The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald is one of the most memorable novels from the Roaring Twenties. From the melodrama to the glam fashion, it’s no wonder that we still love to party like Jay Gatsby and Daisy Buchanan to this day!

From jazz-themed speakeasies to glittery soirees, Gatsby-themed parties are a fun way to bring the Roaring Twenties back to life. 

Are you a gal looking to channel her inner flapper? Or a gent who wants to be dapper? We’ve got you covered with plenty of tips on what to wear to your next Gatsby party. 

Take a gander at these 15+ outfits to get dolled up for a Gatsby party. We promise you’ll be the cat’s meow with these looks.

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A Flapper-Inspired Dress

gatsby party flapper dress

A flapper-inspired dress is the most classic outfit option for a Gatsby party. Nothing screams “Roaring Twenties” like a fringe and sequin flapper dress. 

Flapper dresses come in various styles, with shimmery silver beads, pink fringe, satin, and more. Shop around for a vintage dress, or snag a new, sustainably made one for your next party. 

Accessorize with classic red lips, shimmery eyeshadow, and a flapper headband for a complete Gatsby outfit.

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Art Deco Beading & Sequins

gatsby party art deco beads

1920s glam was all about glitzy sequins and beads. Don’t hold back on these elements when planning your Gatsby party outfit.

Pay attention to detail when planning your outfit. Look for Art Deco designs like zigzags and chevrons. 

Beaded dresses and evening clutches are great pieces to spotlight delicate beading and shimmering sequins.

A Velvet Evening Gown

gatsby party evening gown

A Gatsby party is all about serving va-va-voom energy. Create a vintage vixen look with a velvet evening gown. 

This look is all about the drama. Wear a dark velvet floor-length gown with t-strap heels, diamond jewelry, and curled hair. Daisy Buchanan would approve.

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A Sleek Slip Dress

gatsby party slip dress

Mix modern and vintage with a sleek slip dress. 

A slip dress in a classic color like black, white, or blush pink is the perfect way to embody the flapper look with a modern, sexy appeal. 

Complete your look with t-strap heels, a sequin headband, and gloves for an elegant ensemble.

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A Lace Romper or Jumpsuit

gatsby party lace romper

Wear a lace romper or jumpsuit if you prefer a more modern approach to your Gatsby party outfit. 

Lace rompers and jumpsuits are comfortable and modern yet still have a subtle vintage flair. Wear your one-piece outfit with heels, gold jewelry, and dark red lipstick. 

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A Flapper Headband

gatsby party flapper headband

No flapper outfit is complete without an elaborate headband. Wear a 20’s-inspired flapper headband with your dress for a fun, authentic party outfit. 

Flapper headbands come in all shapes and sizes, from stretchy sequin material to delicate crystal beading. You can even add faux feathers for extra dramatic effect. 

Complete your vintage look with red lipstick and subtle eyeshadow. 

A Beaded Blouse & Palazzo Pants

gatsby party beaded blouse

gatsby party palazzo pants

Wear a beaded blouse with wide-leg palazzo pants if flapper dresses aren't your thing. 

A beaded or sequin tank top tucked into high-waisted palazzo pants creates an elegant, dramatic silhouette that is great for any Gatsby party. 

Wear heels to lengthen your legs and create a more streamlined look.

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Faux Fur Coats & Stoles

gatsby party faux fur

Fur coats and stoles symbolized wealth and status in the 1920s. You can imitate that look for a Gatsby party with faux fur fashion. 

Real fur is unethical and harmful, so avoid buying it. Shop around for a faux fur coat or stole to wear over your flapper dress. Most faux fur uses a blend of polyester and acrylic. 

Learn more about sustainable fashion with our guide on how to tell if a brand is cruelty-free.


Cloche Hats

gatsby party cloche hat

Cloche hats were a signature look of the 1920s. A cloche hat and a drop-waist dress will fit right in at a Gatsby party. 

Wear a simple cloche hat in a neutral color, or go all out with details like beading, sequins, and faux feathers.

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Plenty of Pearls

gatsby party pearls

Complete your flapper girl look with pearl accessories and jewelry. You can wear anything from layered pearl necklaces to delicate drop earrings. 

Of course, genuine pearls aren’t vegan because they come from oysters and freshwater mussels. Plenty of sustainable vegan options exist, from glass to crystal imitation pearls. 

These sustainably sourced pearls look just like the “real” thing, and no animals are harmed to produce them. It’s a win-win!

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A Sweater Vest & Tweed Blazer

gatsby party sweater vest

A Gatsby party is the perfect opportunity to lean into all things dapper. Embrace vintage charm with a sweater vest and tweed blazer. 

This look is scholarly and charming. Pair your knit sweater vest and blazer with a collared shirt and bowtie for the ultimate 1920s look. 

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A Bowtie & Suspenders

gatsby party bowtie suspenders

A Gatsby party calls for something fancier than a t-shirt and jeans. Wear a bowtie and suspenders as a fun homage to the Roaring Twenties. 

Pair your classic suspenders and bowtie with dress pants and a long-sleeve button-up. Don’t be afraid to express yourself with a fun patterned or colorful bowtie. 

A Three-Piece Pinstripe Suit  

gatsby party pinstripe suit

A Gatsby party is a very formal affair. Why not go all out and wear a three-piece pinstripe suit?

Dress to impress with a tailored men’s suit, two-tone dress shoes, and a jaunty bowtie. Complete your look with slicked-back hair and your favorite statement watch.

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A Newsboy Cap

gatsby party newsboy cap

Wear a newsboy cap for a Peaky Blinders-meets-Great Gatsby look. 

Newsboy caps give a 1920s vibe when worn with suspenders, slacks, and a vest. 

You can also accessorize a newsboy cap with a sweater, black jeans, and dress shoes for a more casual party look.


A Golf-Inspired Outfit

gatsby party golf outfit

Channel your inner Jordan Baker with a golf-inspired party outfit. Will you stand out from the crowd with this outfit? Definitely, but true fans of The Great Gatsby will get it.

Wear a preppy polo, a flirty tennis skirt, and white sneakers for the ultimate sporty look. 

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A White Linen Suit & Straw Boater Hat

gatsby party white linen suit

gatsby party boater hat

The Great Gatsby takes place in the summer of 1922. Embrace that carefree summer attitude with a white linen suit and a straw boater hat. 

Linen is a wonderful material for warm weather because it is breathable and lightweight. You’ll look effortlessly chic and retro with a linen suit and dapper hat.

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