Black pants come in many materials, thicknesses, and shapes, and they are not at all difficult to style. You can dress them up or down, according to your needs, and, as a bonus, they have a slimming effect!

Keep reading to discover amazing outfit ideas that you can recreate starting with your favorite pair of black pants!

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Black pants outfits suits

Multifunctional and versatile, suits are a classic choice when it comes to professional attire.

If you want to be elegant, do not hesitate to wear a black suit.

You can now buy amazing sustainable suits that are also affordable!

Outfits with floral tops

Black pants outfits floral tops

Flowers are associated with spring and femininity. Wear your black pants with a top having a beautiful floral print. Your outfit will look very cute!

Discover the 20 best affordable and sustainable hemp shirts, tees, and tops.

Street-style outfits 

Black pants outfits crop tops

Crop tops made a huge comeback and they're now everywhere! That is because they look very attractive and they are also versatile.

You can wear one even if you don't want to showcase your abs - just add a pair of high-waisted black pants!

For sustainable shopping inspiration, read our article.

Elegant outfits with black pants 

Black pants outfits white shirts

White shirts are amazing for a lot of occasions, and wearing one with a pair of equally beautiful and versatile black pants is perfect for work and important meetings.

Don't forget that you can always accessorize your outfit if it feels too simple!
Buy beautiful and high-quality shirts from ethical brands.

Smart-casual outfit 

Black pants outfits smart casual

Combine both elegant and relaxed elements in a beautiful, smart-casual outfit.

Wear your favorite black pants with a T-shirt and a blazer, and add a cute pair of comfy heels (make sure they are not too high).

You will be ready to go to work, but also to have a coffee with your friends after work.

Check out these beautiful, eco-friendly T-shirts.

Long sleeve tops and black pants

Black pants outfits long sleeve tops

You can wear black pants with a beautiful long sleeve top.

Choose a color that complements your skin tone and a soft fabric that is very gentle to touch.

Here are our sustainable recommendations.

Outfits with boots

Black pants outfits boots

Wear boots with your black pants if you want to make a statement.

This combo is very fashionable, and you can wear it with any top, cardigan, or shirt you like.

Your boots can now be entirely cruelty-free! Read our article if you want more information!


Black pants outfits bodysuits

The main advantage of bodysuits is that they stay put and you do not need to keep re-adjusting them. They're also very stylish and perfect to wear with your black pants.

Find our sustainable recommendations here.

Denim jackets + black pants

Black pants outfits denim jackets

Perfect for spring and autumn, when the weather is warm, but the temperature fluctuates quite a bit from mornings to evenings, a denim jacket can be the perfect match for black pants!

Take a look at these gorgeous denim jackets made by sustainable brands.

Black pants and turtleneck 

Black pants outfits turtlenecks

Wear a turtleneck and black pants if you want a cozy outfit that also looks classy. You can complete your outfit with a blazer or a coat.

Discover beautiful and affordable turtlenecks made by ethical brands.

Hoodies + black pants

Black pants outfits hoodies

Hoodies are timeless sporty garments that can be worn all year round with many types of bottoms, such as shorts, denim pants, skirts, and, of course, black pants.
Create a modern and comfortable outfit by wearing a pair of black pants and a hoodie.

Buy your hoodie from a sustainable brand that works under very high-quality standards.

Cute peplum tops and black pants 

Black pants outfits peplum tops

Peplum tops are fashionable again, and they're here to stay because they can beautifully balance your body's proportions!

They are adorable and look fantastic with black pants.

Don't forget to buy your next peplum top from a sustainable brand.

Alt girl outfits with black pants

Black pants outfits alt girl

Black pants are, as we've already said, extremely versatile.

Although the first thing that comes to mind when we think of them is an elegant, professional outfit, they can be also worn in many other contexts.

If you love alternative fashion, do not hesitate to add a stylish pair of vegan leather pants to your wardrobe. You can create so many cool outfits with them!

Red coats + black pants

Black pants outfits red coats

Stand out from the crowd in an effortless way - wear a red coat. It is the perfect match for your black pants, and your whole outfit will be elegant and attractive.

Purchase beautiful and sustainable coats from ethical brands.

Wear a sporty outfit

Black pants outfits trench coat

Be both comfy and stylish with this modern combo: black pants, sports shoes, and a trench coat.

Discover comfortable, fashionable, and ethically made trench coats.

Laid-back outfits with black pants

Black pants outfits laid back style

You can create beautiful and laid-back outfits with a pair of black pants and a T-shirt. They're perfect for the weekend or a day off!

Check out these Scandinavian brands for the most comfortable, sustainable T-shirts.

Oversized shirts + black pants

Black pants outfits oversized shirts

Oversized shirts have gained a lot of popularity in recent years. That is because they are comfortable, easy to layer with many other clothes and they look very modern.

You can wear an oversized shirt and a pair of black pants all year round, on many occasions, so this is an outfit idea to remember if you love to dress fashionably!

Read our article about the top 200 sustainable clothing brands in Europe for 2023 and start buying beautiful, ethically made clothes that will last you a long time!

Add a beanieBlack pants outfits beanies

Beanies are great additions to your wardrobe for the colder days.

They look fantastic with your black pants outfits and they protect your head and ears from cold temperatures.

Take a look at our sustainable recommendations.

Create layers

Black pants outfits layers

Layers have a practical role and an esthetical one. They provide comfort and warmth while protecting you from wind and rain. Layers also look great and showcase your fashion skills.

Create an elegant outfit: wear a shirt and a blazer, black pants, and a beautiful coat. For an additional layer, add a scarf.

