Lacrosse is one of the oldest-known team sports in North America. Although it looks much different today, it remains one of the most popular sports for men and women alike. 

As with any sport, lacrosse requires plenty of practice and team-building. An essential element of a successful lacrosse practice is wearing the correct gear. 

Whether you're a seasoned player or a rookie lacing up for the first time, the right gear can make all the difference on the field. 

We've curated a comprehensive guide on what to wear to lacrosse practice, tailored for both men and women. 

We've got you covered, from essential gear tips to comfortable outfit ideas that balance style and functionality.

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Lacrosse Helmets

lacrosse practice tips helmets

Lacrosse helmets are more controversial than one might think. Men’s lacrosse teams are required to wear helmets, while women’s lacrosse teams are not. 

The reasoning behind this mandate is that men’s lacrosse is a full-contact sport, while women’s lacrosse is considered a “semi-contact” sport. However, debates around safety and concussion risks have erupted over the years. 

For example, Florida made lacrosse helmets mandatory for high school girls’ lacrosse teams in 2015. However, they remain the only state with such a mandate as of 2024. 

Check with your local league for lacrosse helmet requirements and safety guidelines.

Protective Gear

Whether or not you are required to wear a helmet, there is other protective gear you must wear to lacrosse practice. 

Protective Pads

lacrosse practice protective pads

Padding is essential when it comes to lacrosse. Wear specially designed pads on your shoulders, elbows, arms, and chest. 

Mouth Guard

Mouth guards protect your teeth, jaw, and tongue from possible injury. Lacrosse involves plenty of body checking, so protecting your face is essential.


Men’s lacrosse teams usually require gloves, while women’s teams have different guidelines. We recommend wearing gloves to protect your hands from hard checks. 

Plus, gloves add an extra layer of warmth while playing on a cold field. 


Protective Eyewear

lacrosse practice protective eyewear

Protective eyewear is essential, especially if your team isn’t required to wear lacrosse helmets. 

Wear heavy-duty protective glasses to ensure you protect your eyes during practice.


Listen up, guys. Jockstraps are a must-have during lacrosse practice and games. 

This protective gear keeps everything secure and in place, allowing for freedom of movement and increased comfort.

Team Jerseys

lacrosse practice team jerseys

What better way to represent your team on the field than with a team jersey?

While most teams don’t require members to wear jerseys during practice, it’s a comfortable and flexible piece of clothing worth considering. 

You can practice in your team jersey to get familiar with the feel and fit of the uniform. 

Of course, check with your team to see if they have any specific uniform requirements. 

Moisture-Wicking Polos & Athletic Shorts

lacrosse practice polo shorts

Moisture-wicking polos and athletic shorts provide flexibility during lacrosse practice. 

Wear a sustainably made recycled polyester or nylon shirt for ultimate comfort. Ensure you wear athletic shorts that are the correct length for your legs. 

Check out our selection of the best workout shorts for women.

Racerback Tanks & Lacrosse Skirts

lacrosse practice outfits lacrosse skirt

Traditional women’s lacrosse uniforms include athletic skirts with shorts underneath. 

Wear a cute lacrosse skirt with a racerback tank for a sporty look. 

Explore our favorite Lululemon alternatives for sustainable, high-quality tank and skirt options.

Sports Bras & High-Quality Leggings

lacrosse practice outfit sports bra

Wear a well-fitting sports bra with high-quality leggings for a sporty, relaxed practice look. 

Choose a sports bra that provides full coverage and plenty of support. You will feel much more comfortable and confident during practice with a high-quality workout outfit. 

Shop our selection of the best sustainable sports bras.

Lacrosse Shorts & Moisture-Wicking T-Shirts

lacrosse practice outfits shorts athletic tee

Lacrosse practice is bound to be a sweaty experience. Reduce discomfort with moisture-wicking shirts and lacrosse shorts. 

You can wear neutral colors like black, gray, and dark blue to hide stains. 

Make sure your clothing fits properly. Loose clothes on the playing field can be dangerous and inconvenient. 

Explore our ultimate list of 90+ sustainable activewear brands to find your perfect practice outfit.

Compression Shirts

lacrosse practice outfit compression shirt

Compression shirts are excellent for lacrosse practice because they improve flexibility and help you stay dry. 

Wear a stretchy compression shirt with shorts or a lacrosse skirt for a stylish yet efficient practice outfit. 

Check out these recycled activewear brands that offer high-quality shirts, leggings, and more. 

Comfy Joggers or Sweatpants

lacrosse practice outfit joggers

A pair of comfy joggers or sweatpants will keep you warm during cold-weather lacrosse practice. 

Early morning or winter practice sessions can be chilly, so fleece or cotton joggers are the best choice.

Check out our selection of comfy joggers made in Italy.

A Hoodie & Leggings

lacrosse practice outfit hoodie leggings

A hoodie and leggings make a comfortable practice outfit for cold-weather practice sessions. 

Layer a cropped hoodie with moisture-wicking leggings and lacrosse cleats for a cute, convenient practice look. 

Shop our favorite sustainable hoodies made in the USA.

Layer for Cold Weather

lacrosse practice layer outfits

Lacrosse practice happens rain or shine. When temperatures drop, be sure to layer up. 

Layer a zip-up jacket or hoodie over your athletic tee and joggers. You can peel off layers as needed as your body heats up during practice. 

It’s better to overdress for practice than to be under-equipped and cold. 

Explore the best sustainable fabrics that make excellent sportswear, regardless of the weather.

Lacrosse Cleats

lacrosse practice gear cleats

Lacrosse cleats are essential for practice. Cleats help you safely navigate and keep your footing on the field. 

Find a pair of high-quality lacrosse cleats that fit properly to ensure your best performance during practice. 


High-Top Basketball Shoes

lacrosse practice gear basketball shoes 

High-top basketball shoes work well if you play box lacrosse. 

Basketball shoes provide enough grip for indoor floors. Plus, there is plenty of ankle support while you’re running. 

Don’t miss our selection of affordable Nike alternatives.

Long Socks

lacrosse practice gear socks

Long socks that cover your ankles and shins add an extra layer of protection while on the field. 

Go with a pair of breathable, comfortable cotton socks. 

Explore our selection of comfy, sustainable socks.

What Type of Underwear Should You Wear to Lacrosse Practice?

lacrosse practice gear undergarments

Now that you have your lacrosse practice outfit, what do you wear underneath? It’s an important question that athletes often forget to address.


Boxer Briefs

Boxer briefs are great for lacrosse practice because they are flexible and breathable while providing support. 

Boxer briefs also sit close to your body, allowing easy layering with your lacrosse uniform and protective gear. 

Check out our favorite sustainable men’s underwear brands.

Full-Coverage Underwear

You want to be as comfortable as possible during lacrosse practice. That’s why full-coverage underwear is the way to go. 

You want to choose the most practical undergarments for optimal athletic performance, from supportive sports bras to plain cotton briefs. 

Plenty of organic and biodegradable underwear brands have excellent full-coverage options.

Breathable Fabrics

lacrosse practice breathable fabrics

As with any sport, lacrosse requires a ton of physical activity and exertion. You’ll work up a sweat during lacrosse practice, so be sure to wear breathable fabrics. 

Cotton is the best undergarment fabric because it is breathable and comfortable regardless of temperature. 

Bamboo is another excellent sustainable fiber to consider for athletic undergarments.

Discover the best organic cotton and bamboo underwear brands.



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