Club Space is the go-to place for electronic music in Miami, Florida. 

It’s also where music lovers and fashionistas unite on the dancefloor. 

When you go to Club Space, you’ll have the time of your life dancing the night away. You want your outfit to match that energy. 

From bodycon halter dresses to creative neon clothing, we’ve got you covered with the best outfit ideas for Club Space. 

Here are 15+ fun and sizzling outfits to wear to Club Space to make you stand out on the dance floor.

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Does Club Space Have a Dress Code?

club space dress code

According to Club Space’s FAQ page, the famous club has no official dress code. 

Club Space encourages you to “come as you are” and enjoy their unique atmosphere.

The club has an “anything goes” vibe that allows for funky outfits, loud colors, and interesting silhouettes. 

Because of the lax dress code, you can get creative when planning your outfit.

A Bodycon Halter Dress & Sheer Tights

club space outfits bodycon dress

A bodycon halter dress with sheer tights is a sexy evening look for Club Space. 

Wear a halter dress with a funky pattern, or stick with classic black.

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A Corset & High-Slit Skirt

club space outfit corset skirt

Wear a corset and a high-slit skirt for a dramatic, eye-catching look. 

Focus on fabrics with this outfit. Wear a glittery sequin corset or a vegan silk skirt for a luxurious edge.

Explore our favorite sustainable corset brands.

An Iridescent Top & Black Jeans

club space outfit iridescent shirt

Pay homage to rave attire with an iridescent top and black jeans. 

This outfit is simple, sexy, and fun-loving. Wear a black lace bra underneath your top and accessorize with neon or silver jewelry.

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A Crop Top & Pencil Skirt

club space outfit crop top

A crop top with a pencil skirt is a classic club outfit. You’ll fit right in at Club Space with this look. 

Go with stretchy material for a comfortable outfit that gives you the freedom to dance the night away. 

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A Velvet Black Dress

club space outfit velvet dress

A velvet black dress is an excellent outfit to infuse a class touch into your Club Space look.

Wear a skin-tight midi-length dress with clear heels for a Y2K vibe, or wear a floor-length dress with a sky-high leg slit. 

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A Faux Leather Outfit

club space faux leather outfit

A faux leather outfit is perfect for Club Space guests who want a daring and edgy look. 

Wear anything from a faux leather skirt to a vegan leather bustier for this look. It’s best to wear leather pieces that are vegan and ethically made.

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Neon Clothing

club space neon outfits

Club Space has a free-for-all attitude when it comes to its dress code. Go all out with neon clothing that will glow under the dancefloor lights. 

Wear a neon tee with high-waisted black jeans, a neon mini skirt, or a neon pink bodycon dress. Whatever you choose to wear, make sure you feel comfortable and confident.


A Skirt & Knee-High Boots

club space outfit knee high boots

Knee-high boots are excellent footwear for Club Space because you will be on your feet most of the night.

A skirt and knee-high boots make your legs look miles long. Finish off your look with a fun crop top, and you’re good to go.

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Embrace Y2K

club space y2k outfits

Y2K fashion is having a moment, especially in the nightlife scene. Dress to impress by sustainably embracing your favorite Y2K trends.

Think flare jeans, babydoll crop tops, fingerless gloves, and bright, pop-punk colors. The Y2K revival is all about having fun, making it a perfect match for Club Space.

Check out our guide to cyber Y2K fashion for more outfit ideas.

Cut-Out Tops & Metallic Pants

club space metallic pants

Wear a top with interesting cut-outs and revealing silhouettes for a tantalizing club outfit. 

Pair your visually arresting top with shiny, metallic pants for an extra glam Club Space look. You are guaranteed to turn heads with this look.

A Checkered Tube Top & Black Shorts

club space outfit tube top

The Club Space dress code is pretty welcoming, so you can dress more casually if you so desire.

Wear a checkered tube top and black shorts for a fun yet comfortable Club Space outfit. Plus, this look is super comfortable.

Shorts & Combat Boots

club space combat boots outfit

Many clubgoers prefer to wear combat boots to Club Space. 

Combat boots with shorts make a comfortable and edgy outfit that lets you dance to your favorite DJ set for hours.

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A Sheer Mesh Top

club space outfit mesh top

A sheer mesh top is a fun look for Club Space. Pair a long-sleeve mesh shirt with a black tube top underneath for a classic club look. 

Wear velvet trousers and platform sneakers for a sporty look, or turn heads with a mini skirt and boots.

Check out our handy guide to rave outfits and style for more inspiration.


A Co-ord Set & Boots

club space outfit co-ord set

A co-ord set is an understated yet trendy outfit for Club Space. 

Wear a matching pencil skirt, tube top, and ankle boots for a comfortable and feminine look. 

You can also wear a shirt and short co-ord set if you plan on busting out your best moves on the dance floor.

Let Creativity Flow

club space creative outfit

Electronic music is all about freedom of expression and having fun. Club Space embraces electronic music culture by allowing almost any kind of outfit. 

Club Space is the perfect opportunity to go all out and plan a fabulous, creative outfit. Don’t be afraid to experiment with pieces and aesthetics you don’t usually wear. 

The best kind of Club Space outfit is one that is eye-catching, comfortable, and cutting-edge.

What Not to Wear

what not to wear club space

The only dress code requirement listed on Club Space’s website is not to wear sandals. Other than that, you can wear anything you want. 

However, we have a few tips about what not to wear. Avoid wearing these items for a much more comfortable and enjoyable time at Club Space.

  • Sandals: People go to Club Space to dance for hours. It’s for this reason the club doesn’t allow open-toe sandals. Wear shoes that cover your toes. It will help you avoid injury if someone accidentally steps on your feet.
  • Warm clothes: Avoid wearing warm fabrics, like fleece. Otherwise, you risk the chance of overheating on the dancefloor. Wear breathable fabrics so you can remain comfortable while dancing the night away.
  • Stilettos: While you can certainly wear stiletto heels to Club Space, we don’t recommend it. You will spend hours on your feet, and stilettos can cause pain. Everyone’s comfort level with heels differs, so use your discretion. 

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