The best fashion labels from Poland create inexpensive and eco-friendly garments to help you dress sustainably, look stylish, and protect the planet, people, and animals without breaking the bank.

Many Polish clothing brands listen to conscious consumers and offer alternatives to build a functional and fashionable wardrobe using natural, organic, or recycled materials.

These ethical clothing designers and labels produce stylish streetwear, knitwear, loungewear, outerwear, and many luxurious wardrobe essentials to look your best with a clean conscience.

Here is our selection of the best clothing brands from Poland that make fabulous clothes under high standards.

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1. Pavietra

pacietra poland clothing brand

Category: Basics, outerwear, loungewear, nightwear, maternity, accessories
For: Women, men
From: Poland
Values: Organic, inclusive, made-to-order, made-to-measure
Prices: $50-$120

Pavietra is a clothing brand from Poland that creates beautiful handmade linen fashions for women. It makes linen dresses, tops, blouses, kimonos, jackets, and pajamas with care for people and nature.

Pavietra doesn't make seasonal collections but specializes in individual orders for your measurements. It uses 100% organic Oeko-Tex-certified linen and organic coconut buttons.


2. Skydance

skydance polish fashion label

Category: Basics, knitwear, outerwear, loungewear, underwear, nightwear, accessories, jewelry
For: Women
From: Rzeszów, Poland
Values: Natural, local, inclusive, give back
Prices: $20-$30

Skydance is a handmade clothing brand from Poland that creates ethical clothing in multiple colors. It uses high-quality, durable materials that are incredibly soft and comfortable.

Skydance makes alternative clothing inspired by 90s grunge, punk, and goth to offer unique, quality clothing that disregards social standards. It uses locally sourced materials and produces its pieces in local sewing studios.


3. Linen Pro

linn pro poland clothing

Category: Basics, outerwear, loungewear, nightwear, accessories
For: Women
From: Warsaw, Poland
Values: Organic, local
Prices: $20-$70

Linen Pro is a Polish fashion brand that makes organic and eco-friendly pure linen clothing and bedding. It specializes in custom sizes with durable linen that becomes softer with every wash.

Linen Pro creates all-natural elegant, comfortable clothing for your everyday outfit. It uses the softest 100% flax fabric, natural organic gauze, and buttons made from eco-friendly coconut wood.


4. Rebel Madness

rebel madness poland fashion

Category: Basics, corsets, waspie, waist cincher, overbust, underbust, accessories
For: Women
From: Łódź, Poland
Values: Natural, local, made in Poland
Prices: $40-$90

Rebel Madness is a Polish fashion brand specializing in corsets made from the finest materials to pay attention to details and high quality. It proudly manufactures all products in Poland using natural materials.

Rebel Madness is committed to offering exceptional collections of classic corsets made to shape the body. The unique construction provides waist reduction, comfort, support, an hourglass shape, and a flat stomach.


5. Lilymer

lilymer poland organic clothing

Category: Basics, dresses, loungewear, nightwear, accessories
For: Women, children
From: Wroclaw, Poland
Values: Organic, local, made in Poland
Prices: $20-$40

Lilymer is a clothing brand from Poland that creates eco-friendly, organic clothes for women and children. It makes all its pieces with love in Poland using 100% GOTS and Oeko-Tex-certified organic cotton.

Lilymer is very soft to the skin, breathable, and nicely made with care and without harmful chemicals or dangerous dyes. Its pieces are adorable, simple, and effortless.


6. Saint Body

saint body poland clothing brand

Category: Basics, dresses, bodysuits, loungewear
For: Women
From: Warsaw, Poland
Values: Organic, recycled, local, made in Poland
Prices: $40-$60

Saint Body is a clothing brand from Poland that creates responsible slow fashion. It offers long-lasting, comfortable pieces to help build a feminine capsule wardrobe.

Saint Body specializes in classic, functional, comfortable bodysuits for everyday wear. It uses eco-friendly, locally sourced materials like lyocell, cupro, and linen.


7. Poppi

poppi organic clothing poland

Category: Basics, underwear, loungewear, nightwear
For: Women
From: Kraśnik, Poland
Values: Organic, local, made in Poland
Prices: $30-$50

Poppi is a Polish clothing brand that creates linen clothes and pajamas for women. It offers beautifully soft underwear and loungewear made from 100% organic, eco-friendly linen.

Poppi uses one of the most durable materials perfect for the summer and works with small sewing workshops, tailors, and seamstresses from Łuków, Przasnysz, Inowrocław, and Lublin.



sistu ethical poland clothing brand

Category: Basics, dresses, knitwear, loungewear
For: Women
From: Lublin, Poland
Values: Organic, local, made in Poland
Prices: $30-$40

SISTU is a small clothing company from Poland that creates high-quality cotton and linen apparel. It makes comfortable, simple, versatile, and feminine clothes for every occasion.

SISTU is created by two sisters, Ann and Agnes, who make GOTS-certified organic cotton clothing for women of all ages. They offer classic and beautiful clothes made with love in Poland.



namaqua poland organic clothing

Category: Basics, underwear, accessories
For: Women, children
From: Krakow, Poland
Values: Organic, made in Poland
Prices: $10-$20

NAMAQUA is a Polish clothing brand of Fair Trade, certified organic cotton underwear. Its pieces are eco-friendly and comfy and super soft on the skin.

NAMAQUA offers Fair Trade products meeting the highest standards of quality, durability, and accessibility. It supports Fair Trade initiatives, which are changing the world for the better.


10. Reserved

reserved poland fashion retailer

Category: Basics, denim, knitwear, underwear, loungewear, swimwear, activewear, outerwear, maternity, shoes, bags, accessories, jewelry
For: Women, men, children
From: Gdańsk, Pomerania, Poland
Values: Organic, recycled
Prices: $20-$30

Reserved is a Polish fashion retailer and clothing retail company. The biggest apparel manufacturer in Central and Eastern Europe LLP S.A. owns Reserved and other popular brands such as House, Cropp, Mohito, and Sinsay.

Reserved follows the latest fashion trends for women, men, and kids. It offers classic silhouettes with authentic inspirations from runway shows and new and unique fashion deals from influencers.

Reserved is working towards sustainable fashion and reduction of the negative impact on the environment. It believes that sustainable development is possible and feels responsible for future generations.

The Polish clothing retailer offers a sustainable collection made from organic or recycled materials called "Eco aware." Its ultimate goal is to make a difference in how the factories operate.


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