The best fashion labels in Myanmar create stylish, high-quality, eco-friendly clothing to help you dress well and feel great with a clean conscience. They produce unique apparel ethically made in Myanmar for modern women and men.

These ned-to-know clothing brands from Myanmar offer on-trend, effortless casual wear, and streetwear and are highly successful locally and abroad. Read on if you are interested in beautiful fashion made locally with sustainability in mind.

Many apparel companies in Myanmar listen to eco-conscious consumers and sell ethical and eco-friendly options. They are committed to protecting the environment and workers in the fashion supply chain.

Here are the best clothing brands in Myanmar that ethically make affordable, fashionable, and sustainable garments under high standards.

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1. Mamagyi

myanmar clothing brand mamagyi

Category: Basics, dresses, loungewear, accessories
For: Women
From: Yangon, Myanmar
Values: Local, artisan craft, made-to-order, made in Myanmar
Prices: $60-$270

Mamagyi is a local clothing brand that offers everyday goods handmade in Myanmar by talented Burmese artisans. It creates high-quality clothing that combines style and function for everyday life.

Mamagyi is committed to local production and employing skilled women in a social atelier in Yangon. It uses high-quality materials to make sure its clothes last for years.


2. Khittaya Clothing

khittaya clothing brand myanmar

Category: Basics, dresses
For: Women
From: Yangon, Myanmar
Values: Local, artisan craft, give back, made in Myanmar
Prices: $10-$20

Khittaya is a clothing brand from Myanmar that creates beautiful ready-to-wear for modern women. It designs stylish dresses, tops, jumpsuits, and more, as well as traditional Burmese outfits.

Khittaya is an ethical fashion label made in Myanmar by talented weavers from different ethnic groups. It donates 5% of its profit to a charity focused on retired artisans and their healthcare.


3. Dalae

dalae made in myanmar clothing

Category: Basics, dresses, loungewear, accessories
For: Women, men
From: Yangon, Myanmar
Values: Local, made in Myanmar
Prices: $10-$20

Dalae is a clothing brand made in Myanmar that focuses on unique and fashionable designs inspired by Burmese culture. It offers stylish and affordable apparel for women and men.

Dalae is on a mission to preserve Myanmar traditions through original and creative fashion. All its pieces are beautiful, lightweight, breathable, and high-quality.


4. PLA Clothing

pla ethical fashion myanmar

Category: Basics, loungewear, knitwear, swimwear, accessories
For: Women
From: Mandalay, Myanmar
Values: Local, made in Myanmar
Prices: $10-$20

PLA is a clothing brand from Myanmar that makes high-quality apparel for women. All its pieces are locally made in Myanmar and inspired by the latest fashion trends.

PLA wants to offer chic and fashionable outfits to modern women. and girls. It creates beautiful and stylish pieces made locally in Myanmar by a small tailoring team.


5. Judy's Fabric

judys fabric myanmar designer clothing

Category: Basics, dresses
For: Women
From: Yangon, Myanmar
Values: Local, artisan craft, made in Myanmar
Prices: $10-$20

Judy's Fabric is a woman-owned fashion label from Myanmar that creates high-quality clothing for women. It offers beautiful basics and dresses locally made in Myanmar by a talented designer.

Judy's Fabric is a small business dedicated to making easy-to-wear, comfortable, and lightweight apparel for women. Its pieces are perfect for everyday wear to work or weekend outings.


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