstrate relevant experience in the field required for the open position.
    • Feel free to include a short bio and a relevant link to your previous work, professional website, or biography.
    • Explain to us why you are applying for the position, why you want to work for Panaprium specifically, and why we should hire you as the best match for the job.
    • Insert a recent (max six months old) image of yourself. Images should be at least 500×500 in size, and have a clean background with some space around the main subject, without any parts of the head or shoulders cut off.


      Thank you for your interest in working with us. We are looking forward to reading your application.






      About Panaprium

      is owned, operated, and published by Panaprium GmbH, a limited liability company headquartered in Berlin, Germany. 


      Panaprium is a global digitally-native brand providing expert guidance for everyone pursuing a sustainable lifestyle. We annually speak to over 5 million people across the globe through websites, newsletters, and social media channels.


      Panaprium offers philosophy, influences, and awareness around the attitude and desire for better living. We are committed to green and natural living, health, and wellness. 


      Above all else and most importantly, Panaprium is shaping a sustainable future with its passionate community. We have a clear vision, a distinct style, and a strong specific set of values. 


      Panaprium represents aspirations, emotions, and identities close to learning, growing, and giving. We want to contribute to social good and make an impact in the world by helping people.


      Panaprium promotes diversity, inclusion, and equal opportunity in everything it does. We ensure a safe, fair, positive, respectful work environment free of discrimination and injustice for all backgrounds and beliefs.