The San Diego Zoo is one of the largest zoos in the world. Located in Balboa Park, San Diego, California, this wildlife oasis is known for its fantastic conservation efforts and expansive zoo grounds. 

The San Diego Zoo is a blast for the whole family. But wearing the best outfit possible is a big part of planning the perfect day at the zoo. 

While everyone is having the time of their lives observing the cheetahs and kangaroos, you want to make sure you look amazing, too! 

From breezy summer dresses to casual shorts, here are 15 wildly easy tips and outfit ideas for the San Diego Zoo. 

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A Blouse and Shorts

san diego zoo outfit shorts blouse

A beautiful blouse and comfortable shorts are perfect for a day at the San Diego Zoo. 

You’ll walk around in the sun all day, so shorts will keep you cool and comfortable. Wear your favorite blouse to dress up your outfit and look fabulous in photos. 

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Gym Shorts and a Breathable Tee

san diego zoo shorts shirt

san diego zoo mens outfit shorts

Wear gym shorts and a breathable t-shirt for the ultimate relaxed zoo outfit. 

It can get extremely hot during the day in San Diego. Gym shorts are comfortable and breathable, making them an excellent option. 

Choose a comfortable tee that uses breathable material like linen, organic cotton, or hemp. 

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A Skirt and Tank Top

san diego zoo outfit skirts

Wear a skirt and tank top to the San Diego Zoo to stay cool while looking cute. 

Wear a breezy wrap skirt with a ruffled floral tank top, or tuck a simple, classic tank into a high-waisted denim skirt. 

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Jeans and a Cute Top

san diego zoo cute top outfit

You can’t go wrong with a cute top and jeans for the San Diego Zoo. 

Wear your favorite jeans with a ruffled peasant blouse or breezy floral crop top. Finish off your look with comfortable sneakers and a sunhat for the ultimate zoo outfit. 

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A Polo and Khakis

san diego zoo outfit polo khakis

A polo shirt and khaki shorts make an excellent zoo outfit for guys. This look strikes the perfect balance of dressed-up and casual. 

Wear a light-colored polo with dark tan khakis, sneakers, and a baseball cap to be comfortable while roaming the zoo grounds. 

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A Breathable Sundress

san diego zoo outfits sundress

Just because you’re trekking across the San Diego Zoo’s 100 acres of wildlife doesn’t mean you can’t look cute!

Wear a breezy, breathable sundress during your visit. From floral midi dresses to flirty minis, you can’t go wrong with a dress. Wear whatever style makes you feel comfortable, and you’ll have a blast. 

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A Button-Up Shirt and Chino Pants

san diego zoo mens outfit chinos

Guys can wear a button-up shirt and chino pants to the zoo for a relaxed yet chic look. 

A button-up shirt over a plain white tee looks fantastic with light-colored chino pants and your favorite sneakers. 

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A Romper

san diego zoo outfit romper

A romper is a cute summertime outfit option for the San Diego Zoo. It’s comfortable, relaxed, and provides full coverage without feeling burdensome. 

A cotton or linen romper is easy to accessorize with sneakers, a fun sunhat, and your favorite jewelry. You’ll look breezy and effortless while visiting all your favorite wild animals. 

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Overalls and a Cute T-Shirt

san diego zoo outfit overalls

san diego zoo outfits overalls shirts

Overalls with a classic t-shirt is a fun, comfortable outfit for the San Diego Zoo. 

Overalls are versatile, flexible, and durable. You’ll have more than enough pockets to store everything you need during your zoo visit. Plus, they look great on any body type. 

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Leggings and Tennis Shoes

san diego zoo outfit leggings

Leggings are a versatile, comfortable option for your visit to the San Diego Zoo. 

Wear stretchy, flexible leggings with a matching athleisure top or a cute blouse.

If the weather is a bit chilly, you can’t go wrong with a classic zip-up hoodie or knit crewneck sweater. 

Explore our favorite leggings with side pockets. We promise they will make your trip to the zoo so much more convenient. 


A Dress and Crossbody Bag

san diego zoo outfit crossbody dress

Choose a dress with a crossbody bag for a chic, easy-to-wear zoo outfit. 

A crossbody bag is a convenient way to carry everything you need while looking cute and fashionable. A midi or maxi dress elevates your look to something casual yet elegant. 

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Comfortable Shoes

san diego zoo outfits shoes

You will be doing a ton of walking at the San Diego Zoo. Comfortable shoes are a must for your visit. 

Wear high-quality walking or running shoes for extra arch support and protection from the elements. 

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A Sunhat and Sunglasses

san diego zoo sunhat sunglasses

The San Diego Zoo is an outdoor venue, so protect your skin with a sunhat and sunglasses. 

Wear a floppy sunhat or wide-brim straw hat with your favorite dress, shorts, or romper. Trendy, sustainably-made sunglasses will shield your eyes from that powerful California sunshine. 

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Bring a Backpack

san diego zoo outfits backpack

A backpack is essential for the San Diego Zoo, especially if you’re visiting with kids. 

Choose a versatile backpack with plenty of pockets and high-quality straps. 

You’ll want to pack everything from reusable water bottles to Band-Aids, so choose a style that provides back and shoulder support. 

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What Not to Wear

what not to wear san diego

Dressing for the San Diego Zoo is all about comfort and ease. Avoid wearing items that are restrictive and uncomfortable. 

  • Strappy sandals or heels: Strappy sandals and heels can cause blisters, chaffing, and other uncomfortable situations for your feet. They might look great at the beginning of the day, but you’ll regret your shoe choice after trekking through the park for a few hours. 
  • Formal dresses: The San Diego Zoo is a pretty casual place, so a formal dress will stick out like a sore thumb. Think casual, comfortable, and flexible when planning your outfit. 
  • Don’t overheat: Avoid stuffy fabrics like rayon, knits, and polyester that can cause overheating. Go for fabrics like cotton and linen to keep cool in the sun.  

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