Crocs are often associated with comfort and casual wear, but can they withstand the rain? The answer is yes!

Crocs are made from a synthetic material called Croslite, which is water-resistant and quick-drying, making them suitable for rainy days. 

In this article, you will discover some awesome outfit ideas with Crocs that you can wear when the weather is rainy. Keep reading if you want to learn more! 


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Things to consider 

Can you wear Crocs in the rain? - about

Browse through the wide range of designs the brand offers and opt for Crocs with closed-toe designs to prevent water from seeping in.

Some Crocs come with slip-resistant soles, which provide better traction on wet surfaces, reducing the risk of slipping

If you plan on wearing your Crocs a lot during rainy days, you should research and choose a design that is comfortable and keeps you safe when it's raining. 

Consider wearing moisture-wicking socks with your Crocs to keep your feet warm and dry. This will also prevent any potential rubbing or discomfortMany Crocs come with ventilation holes and you should avoid stepping into deep water if you want to keep your feet dry. 

After wearing Crocs in the rain, you should take very good care of your footwear, cleaning and drying them properlyFor more information on this subject, check out the official website of the brand. 


Rain jacket

Can you wear Crocs in the rain? - rain jacket

Waterproof jackets can make all the difference on a rainy day.

The best rain jackets are affordable, stylish, comfortable, and ethically made from sustainable materials. 

They look great in combination with casual outfits such as a T-shirt and jeans combo. Check out our selection of eco-friendly rain jackets. 



Can you wear Crocs in the rain? - T-shirt

Crocs look amazing in casual combinations and basic clothes such as T-shirts are always a great way to enhance your wardrobe.

Pair your Crocs with skinny jeans, a tucked-in graphic tee, and a lightweight jacket for an effortlessly cool look. 

Take a peek at the 10 best affordable and sustainable graphic tees. 



Can you wear Crocs in the rain? - umbrella

An umbrella can be an amazing accessory that will keep you dry.

It can be equal parts functional and trendy if you choose an interesting color or print. 



Can you wear Crocs in the rain? - blazer

Team your Crocs with an oversized blazer worn over a dress for a streetwear-inspired look that's perfect for tackling rainy city streets. 

Discover our selection of ethical and sustainable blazers you will love.


Cropped jacket 

Can you wear Crocs in the rain? - cropped jacket

Keep things classy and comfortable with a cropped jacket.

Combine your Crocs with skinny jeans, a classic tee, and a cropped jacket for a stylish and comfortable outfit that's perfect for many situations. 

Don't forget to purchase your clothes from slow fashion brands. 


Vegan leather jacket 

Can you wear Crocs in the rain? - vegan leather jacket

Another great option that can keep you dry and warm while adding an edgy touch to your attire is a vegan leather jacket. 

If you want to be a conscious consumer, you need to know that vegan leather is a fantastic alternative to real leather that can help you dress well without harming the animals

Vegan leather jackets can be worn with dresses, skirts, jeans, and a wide variety of tops. 

Check out the 12 best affordable vegan leather jackets in 2024.


Denim shorts 

Can you wear Crocs in the rain? - shorts

Pair your Crocs with denim shorts, a cute turtleneck, and a jacket tied around your shoulders for a laid-back outfit with a preppy twist. 

The best denim shorts are comfortable, fashionable, timeless, and ethically made from sustainable materials to help you look and feel great. 

Take a peek at our list of the 20 best affordable and sustainable denim shorts. 



Can you wear Crocs in the rain? - sweater

If the weather is both rainy and chilly, you need a sweater to keep you warm and cozy.

Combine it with jeans and a pair of Crocs for a relaxed outfit that is perfect for running errands. 

Check out the 10 best affordable, ethical, end vegan sweater brands. 


Slip dress

Can you wear Crocs in the rain? - slip dress

Craft a beautiful summer outfit by wearing your Crocs with a slip dress. Slip dresses are incredibly versatile and they make great additions to your wardrobe. 

For more fashion inspiration, here are 15 ways to style a slip dress. 


Tank top 

Can you wear Crocs in the rain? - tank top

Tank tops are basic clothing items that can be worn both as garments and undergarments.

They work great all year round. For a cute summer outfit with Crocs, combine a classic, monochrome tank top with a pair of skinny jeans or a mini skirt. 

Here are the 20 best sustainable tank tops. 



Can you wear Crocs in the rain? - jeans

Jeans are incredibly popular all over the world and every woman should own a pairThey can be worn regardless of the season and can easily be dressed up or down to suit a wide variety of occasions. 

The best jeans are inexpensive, fashionable, and ethically made from eco-friendly materials. 

Save this list of the 15 best affordable and sustainable Australian-made jeans. 


Bike shorts

Can you wear Crocs in the rain? - bike shorts

If you love athleisure vibes, combine your Crocs with bike shorts, a cropped hoodie, and a sporty backpack for a comfortable yet stylish ensemble that is perfect for a rainy summer day.

Discover the 20 best affordable and sustainable bike shorts. 


Cute blouse 

Can you wear Crocs in the rain? - blouse

Add a romantic touch to any relaxed outfit by wearing a cute blouse.

Choose a design featuring ruffles or puff sleeves and combine it with jeans and Crocs. You can also add a vegan leather jacket for more balance and versatility. 

Have a look at our selection of ethically made blouses.  



Can you wear Crocs in the rain? - sundress

Create the ultimate summer outfit with a beautiful sundress.

Sundresses are specially designed to keep you comfortable in the summer heat. They are made from breathable materials that allow a lot of freedom of movement and come in many colors and designsThis means there is a lot to choose from and you will easily find a sundress you love. 

Wear yours with Crocs for a comfortable and stylish summer look. 

Here are the 15 best affordable sundresses made in the USA. 



Can you wear Crocs in the rain? - skirt

You can wear your Crocs with a skirt, a lightweight sweater, and a wide-brimmed hat for a dreamy ensemble that's perfect for a relaxed, rainy day dateThis is a stylish outfit idea that will help you make a fashion statement.

Don't forget to take a look at the 15 best affordable and sustainable midi skirts.

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