Hey. You. Let's contribute together to the achievement of the 17 most important goals of our time, for a sustainable and healthy world. Yes I am talking about the 17 Global Goals for Sustainable Development.

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What Are the 17 Sustainable Development Goals?

These are political objectives of the United Nations (UN), which are intended to ensure sustainable development on an economic, social and ecological level. They are part of our core mission at Panaprium.

The 17 Sustainable Development Goals are:

1. No Poverty
2. Zero Hunger
3. Good Health and Well-being
4. Quality Education
5. Gender Equality
6. Clean Water and Sanitation
7. Affordable and Clean Energy
8. Decent Work and Economic Growth
9. Industry, Innovation, and Infrastructure
10. Reducing Inequality
11. Sustainable Cities and Communities
12. Responsible Consumption and Production
13. Climate Action
14. Life Below Water
15. Life On Land
16. Peace, Justice, and Strong Institutions
17. Partnerships for the Goals

Since When Do the Global Goals Exist?

The goals were designed based on the development process of the Millennium Development Goals and came into effect on January 1, 2016 with a term of 15 years (until 2030).

World leaders have agreed in 2015 on these 17 goals. Why? To make the world a better place by 2030. For our own good and for our children and grandchildren, we have to end poverty, fight inequality and address the urgency of climate change.

What Can We Do?

It is up to all of us to act now. Right now, you and me, we can do something. Not only governments and world leaders, but businesses, civil society and the general public as well. We can work together to build a better future for everyone.

Everyone can contribute. We have to make sure the 17 Global Goals for Sustainable Development are met. I highly recommend to find organizations to support and information to share. Anyone can change the world. Join the movement.

Progress has been made during the past few years. But there is still so much more to do! Sadly we are not near enough to achieve the Global Goals. We need everyone to come together and take action for people, for planet, for the animals.

Together, let's build a blueprint to achieve a better and more sustainable future for all. With a list of targets measured with indicators and a variety of tools, it is possible to track and visualize progress towards the goals.

What About The Fashion Industry?

The fashion industry is putting pressure on resources, polluting and degrading the natural environment and its ecosystems, and causing significant negative social impacts at local, regional and global levels.

Revolutionizing this industry can play an important role in achieving the goal of climate neutrality set out in the Paris Agreement in the second half of the 21st century.

In addition, environmentally friendly clothing and awareness of a sustainable lifestyle are very important to us at Panaprium. In our consumer-driven society, the concept of a circular economy has become a priority due to demographic change and the scarcity of resources.

Collection, sorting, reuse, recycling and energy efficiency are important elements for the transition to a sustainable and circular fashion industry. This transition depends on enabling technologies and creativity-based innovation.


Learn more about the goals here: https://www.globalgoals.org/

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