Choosing lingerie as a petite woman can be daunting – but you have come to the right place for advice on this topic.

When picking your ideal lingerie, it’s vital to take into account the style, fit, shape and fabric of your chosen items. You want to avoid lingerie that drowns your smaller figure and wear garments that help to accentuate all of your good bits.

Choosing the right lingerie is all about embracing your unique body and expressing your personality. Whether you prefer casual comfort or alluring elegance, there is lingerie out there that will make you feel like the small but perfectly formed goddess that you are. 

We have compiled this list of the hottest 15+ things you can wear to ensure you look your best. From boy short briefs to beautiful bodysuits, there is something to suit your vibe. So, petite girlies, go ahead and indulge in these fabulous lingerie options designed to complement your beautiful figure and boost your confidence.

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Casual Sports Set

petite lingerie casual sporty set


A casual sports set is an ideal option for a petite frame. Opt for sporty bras and briefs with minimal detailing.

The sports set will help to enhance your natural curves while keeping you comfortable during your daily activities.

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Balcony Bra

petite lingerie balcony bra


A luxurious balcony bra offers just the right lift and support and is ideal for smaller women. 

It provides a flattering shape for petite frames while adding a touch of elegance to your lingerie collection. 

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petite lingerie corset


Everyone who has even half a finger on the pulse of today’s trends, knows that corsets have been on every fashion lover’s rotation this year. And underwear is no different!

Corsets are fantastic for elongating a smaller frame and creating the illusion of a bust and a waist. Therefore they are a dreamy option for smaller-framed women. Pair with fishnets for a gothic glam look.

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Tank and Briefs

petite lingerie tank breifs


If casual and cool is your style, then try pairing a tank top with briefs for the ultimate easy going vibe.

This is a simple and attractive choice for the laid back fashionistas. Look for designs that provide a snug fit, ensuring you feel confident and sexy all day long.

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Cute Details

petite lingerie cute details


Adding a little something-something isn’t just reserved for petite gals. However with a smaller frame, you can choose to wear lingerie with a bit more flair without it looking OTT.

Embrace lingerie with delicate bows, straps, and other intricate details. These additions draw attention to your petite physique and add a splash of feminine charm to your overall look.

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petite lingerie bodysuit


Bodysuits are versatile and can be a petite woman's best friend. They create a seamless, elongated silhouette that's oh-so-flattering. With neater proportions, why would you not try out this sexy option? 

Choose a bodysuit in a style that reflects your personality, whether it's sweet and innocent, daring, or funky.


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petite lingerie all black


When in doubt, go for all-black lingerie. It's timeless, elegant, and universally flattering. The monochrome look will add an air of sophistication to your lingerie collection, whether it’s for everyday wear, or something a little more special.

It’s especially good for smaller frames because it lets the underwear be the focal point, drawing attention to all the right places.

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Lacey Set

petite lingerie lacey set


No matter what your shape, a lacey set exudes sensuality and femininity. Petite gals can go a little further with detail, because it will look less in-your-face.

So why not opt for a lacy lingerie sets that embraces your curves and makes you feel like an absolute goddess? 

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Ruffled Underwear

petite lingerie ruffled underwear

Mary Antoinette and the soft girl aesthetic is having a major moment in 2023. You can introduce it into your wardrobe in a subtle way by wearing ruffled underwear. 

Ruffled underwear adds a playful touch to any lingerie collection. The frills can create an illusion of curves and add a bit of fun to a petite woman’s intimate apparel.

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Flowy Shorts

petite lingerie flowy shorts


Flowy shorts offer comfort without sacrificing style. They are perfect for lounging around the house or wearing under loose pants or skirts.  

Women with a smaller frame may feel more comfortable in flowing fabrics and if so, then this is the ideal underwear choice for you.

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petite lingerie G String


You may have heard that the 2000’s are back with a vengeance. And with that era’s style resurgence comes the unforgettable whale tail. 

The good news? A G-string offers minimal coverage while elongating your legs, so it’s an excellent choice when you want to showcase your petite figure. And you don’t have to sport it above your jeans, it can stay discreetly tucked away. There are many different styles and fabrics to choose from, you don't have to sacrifice comfort for looking hot.

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petite lingerie babydoll


Babydolls are flattering for petite women, as they often feature empire waistlines that create the illusion of longer legs. They also have a playful, flirty vibe that's hard to resist.

Pick one in a gorgeous soft pastel for a feminine touch. Or lean into a seductive vibe by picking darker tones like espresso or black.

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petite lingerie low rise


The low-rise pantie doesn’t suit everyone, however smaller framed women can get away with this shape much more than others.

Opt for low-rise panties and minimalist bras to avoid overwhelming your frame. This style sits comfortably on your hips and provides a flattering fit. Experiment with colors to match your mood.

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Bold Lingerie

petite lingerie bold


She may be small, but she is mighty! Don't be afraid to experiment with daring fabrics, bold colors or patterns.

Head-turning lingerie can make a petite frame pop and exude confidence, proving that some of the best things really do come in small packages.

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Animal Print

petite lingerie animal print


Animal print lingerie is fierce and fashionable. It's a bold choice that demands attention and highlights your petite figure.

Whether it be leopard, zebra, tiger or snake, an animal print looks amazing on a petite frame, because it doesn’t look over the top. Unless you want it too that is.

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Boy Shorts Briefs

petite lingerie boy shorts briefs


Boy shorts briefs offer fuller coverage while maintaining a flirty, feminine appeal. They are comfortable and stylish, perfect for everyday wear.

You could go full tomboy and pair with a crop top or tank, or lean into your inner goddess and pick a pair with bow or lace detail. Whatever your style, there is a boy shorts brief option out there for you!

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