Welcome to our guide for the most amazing dresses for the inverted triangle body shape.

If you have broad shoulders that are noticeably wider than your hips and want to find the most amazing dress to wear this summer, you are in the right place!

From the most flattering designs to those you should avoid, in this article, we cover everything you need to know so that you can choose dresses that highlight your best features and increase your confidence.

Keep reading to discover our best tips!

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Inverted triangle body shape dresses - about

Understanding your body shape can make all the difference because it will help you choose the most flattering clothing items.

Having an inverted triangle silhouette means your shoulders are wider than your hip line, your waist is not well defined, and you have an athletic allure with square-shaped shoulders.

Your styling goal should be balancing your shoulders, adding volume to your lower body, and avoiding clothes that emphasize your upper body.

Floral dress

Inverted triangle body shape dresses - floral dress

Opt for a cute and feminine floral dress. It is the perfect print for spring and summer, being incredibly versatile.

Choose a flowy material that creates the illusion of movement.

Let yourself be inspired by our selection of organic cotton dresses.

Avoid padded shoulders

Inverted triangle body shape dresses - avoid padded shoulders

Dresses featuring padded shoulders will add a lot of unwanted volume to your upper body.

Since your shoulders are broad and well-defined, your goal is to draw attention away from them while balancing your proportions. For this reason, you should stay away from any design that makes your shoulders even wider, such as padded shoulders.

Asymmetric neckline dresses

Inverted triangle body shape dresses - asymmetric neckline

Make a statement and balance your proportions at the same time with an asymmetric neckline dress.

It is an unusual design that calls for attention and it beautifully balances your proportions, creating a flattering silhouette.

This design is an amazing choice for parties and other special occasions when you want to make a lasting impression with your unique outfit.

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V-neckline dress

Inverted triangle body shape dresses - V-neckline dress

The V-neckline is a classic that looks flattering on all body shapes.

For the inverted triangle silhouette, a deep and long neckline is incredibly flattering because it visually reduces the shoulders' width.

Choose a beautiful dress featuring this neckline and a neutral color for added versatility and style.

Don't forget to purchase your dress from a slow fashion brand that works under the highest social and environmental standards.

Dresses with sleeves

Inverted triangle body shape dresses - dress with long sleeves

When it comes to dresses with sleeves, women who have inverted triangle silhouettes should pay a lot of attention in order to make the best choice.

Long sleeves should be voluminous, and flared, to balance the shoulders.

Inverted triangle body shape dresses - dress with short sleeves

On the other hand, short sleeves should be well-fitted.

For more shopping inspiration, here are the 15 best affordable dresses for broad shoulders.

Strappy dress

Inverted triangle body shape dresses - strappy dress

Strappy dresses are beautiful and versatile choices for summer. They can easily be dressed up or down, depending on your needs and preferences.

You can create an amazing evening outfit by pairing your dress with heels, while by wearing it with flats you obtain a beautiful daytime look.

Women who have an inverted triangle body shape should avoid spaghetti straps. Wide straps are much more flattering, and you should choose them instead.

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Avoid puff sleeves

Inverted triangle body shape dresses - avoid puff sleeves

Puff sleeves are cute, romantic, and feminine, but they also add a lot of volume to your upper body, making your shoulders appear wider.

Stay away from them and opt for well-fitted designs instead.

Sweater dress

Inverted triangle body shape dresses - sweater dress

Sweater dresses are amazing for the colder months. For an extra layer of warmth, wear yours with a jacket and a pair of tights.

The best sweater dresses are comfortable, versatile, fashionable, durable, and ethically made from sustainable materials.

Don't forget to take a look at our list of the 20 best cheap and cute sweater dresses you need to own.

Slip dress

Inverted triangle body shape dresses - slip dress

Enhance your style with a comfortable and versatile slip dress. You can wear it in many combinations!

To dress it up, add a pair of sparkling sandals and an oversized necklace. To dress it down, pair it with a denim jacket and sports shoes.

Discover our selection of affordable and sustainable slip dresses.

Flare dress

Inverted triangle body shape dresses - flare dress

A dress that is tight on the upper body and flares over your hips from the waist down is incredibly flattering for your body type.

Choose a monochrome dress featuring a neutral color for the office, and go with a fun print for more relaxed occasions such as going out with your friends.

Take a look at the 20 best affordable, ethical, and fair trade dresses.

Pleated dress

Inverted triangle body shape dresses - pleated dress

Take your wardrobe to the next level with a pleated dress. Opt for a metallic color for the ultimate party dress, or choose black for more versatility.

Always purchase clothes in the right size for your body because anything too small or too big might not be flattering.

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Inverted triangle body shape dresses - gown

Every woman should own a flattering gown for formal occasions.

One of the best designs for the inverted triangle body shape is a strapless gown.
Don't forget to purchase it from an ethical brand.

Here are the 10 best dresses and gowns for unique looks.

Avoid bodycon + voluminous sleeves

Inverted triangle body shape dresses - avoid bodicon + voluminous sleeves designs

Bodycon dresses featuring voluminous sleeves are another style that should be avoided by women with an inverted triangle silhouette.

While bodycon dresses can be incredibly flattering, in combination with voluminous sleeves they aren't a great choice for your body type.

Ruffle dress

Inverted triangle body shape dresses - ruffle dress

If you love ruffles, choose a dress that features them on the lower body. This is a gorgeous design that will beautifully balance your broad shoulders by adding volume to your hips.

Avoid dresses with ruffles on the upper body because they will only make your shoulders appear wider.

Purchase your dress from a sustainable brand. To help you be a conscious consumer, we have compiled a list of the 20 best affordable and ethical clothing brands in Australia.

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