Wicked is one of the most famous Broadway shows of all time. The multi-award winner is an emotionally charged, humorous, and breathtakingly beautiful play, bursting with color and energy. When you immerse yourself in the fascinating world of this cult production, you will witness a captivating story on stage and have the opportunity to shine on your own.

There is no set dress code for the Broadway production of Wicked, but we advise casual dress. A smart-casual attire reflects a level of attentiveness and engagement with the performance, acknowledging the significance of the theatrical experience.

From beautiful dresses to sleek separates, we will show you how to look chic under the theater's spotlights. And since the auditorium is often air-conditioned, we recommend extra layers of clothing that seamlessly blend comfort and sophistication, ensuring you're ready to immerse yourself in the magic of the Emerald City.

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Velvet Dress

Close photo of a woman wearing a velvet dress

Wear a velvet wrap dress that oozes classic Hollywood beauty to channel vintage elegance. Choose a deep jewel tone like emerald or ruby for a luxurious feel. Pair it with statement boots in a contrasting texture or color to add visual interest and edge to the outfit. Add a chic purse and minimal jewelry to finish the look for a dazzling combination that will turn heads at the theatre.

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Multicolored Jumpsuit

Woman posing with a stylish multicolored jumpsuit

Make a statement with a multicolored fitted jumpsuit that epitomizes the vivid energy of the Wicked show. Choose a jumpsuit with an eye-catching color scheme that pays homage to the musical's many themes and characters. The multicolored palette perfectly ties in with the fascinating and upbeat mood of the Broadway performance. Get eco-friendly and ethically made with organic or recycled fabrics jumpsuits here.

Pair it with sleek, heeled sandals to elongate the legs and add a touch of glamour, ensuring you stand out in style as you immerse yourself in the magical world of Wicked.

Classic Look With A Black Dress

Asian woman posing with a black dress

There are not many things more elegant than a well-fitting black dress. It is a classic and elegant choice that fits many occasions, including the Broadway Show Wicked.

Choose a midi, to-the-knee, or mini black dress – they all work very well for this event, and pair it with heeled sandals or ankle boots, depending on the season and your taste. Find beautiful eco-friendly and ethically made black dresses here.

Add bold statement accessories like a chunky necklace or vibrant earrings to add a pop of color and a visual interest.

Stand Out With A Bold Top

Close photo of a woman posing with a sequin top
Close photo of a woman posing with an off-the-shoulder floral blouse

Make the top the highlight of your ensemble. Pick a statement piece of clothing, such as an off-the-shoulder top, a sequin shirt, or a top with lace or riffles. These designs are eye-catching and captivating and create a beautiful silhouette.

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Pair the top with skinny jeans or slim pants in darker hues. Avoid ripped jeans and patterned pants since they might throw off your equilibrium.

Magic Look

Woman wearing a graphic blazer over a crop top and jeans

Create a magical outfit with a colorful and patterned blazer. Opt for a blazer in bold colors such as emerald green, royal blue, or deep purple, adorned with intricate patterns or floral motifs. The blazer's vibrant colors and dynamic patterns capture the essence of the magical and whimsical world depicted in Wicked, reflecting the show's vivid characters and fantastical settings.

Here is our top choice for elegant and sustainable blazers to add to your wardrobe with a clear conscience.

Wear the blazer over a well-fitting top in a neutral shade to balance the boldness of the blazer and high-waisted jeans or pants.

Maxi Dress

Black woman posing with a floral maxi dress and a pink trench coat

Make a stylish and flowing look with a trench coat and a flowery maxi dress. Select a maxi dress with a vibrant floral print to capture the spirit of the Wicked show with its vibrant colors and add a touch of whimsy.

Layer a classic-style trench coat for a casual but stylish look. Complete the look with ankle boots or pointed-toe flats for comfortable yet chic footwear, and complement with a crossbody bag for a practical accessory.

Turtleneck And Slacks

Young woman posing with a black turtleneck and slacks

For a polished and sophisticated look perfect for the Wicked show on Broadway, opt for a classic black turtleneck paired with tailored slacks. Go for black slacks if you are looking for an elegant monochromatic look, or adorn a rich emerald green or deep plum hue slacks to add a touch of drama and capture the magical ambiance of the show. The sleek silhouette of the turtleneck and slacks exudes refinement.

Consider purchasing a turtleneck from these eco-friendly clothing brands if you want something stylish and reasonably priced.

Cinch the waist with a stylish thin belt in a metallic finish to add definition and polish to the ensemble. Complete the look with pointed-toe heels or ankle boots and minimal jewelry for a timeless and sophisticated outfit.