Don't forget that you can now buy all your clothes from ethical brands.

Winter coats + black pants

Black pants outfits winter coats

In most countries, the temperature drops significantly during the winter months.

That is why it is very important to have a beautiful and comfortable winter coat.
A pair of black pants can come in handy because they can be worn with almost any winter coat!

Check out our article about the best ethical winter coats made from recycled materials.

Create contrast with bright colors

Black pants outfits bright colors

Do you love bright colors? Start your outfit with a pair of black pants and add some colorful clothes that will be the center of attention. The result will be a beautiful and balanced outfit.

Take a look at these sustainable clothing brands from Spain that we love!

Wear sleeveless blazers 

Black pants outfits sleeveless blazer

Sleeveless blazers are comfortable in warm weather and they add a stylish touch to your outfit.

Create an aesthetically pleasant contrast in your attire by wearing a red sleeveless blazer and a pair of black pants.

Purchase both from sustainable brands that do minimal damage to the environment and produce amazing clothes from ethically sourced materials.

Vegan leather jackets

Black pants outfits vegan leather jacket

Durable and comfortable, vegan leather jackets are timeless clothing items that should exist in everyone's wardrobe!

Together with your black pants, they can be part of a rock fashion style outfit, if you add a black top and a pair of boots. If you want a more elegant look, wear yours with a white shirt, and if you love the sporty fashion style, wear it with black sweatpants and a T-shirt.

Purchase beautiful vegan leather jackets from sustainable brands.

Black pants & comfortable shoes

Black pants outfits loafers

Elegant outfits for women do not need to feature heels.

Heels are, of course, elegant, but in the long term, wearing them can have an impact on your health. Nowadays, there are so many fashionable alternatives, such as loafers!

For those occasions when you need to spend many hours in your shoes, choose a sustainable and comfortable pair that is good for your feet.

Wear a romantic fashion-style outfit

Black pants outfits romantic style blouses

If you love the romantic fashion style, you should wear a puff sleeve blouse with your black pants. This cute style is timeless and very flattering.

Looking for affordable and sustainable blouses? Here are our recommendations.

Sweaters and black pants

Black pants outfits sweaters

Sweaters are great for cold weather, and they look stunning with black pants.

You can choose any color or pattern that you like, and it will look great in this combination!

For more fashion inspiration, check out our selection of the best jumpers and sweaters.

Poncho + black pants outfits

Black pants outfits poncho

Are you looking for a fashionable alternative to your regular knitwear items? Wear a poncho!

They look fantastic with slim-fit trousers and they will make your outfit very interesting.

Don't forget to shop from ethical brands. 

Outfits with belts

Black pants outfits belts

You can wear a belt for its utility, but you can also wear it as a fashion statement.

No matter what kind of belt you choose, vegan belts are now available and ready to add a final stylish touch to your beautiful attire!

Buy cute ballet flats 

Black pants outfits ballet flats

Another comfy shoe option for your black pants outfit is a cute pair of ballet flats.

They are very cute, and they can also be sustainable!

Winter vest + black pants

Black pants outfits winter vests

A winter vest can be a great alternative to heavy jackets, especially if you commute by car.

They're very cozy and look great when worn with black pants.

Make your choice sustainable and buy from an eco-friendly brand.

Flare pants outfits

Black pants outfits flare pants

Flare pants are a great addition to any modern wardrobe. Choose a versatile black pair and match it with more colorful T-shirts or blouses.

For shopping inspiration, read our article.

Pink & black outfits

Black pants outfits pink and black

Pink is a symbol of innocence, femininity, and good health. Many women love this color and it is as well a very stylish one, that many famous designers feature in their collections year after year.

Pink looks great next to black, that is why we recommend wearing a pink shirt with your black pants.

Here are 15 affordable and ethical clothing brands from Germany that can inspire you for your next purchase.

Modern outfit with white sneakers

Black pants outfits white sneakers

Black pants look great with white sneakers. If you want a minimalist, comfortable outfit, do not hesitate to wear these versatile pieces together!

Take a look at our sustainable recommendations.

Sports bras + black pants

Black pants outfits sports bras

Sports bras offer great support while being more comfortable than regular bras. These undergarments transitioned to garments and they're gorgeous for a relaxed context!

If you want to buy affordable and sustainable sports bras, check out our guide.

Cute outfits with hats

Black pants outfits hats

Hats can protect you against weather conditions while being a gorgeous fashion accessory. Buy yours from a sustainable brand.


Black pants outfits jewelry

Make your outfit complete with a beautiful and sustainable necklace, bracelet, ring, or brooch that comes from a sustainable brand.

Heels and black pants

Black pants outfits heels

If you are attending a party or a fancy dinner and decide to wear black pants, we recommend a pair of heels. They can be both beautiful and sustainable!

Outfits with cardigans and black pants

Black pants outfits cardigans

Cardigans can be worn in casual and formal situations, and they look amazing with black pants.

You have a lot of freedom in choosing the color and the pattern of your cardigan.

Don't forget that you can now buy ethically made cardigans!

One-shoulder top + black pants

Black pants outfits one shoulder top

Showcase your upper body beautifully and elegantly, with a one-shoulder top from a sustainable brand. Its asymmetric twist will not go unnoticed, and you'll get many compliments!

Wear it with black pants, to let the top be the center of attention in your outfit.

All black outfits

Black pants outfits all black

All black outfits are classy and elegant. They will never go out of fashion, and they're suitable for countless situations!

If you love online shopping and want to save money and protect the environment, here is a very useful list for you: click to discover the top 20 most useful sustainable fashion apps.
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