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Soles4Souls Controversy

The Truth About The Soles4Souls Controversy

Soles4Souls is a non-profit organization that turns unwanted clothing and shoes into opportunities by putting them to good use and keeping them from landfills. However, since its formation in 2006,... Read More

What Happened To The Pay Up Fashion Campaign

Nonprofit Remake's Pay Up campaign is the biggest movement for workers' rights in recent fashion history. It already saved the lives of millions of garment makers around the world. After... Read More
Pay Up Fashion Campaign Remake
Khadi Fabric clothing

Everything You Need To Know About Khadi Fabric

Khadi fabric is a handwoven textile made from natural fibers. It's a very versatile material used in many different applications today, including clothing fabrics in the fashion industry. Khadi, commonly... Read More

The Truth About What Ethically Made Really Means

As a conscious consumer, it's important to purchase products that were made ethically and support transparent companies you believe in, even if it's difficult to do with so much social... Read More
What Ethically Made Means definition
What is Social Washing definition examples

Everything You Need To Know About Social Washing

Social washing is plaguing many growing industries, including fashion. Businesses market themselves as socially responsible without facts backing their claims. Similar to greenwashing referring to an organization not being as... Read More

The Truth About Bluewash They Don't Want You To See

You are probably already familiar with greenwash, which happens when businesses market themselves as eco-friendly without proven facts behind their claims. Similar to greenwash, bluewash occurs when a large proportion... Read More
The Truth About Bluewash definition examples
How To Look Hot In Casual Clothes

How To Look Hot In Casual Clothes (15 Simple Tips)

You can effortlessly look hot in casual clothes with the right fashion tips. Whether you want to prepare for a date night or look sexier for your partner, follow these... Read More

The Truth About Intersectional Environmentalism

Intersectional environmentalism has been at the center of conversations lately. People all over the world are coming together to make environmentalism more intersectional. Why is that? As environmental awareness rises,... Read More
Intersectional Environmentalism
how to live a slow quiet simpler life

20 Easy Ways To Live A Slower, Quieter, Simpler Life

Have you ever wondered if there is an alternative to your daily routine, stress at work, or busy lifestyle? Is it possible to make things less complicated, get rid of... Read More

Woman's Hour Talks Ethical Fashion With Safia Minney

BBC Radio 4 podcast Woman's Hour recently invited prominent guests to discuss ethical fashion, including Safia Minney MBE number 28 on the Woman's Hour Power List: Our Planet, for her... Read More
Woman's Hour Ethical Fashion Safia Minney
Charities That Pick Up Your Donations For Free

10 Best Charities That Pick Up Your Donations For Free

Whether you want to declutter or move out to a new place, now might be a good time to go through your stuff and donate some of them. Some fantastic... Read More

10 Amazing Places To Easily Donate Your Old Clothes

Whether you are decluttering your closet or moving to a new place, donate your used clothes if you don't wear them when they are still in good condition. Many nonprofit... Read More
Best Places To Donate Your Old Clothes
Black Thread African Fashion Exhibition

Black Thread: Luxury, African Fashion Exhibition

The new "Black Thread" exhibition in Gothenburg, Sweden, connects West African craftsmanship with vintage, sustainable fashion, and haute couture. This initiative from the Paris-based designers Imane Ayissi and Amah Ayivi,... Read More

40 Awful Facts About Fast Fashion You Need To Know

Fast fashion is a global phenomenon that has been rapidly growing over the past 20 years. It has disastrous economic, social, and environmental impacts that the industry doesn't want you... Read More
fast fashion industry terrible facts
charity crisis sustainable fashion campaign

Crisis Launches New Sustainable Fashion Campaign

The UK national charity for homeless people Crisis launched a sustainable fashion campaign across its London shops. Called "Change into Change," it highlights the positive social impact of buying second-hand... Read More

4 Easy Ways To Boost Ethical Fashion After COVID-19

The COVID-19 crisis has hit many industries very hard, including fashion. Due to the coronavirus pandemic and subsequent lockdowns, the global textile and apparel industry is sinking. Large brands and... Read More
ethical sustainable fashion covid-19
sa8000 certification standard fashion

All You Need To Know About The SA8000 Certification

The SA8000 certification standard measures social performance in eight areas that are important for social accountability and is anchored by a management system that drives continuous improvement in many areas.... Read More

All You Need To Know About The Fair Trade Certification

The Fair Trade certification aims to improve working conditions and wages for workers in the entire processing chains of many industries and to strengthen their rights. Fair Trade is a... Read More
fair trade certification standard
fair trade clothing brands dress

20 Best Affordable And Fair Trade Clothing Brands

Choosing Fair Trade clothing is one of the best ways you can protect both workers' welfare and the environment as a conscious consumer. Many sustainable and ethical fashion brands now... Read More

The Truth About Los Angeles Sweatshops

It's hard to believe, but many garment factories run with sweatshop-like working conditions in Los Angeles. The United States Labor Department investigates new allegations of wage violations at sewing contractors... Read More
The Truth About Los Angeles Sweatshops
fair wear certified clothing

All You Need To Know About Fair Wear Certification

Some of the most socially conscious clothing brands are Fair Wear certified. The Fair Wear certification reviews and supports the improvement of working conditions in factories. The standard is developed... Read More

Anavila Misra Beautiful Linen Summer 2020 Collection

Anavila Misra just released a beautiful Spring Summer 2020 collection made of sustainable linen. The new pieces feature intricate sequence work, bright happy colors, and special motifs that bring a... Read More
Anavila Misra Linen 2020 Collection
bipoc sustainability series green allies

Powerful BIPOC Sustainability Series At UW-Madison

The Green Allies Coalition is organizing an empowering sustainability series to give Black, Indigenous, and People Of Color (BIPOC) a stronger voice in mainstream environmentalism. BIPOC communities are often left... Read More

Beulah London Is Now Back After The Worst Happened

The British ethical fashion brand Beulah London is now taking orders again after declaring itself insolvent in April 2020. The small company was unable to pay for large orders, mostly... Read More
beulah london
conscious fashion

6 Epic Reasons Why Conscious Fashion Matters

Conscious fashion is part of the sustainable fashion movement that aims to transform the global textile and apparel industry. It's often referred to as eco-friendly fashion, ethical fashion, green fashion,... Read More