I wasn't used to buying sustainable fashion before. Where did my clothes come from and who made them? I had absolutely no idea and wasn't paying attention at all.

Now I love sustainable fashion and cannot resist spreading awareness of its amazing benefits for you and the planet.

Sustainable fashion has a big positive social and environmental impact.

Buying clothing that was made in an environmentally and socially responsible manner, you have the power to reduce global greenhouse gas emissions, save lots of resources, water, and energy.

You also prevent clothing from ending up in landfills or incinerators in many cases where recycled materials are used or when you decide to shop second-hand clothing.

Buying used clothes instead of new ones is a very sustainable practice. You can save a lot of money from thrift shopping and find beautiful pieces nobody is currently wearing. It's great for your wallet and the planet.

If you are not convinced, read up our article on the environmental benefits of buying second-hand clothing.
Sustainable fashion is gaining a lot of popularity for good reasons. The market for ethical and eco-friendly clothing is growing exponentially all around the world.

More and more people are becoming aware of the disastrous impact of the fashion industry on the environment. Consumers see now sustainability as an important quality when picking clothes and are ready to pay more for eco-friendly products.

The fashion industry is responsible for the massive consumption of water, energy, and natural resources. It also creates large quantities of pollution, due to hazardous chemicals, micro-plastics, textile waste, and greenhouse gas emissions.

Sustainable fashion is the global movement aiming to reduce the ecological footprint of clothing production and consumption.

Here are the top 5 reasons why I love sustainable fashion.

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1. The best designers support sustainable fashion

Sustainability in the fashion industry is much more than a trend. It's a revolution. The best fashion designers around the world understand that.

Sustainable fashion drives creativity and innovation to create high-quality timeless pieces. It's now easier than ever to create a unique wardrobe with concerns for the environment in mind. You have less chance of running into people with the same outfit.

There are now many amazing unique, and stylish pieces from award-winning designers that are sustainable. Look at some of the new collections of the following sustainable fashion designers to only name a few:

"My message is, buy less, choose well, make it last."

 - Vivienne Westwood, British fashion designer

2. Sustainable fashion inspires others

Choose sustainable fashion for yourself and to do good around you! It teaches great spending habits, how to care for your clothes, the environment, and the people who work in the fashion industry.

It goes against fast fashion, where new trendy and cheap clothes are pushed to high-street stores on a weekly basis. They are worn only a few times and encourage the throw-away culture.

Sustainable fashion is an awesome way to choose a more conscious and responsible lifestyle. You learn to be more mindful about your purchasing decisions, how they affect others and save you money.

Living in a more sustainable way, buying eco-friendly clothing, and making ethical choices transform you and your shopping habits completely. Change is a good thing. Welcome it to grow into a better person!

3. Sustainable fashion teaches about clothes

What does sustainable fashion mean? What is fair, conscious, green, slow, eco-friendly, and ethical fashion? It's easy to get confused when you are new to these terms.

You have to learn more about the fashion industry and the way clothes are made to succeed in building a sustainable wardrobe.

There are now so many different materials and brands to choose from. How do you know if the clothes you buy were truly created with sustainable processes or if it is greenwash?

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Learning about sustainable fashion also gives you the opportunity to explore new trends. You may find new pieces, looks, and outfits you never thought would fit you before!

Have you ever heard of recycled fashion? What about up-cycled clothing? Or the minimalist fashion trend? Or vintage clothing?

Sustainable fashion boosts your creativity. Create your own unique style and stand out from the crowd, thinking outside the box. It's a challenge but it's also very exciting.

outside the box fashion

4. Sustainable fashion is environmentally friendly

Sustainable fashion is not only great for your aesthetic, but also for the environment. Buy eco-friendly clothes to save the planet. The fashion industry is one of the largest polluters globally.

It is responsible for huge textile waste, water, air, soil pollution, greenhouse gas emissions, and the destruction of ecosystems.

We have to act now before it's too late. Support designers, brands, and retailers that work toward minimizing the social and environmental impact of fashion.

Look for sustainable fabrics made from renewable resources, and manufacturing processes that save water, energy, and reduce carbon emissions.

If you aren't sure where to start, check out our article on the best eco-certification standards for textiles.

5. Sustainable fashion saves lives

In addition to being nice to the planet, sustainable fashion is nice to people.

Fast fashion employs farmers and workers from the poorest countries under shocking work conditions that violate human rights.

Thousands of people working in garment factories or cotton farms already died due to unsafe work environments. And many others have been severely injured, their health endangered by hazardous chemicals.

The fashion industry is also responsible for the farming, trapping, killing, and skinning of billions of animals each year.

To learn more about the cruelty going on in the fashion industry, read up our guide on how to tell if a fashion brand is cruelty-free.

cotton field fashion
Fast fashion has led to a throwaway mentality. New items go out of style before you even knew they landed in stores. The social and environmental consequences are putting life on the Earth at risk. It's now time to love sustainable fashion.

Luckily, the green movement is booming. More people are starting to pay more attention to the clothes they buy and the impact they are having on the planet.

But sustainable fashion is definitely overwhelming when you are new to it. Most sustainable garments are also very pricey and stay inaccessible to a lot of people.

You can start by buying less and higher quality. Take better care of your clothes and wear them longer. This is very important and already very effective to promote a sustainable fashion industry.

Do you know any other reasons to love sustainable fashion?

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