Are you planning a New England Canada cruise? From charming coastal towns to breathtaking landscapes, this cruise offers a unique blend of history, culture, and natural beauty.

Before you embark on this adventure, it's essential to pack the right clothing, especially given the unpredictable weather conditions.

Still don't know what to wear? We can help you! 

Keep reading and discover our best tips on what to pack for a New England Canada cruise so that you can have an amazing time.

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Dress code

New England Canada cruise outfits dress code

Whenever you decide to go on a cruise, you should check and see if there is a dress code. This way you can be well-dressed at all times.

In most cases, there is no particular dress code for a New England Canada cruise, but you need to prepare an elegant outfit for the formal nights. Make sure to learn how many formal nights or other special events you will attend and prepare elegant outfits (including shoes) for each of them.

Aim to create outfits that mix practicality and style, and stay away from designs that are over the top and difficult to wear.

Let yourself be inspired by these slow fashion brands.

Waterproof jacket

New England Canada cruise outfits jacket

Invest in a waterproof jacket because both New England and Canada are known for their changing weather.

This means that such a reliable jacket should be at the top of your packing list.

Look for a design that has waterproof and windproof properties that can protect you from unexpected rain and chilly wind.

Discover the 10 best affordable and sustainable waterproof jackets.


New England Canada cruise outfits socks

Socks can help you stay warm, dry, and comfortable, and you shouldn't neglect them!

Make sure to pack a few pairs of soft and breathable socks that will allow you to have the best time.

We have great news for you: You can now buy socks that are affordable, sustainable, and made from organic materials. Have a look at our selection.


New England Canada cruise outfits sweater

New England and Canada can experience unpredictable weather, with temperatures that can vary from chilly mornings to warm afternoons.

Therefore, layering is your best friend. Start with a lightweight sweater that will help you be chic and comfortable. You can always add a jacket if needed.

Choose a versatile piece that can be easily paired with different bottoms, such as jeans, skirts, or shorts.

Check out these 10 sweater brands that sell the best affordable, sustainable, and vegan sweaters.

Hats and beanies

New England Canada cruise outfits hats and beanies

Hats and beanies will protect you from the sun and will keep your head warm when the temperature drops.

Our best tip for you is to choose dark or neutral colors that are easy to match with various outfits. Never underestimate the importance of these essential accessories because they can make all the difference when it comes to your cruise outfits!

Here are the 15 best affordable and sustainable hats and beanies.


New England Canada cruise outfits scarf

Pack a scarf that adds a pop of color to your looks, while protecting you from the wind.

Opt for a lightweight scarf for cooler summer evenings or a thicker one for colder days.

Don't forget to check out our eco-friendly recommendations.


New England Canada cruise outfits jeans

Embrace the versatility of jeans! They are a must-have clothing item for any traveler because they provide comfort and style, being easy to match with any top of your choice.

Finding the perfect balance between comfort and style is key when it comes to dressing for a cruise. That's why we recommend you choose a flattering pair of jeans in the right size for your body.

Don't forget that classic designs are always more versatile than distressed jeans.

For more fashion inspiration, take a peek at the 20 best affordable and sustainable jeans.


New England Canada cruise outfits turtleneck

Turtlenecks can come in handy whenever you want to create a beautiful and versatile outfit and a New England Canada cruise is no exception.

You should pack at least one turtleneck, especially if you are traveling during the colder months.

Turtlenecks look fabulous with jeans, trousers, and skirts. They are available in a wide range of colors, patterns, and materials, which means you will have no difficulties finding one that you love.

Have a look at the best affordable and ethically made turtlenecks.


New England Canada cruise outfits T-shirt

While cruising, you'll likely spend a significant amount of time exploring the ship and participating in various casual activities.

For these occasions, pack a variety of casual outfits. T-shirts can help you achieve a stylish and relaxed look. You can wear them with jeans and skirts, and they are also great for layering.

You can choose to highlight your fashion preferences with beautiful graphic T-shirts, or you can go for basic T-shirts that are easy to match with anything.

The best T-shirts are fashionable, affordable, and eco-friendly. Discover them here!


New England Canada cruise outfits shorts

If you are traveling during the warm months, shorts are a must! Wear them with a cute T-shirt or a tank top for a relaxed look, or choose a striped shirt if you want to add sophistication to your outfit.

The best shorts are budget-friendly and ethically made to help you look and feel fantastic.

Browse through our selection of sustainable denim shorts.

Casual dress

New England Canada cruise outfits casual dress

Pack a stylish daytime dress and pair it with comfortable shoes for a polished yet comfortable ensemble.

This beautiful outfit is a mix of style and practicality that everyone will love. Here are the 20 best affordable, sexy, and casual summer dresses.

Formal dress

New England Canada cruise outfits formal dress

You also need to pack formal clothes for the formal nights, as well as the bars and restaurants that require a dressier look.

The best formal dresses for special occasions are cute, chic, stylish, and cheap to help you look and feel your best without breaking the bank.

Step up your style game with one of these best affordable and elegant dresses for special occasions.


New England Canada cruise outfits footwear

When it comes to shoes, prioritize comfort.

For your everyday cruise activities, you should choose a pair of comfortable sports shoes or ankle boots that allow you to feel your best.

For the formal nights, you need a pair of elegant shoes. However, you must keep comfort in mind when choosing them: Make sure you can easily walk in your shoes. They mustn't cause you any pain.

Did you know that your shoes can be vegan and entirely made from cruelty-free materials? Take a look at the 30 best ethical and vegan shoe companies.

Warm weather cruising

New England Canada cruise outfits warm weather

If you are cruising in warm weather, you should focus on bringing summer clothes such as shorts, T-shirts, dresses, as well as a few clothing items to keep you warm in case the temperature drops.

For the best summer dresses, read this article.

Cold weather cruising

New England Canada cruise outfits cold weather

If you are expecting cold weather while you are cruising, you should pack more sweaters and cardigans, as well as long-sleeved tops, tights, winter jackets, and anything else that can protect your body from the low temperatures.

Let yourself be inspired by the 10 best affordable Swedish clothing brands you should know.

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