If you have a petite and chubby silhouette, crafting flattering outfits can be a real struggle!

When shopping for clothes it is very important to take into account the design and colors of the selected items. Being well-dressed is all about finding the styles that highlight your best features.

We are here to help you and we have compiled a list of 15 recommendations you can use to boost your confidence and look fantastic. Keep reading to discover more!

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Set styling goals

Petite chubby outfits set your goals

The first step you should take to achieve an amazing wardrobe that allows you to look fantastic every single day is to set your styling goals. This means knowing your body well and knowing the styles that are the most flattering for you.

In general, shapeless and oversized clothing items don't look beautiful on petite bodies because they can make them look bulky. Highlighting your waist is a great trick that instantly makes your appearance more put-together. Avoid anything that features an unnecessary amount of material, such as ruffles.

Last but not least, we encourage you to experiment a lot in order to discover what's best for you.

Here are 200 sustainable brands from Europe that can be your next online shopping destination.

High-waisted jeans

Petite chubby outfits jeans

Jeans are one of the most versatile clothing items you can own. They look great with anything and they can be your go-to many times when you don't know what to wear.

Make sure to choose a high-waisted design. It will visually elongate your legs while making your waist appear thinner.

Purchase yours from a sustainable brand.

Vertical stripes

Petite chubby outfits stripes

Stripes have an unbelievable power to make body parts look thinner or thicker. If you have a petite and chubby silhouette, always go for vertical stripes. They can help you look taller and thinner!

Check out these 10 best sustainable clothing brands from Chicago.

Highlight your waist

Petite chubby outfits belts

Instantly obtain a more balanced silhouette by adding a belt.

Belts beautifully highlight your waist and they are also amazing accessories to complete your outfits and make them more interesting.

Here are the 10 best ethical and vegan leather belts for women.


Petite chubby outfits necklines

Petite chubby outfits necklines

Many petite and chubby women are unaware of the difference a great neckline can make for their silhouette.

You should choose off-shoulder designs and sweetheart necklines if you want to look your best!

When possible, avoid polo shirts and turtlenecks because chances are they will make you look shorter. If you do wear them, tuck them in your pants or jeans for a more balanced appearance.

Let yourself be inspired by the best affordable and sustainable petite clothing brands.


Petite chubby outfits pants

The best pants for petite and chubby silhouettes are well-fitted and made from comfortable and high-quality materials. Avoid baggy pants that add a lot of unwanted volume to your body.

Don't forget that pants are extremely versatile and this makes them a great addition to your wardrobe.

Take a look at our sustainable selection.


Petite chubby outfits leggings

Leggings are extremely popular clothing items. They're great for an active lifestyle because they can come in handy in many situations.

Leggings show your interest in physical activity and health and they are available in many cute colors and patterns.

Buy a high-quality and comfortable pair of leggings from a sustainable brand.

Dark colors

Petite chubby outfits dark colors

Dark colors have a thinning effect and you should take advantage of it!

Be stylish and craft an amazing and versatile outfit featuring dark colors.

Don't miss out on our best tips for an attractive outfit.


Petite chubby outfits coats

If you live in a country where the temperature considerably drops during autumn and winter, you need at least one beautiful and versatile coat in your wardrobe.

How can you choose the best design for your body? Let's start with what to avoid: Don't buy floor-length coats that will overwhelm your petite body. Go for a shorter cut that balances your proportions.

Stay away from oversized fits and choose a stylish and well-fitted design instead.
You should also stick to coats that don't feature any distracting large prints.

For more fashion inspiration, click here.

Bags and purses

Petite chubby outfits bags

Very large bags will overwhelm your petite body.

Extremely small purses are not a good choice either. That's because most of the time they are neither stylish nor practical.

Choose a flattering and fashionable size in between. Use our vegan leather bags and purses guide for inspiration.

Comfortable materials

Petite chubby outfits materials

The quality of the materials is as important as the design of your clothes. It is crucial to choose materials that are sustainable, gentle with your skin, and that will pass the test of time.

Learn more about ethical and vegan fabrics from our article.


Petite chubby outfits shoes

When it comes to shoes, you need to make sure you have the right pair for the occasion.

Prioritize comfort and always purchase designs that provide the support you need. For special events choose heels, but make sure you can effortlessly walk in them.

Here is our list of footwear brands that adhere to the highest social and environmental standards. Read it before purchasing your next pair of shoes!


Petite chubby outfits sweatshirts

For relaxed occasions, sweatshirts are fantastic!

You can wear them with shorts, jeans, skirts, or sweatpants. Take a look at our sustainable recommendations.

Well-fitted clothes

Petite chubby outfits well-fitted clothes

We can't stress enough the importance of well-fitted designs! Anything too large or too small can easily be unflattering on a petite and chubby body.

Create stylish and practical outfits with clothes in the right size for you.

Discover amazing, affordable and sustainable outdoor brands that can inspire your fashion choices.


Petite chubby outfits lingerie

No matter if you prefer casual or elegant clothes, lingerie is very important to feel and look great.

The right lingerie can boost your confidence and enhance your outfit.
If you are interested in beautiful, comfortable, affordable, and sustainable lingerie check out our selection.

For our best tips on lingerie for petite women, read this article.
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