Preparing for a cryotherapy session involves more than just donning warm clothing. It is about finding the perfect balance between functionality and style to ensure optimal comfort during the treatment. 

Whether you are a male or female seeking the benefits of exposure to extremely cold temperatures, the right outfit can enhance your experience. 

In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into a carefully curated list of outfit items, providing cool suggestions and styling tips for each.

From compression shorts and thermal socks to insulated vests and performance watches, we will guide you through assembling the ideal ensemble for a cryotherapy session. 

Keep scrolling to explore the perfect wardrobe for both males and females, encompassing everything from undergarments to accessories, to make your cryotherapy journey as comfortable and stylish as possible.

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Compression Shorts

cryotherapy outfits shorts

Opt for compression shorts that snugly wrap around your groin and thighs. The key is to choose moisture-wicking fabric to keep you dry during the cryotherapy session.

Compression shorts provide the necessary support and flexibility required for the treatment. Discover the 4 best affordable and organic bamboo shorts

Beanie or Headband

cryotherapy outfits headband

Keep your head warm with a moisture-wicking beanie or headband. This accessory not only adds to your overall comfort but also complements your outfit, ensuring you stay stylish even in the cold.

Coordinate the beanie or headband with the rest of your outfit or choose a contrasting color for a sporty and fashionable look. Strike a balance between practicality and style. Check out the 15 best affordable and sustainable beanies and hats

Water-resistant Gloves

cryotherapy outfits gloves

Insulated gloves with water-resistant properties are crucial to protect your hands. Look for touchscreen compatibility for added convenience during the cryotherapy session.

Choose gloves with a sleek design and neutral color to seamlessly integrate with your overall outfit. The focus is on practicality without compromising on style. Here are 10 affordable gloves made from recycled materials.

Athletic Boxer Briefs

cryotherapy outfits boxer briefs

Prioritize comfort with moisture-wicking, breathable athletic boxer briefs. These will enhance your overall comfort during the cryotherapy session, ensuring that you feel at ease throughout the process.

Stick to neutral colors for a classic and clean appearance. The focus should be on practicality and simplicity while maintaining a timeless style.

Lightweight Sneakers

cryotherapy outfits sneakers

Opt for athletic shoes with good insulation and ankle support. Choosing lightweight sneakers ensures that your feet stay comfortable and well-protected throughout the cryotherapy session.

Select neutral colors that complement your overall outfit. The emphasis is on practicality, with a nod to a classic and versatile style. Check out the 10 best durable and organic hemp shoe brands

Crew-neck Compression Shirt

cryotherapy outfits shirt

A snug-fitting, long-sleeved compression shirt made from moisture-wicking material is essential to keep your upper body warm. This garment ensures that you are comfortable and well-protected during the cryotherapy treatment.

Consider opting for a dark-colored shirt for a sophisticated look. The emphasis is on functionality with a touch of modern style. Discover the 10+ best affordable shirts for men and women made in Italy. 

Mid-Calf Socks

cryotherapy outfits socks

Thick, thermal mid-calf socks are crucial to protect your feet from the extreme cold. Choosing socks that match your shorts not only provides a coordinated appearance but also adds to the overall insulation.

Coordinated socks contribute to a polished look. Choose a design that complements your shorts, ensuring a cohesive and well-thought-out outfit. 

Sports Bra

cryotherapy outfits sports bra

Prioritize support and comfort with a moisture-wicking sports bra. The right sports bra ensures that you are comfortable throughout the cryotherapy session, providing the necessary support for the treatment.

Choose a sports bra with a stylish design or color that complements your overall outfit. The focus is on combining functionality with a touch of fashion. Here are the 20 best affordable and sustainable sports bras

Compression Leggings or Shorts

cryotherapy outfits leggings

Whether you prefer compression shorts or leggings, ensure they are tight-fitting and made from moisture-wicking fabric. These garments provide the flexibility and comfort required for the cryotherapy session.

Opt for a high-rise design for a trendy and modern look. Experiment with patterns or textures to add a fashionable touch to your outfit.

Hooded Jacket

cryotherapy outfits jacket

A zip-up, hooded jacket with insulation adds an extra layer of warmth to your upper body. This versatile piece is easy to remove, adapting to the changing temperatures during and after cryotherapy.

Select a jacket with a flattering silhouette for a touch of sophistication. The focus is on combining functionality with a sleek and modern design. Discover the 15 best affordable jackets for broad shoulders. 

Fitted Track Pants

cryotherapy outfits track pants

Slip into thermal-lined track pants that are both comfortable and easy to put on and take off. The tapered fit adds a modern touch while ensuring you stay warm during the cryotherapy session.

Discover if you can wear track pants in the gym. 

Performance Watch

cryotherapy outfits watch

A sports watch with features like a stopwatch and water resistance is an ideal accessory for cryotherapy. The watch serves both functional and aesthetic purposes, adding a practical and stylish touch to your outfit.

Lightweight Insulated Vest

cryotherapy outfits vest

A sleeveless, lightweight insulated vest with a zipper provides additional warmth to your core. This versatile piece allows for easy removal, adapting to the fluctuating temperatures during and after cryotherapy.

Choose a vest with a zipper for convenience and a touch of modernity. The goal is to balance functionality with a sleek design. Speaking of vests, check out the 15 best affordable and sustainable sweater vests

Fleece-lined Leggings

cryotherapy outfits leggings

Opt for warm leggings with a fleece lining for extra insulation during cryotherapy. The high-waisted style ensures comfort and coverage, enhancing your overall experience.

Choose a high-waisted style for both comfort and coverage. The emphasis is on practicality with a touch of modern style.

Insulated Head-to-Toe Jumpsuit

cryotherapy outfits jumpsuit

Consider an insulated jumpsuit designed for cryotherapy sessions. This one-piece garment provides full-body coverage, ensuring every part of you is shielded from the extreme cold. Look for a jumpsuit with convenient zippers for easy on-and-off access.

Opt for a jumpsuit in a stylish color or with subtle patterns. This all-in-one solution not only enhances comfort but also adds a unique and fashionable element to your cryotherapy attire. Discover the 15 best organic cotton jumpsuits to wear in 2024. 

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