Crop Top With A Blazer

Young woman posing with a crop top and tailored dress shorts

Craft a beautiful and youthful look with a sleek crop top and a structured blazer. This combination creates a fancy contrast and dimension by juxtaposing the cropped silhouette with the longer lines of the blazer, resulting in a dynamic and visually striking look. The structured shoulders and clean lines of the blazer provide a polished contrast to the playful and youthful vibe of the crop top, achieving a perfect balance of elegance and edge.

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It is suitable for any bottom, but we recommend avoiding denim shorts. If you want to wear it with shorts, choose high-waisted, tailored shorts with a mid-thigh.

Edgy Vibes With Leather Pants

Woman posing with a red satin top and black leather pants

Add a touch of edge to your theater attire with leather pants paired with a satin camisole top for an intricate and modern ensemble. Choose vegan leather pants in a sleek and tailored silhouette for a flattering fit, and pair them with a soft satin top in a contrasting hue.

Faux leathers can be more sustainable and cruelty-free than animal-based textiles. Make conscious purchasing decisions and buy vegan leather clothing from these ethical brands.

Add statement earrings or a bold necklace for a touch of glamour, and finish with pointed-toe heels or ankle boots for a chic and modern look that is perfect for a Broadway show.

Kimono Robe

Woman posing with a beautiful and colorful kimono robe

Choose a flowing kimono robe with vivid colors and elaborate designs for an ensemble that radiates elegance and perfectly embodies the Broadway production of Wicked.

Choose a kimono robe in rich green, deep purple, or vibrant blue, reminiscent of the magical world of the show. Wicked's themes of magic and fantasy are ideally suited to the sense of mysticism and enchantment that the kimono exudes with its intricate patterns and sumptuous fabrics. The flowing silhouette and graceful movements convey a sense of drama and theatricality, making it a fitting choice for an evening at the theatre.

When paired with a simple top and trousers or an elegant dress, the kimono robe becomes the focal point of the outfit, creating a stunning and unforgettable look that embodies the spirit of Wicked.

Mini Skirt And Knee-High Boots

Woman posing with a black mini skirt and elegant white blazer

Look sexy and modern at the Wicked show on Broadway with a mini skirt and knee-high boots dressed up with a structured blazer. Select a mini skirt in a rich jewel tone or lacquered finish to echo the magical themes of the show.

Here are some of the best affordable and sustainable mini skirts to create this look.

The slim and extended silhouette created by the knee-high boots and miniskirt is ideal for making a statement as you approach the theatre. Dress up with a structured, well-fitting blazer in a neutral color like black or white.

Give It A Vintage Feel

Woman posing with a yellow midi skirt and a white sweater

Add a vintage charm to your ensemble with a midi skirt and a cozy sweater. This combination effortlessly evokes a vintage feel reminiscent of old Hollywood glamour, transporting you back to a bygone era of elegance and sophistication.

Discover our selection of the best midi skirts for women made from sustainable and eco-friendly materials.

Finish the outfit with classic pumps and a structured handbag.

Wide-leg Dress Pants

Woman posing with wide-leg dress pants and a fitted lace top

Wide-leg dress pants look incredibly well on every body shape. They perfectly combine an elegant touch with a comfortable feel. Pair the wide-leg dress pants with a lace top to give a touch of elegance and charm.

Wear wide-leg dress pants from ethical and environmentally conscious brands to achieve this sophisticated and appealing style.

As the theater is air-conditioned, layer with a fitted sweater or a chic cardigan in a coordinating color to keep warm without sacrificing style.

Cozy Cardigan

woman posing with a cozy cardigan over a tank top and a skirt

For a cozy yet chic ensemble tailored for the Wicked show on Broadway, layer a soft and luxurious cardigan over a sleek top and trousers or skirt. The cardigan is the best piece for the air-conditioned auditorium since it offers coziness and comfort without sacrificing flair.

These are our picks for the cutest, coziest, and most reasonably priced organic cotton cardigans for the show.

Pair it with a fitted top in a neutral hue and tailored trousers or a cute skirt for a polished and sophisticated look.

Classic Combination

Black woman posing sitting with a satin shirt and jeans

An exquisite shirt and polished, classic jeans are a timeless and carefree combo that always looks well and never lets you down. Choose a luxurious satin shirt and pair it with jeans in a classic wash with no holes or tears.

Complete the outfit with block heels or loafers for a comfortable and stylish finish.

Do you want to know how many shirts a minimalist should have? Test your wardrobe and learn more on this topic here.

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