One size does not fit all, and this does not exclude men with rectangular body shapes. Unlike those with more defined waistlines, rectangular-shaped men typically have shoulders, waist, and hips that align without much curvature.

If you fall under this category, the choice of clothing is wide. Knowing how to enhance some parts of your body rather than others is essential in creating a flattering and harmonic silhouette. You will learn how strategic choices in clothing can transform a rectangular silhouette into a canvas of elegance and sophistication.

Join us as we explore the art of dressing for the modern man with a rectangular frame, unveiling expert tips and timeless techniques to elevate your fashion game to new heights.

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What To Avoid 

Man posing with a pinstripe suit

When you select the pieces that make the most of your body shape, consider choosing light-colored trousers that fit relatively slim and accentuate your legs' inherent slenderness. Avoid darts to reduce the chance of leaning towards a triangular shape. Also, avoid cuffs that make the legs appear shorter.

Furthermore, anything with vertical lines does not flatter your body structure. Therefore, avoid wearing coats or suits with pinstripes.

Avoid large belts and bold and bright colors around the waist, as they might make the waistline look narrow.

Wearing A Suit 

men posing with a glen plaid jacket suit

The secret to stylish elegance for guys with rectangular bodies is to define their silhouette and provide visual interest. A well-fitted glen plaid jacket with structured shoulders helps broaden the upper torso.

Pairing the jacket with solid-colored slacks in a complementary hue will enhance the illusion of a more defined waistline. The contrast between the patterned jacket and solid trousers creates a balanced and sophisticated look, ideal for both professional and formal occasions.

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The Perfect Blazer For You

Black young man posing with a navy blue blazer and a baseball cap

When you go for a blazer, it is essential that you look for two things - the length and the cut of the jacket. Go for a well-tailored blazer that ends around mid to lower crotch. The length of your blazer will dictate how “balanced” your upper body is to your lower body.

To improve the overall balanced look, the cut, on the other hand, should have an hourglass profile. The blazer should slightly nip in at your waist and fit comfortably over your chest.

Additionally, to get a more trapezoidal-shaped body, wear a lightly padded jacket or one with roll sleeves. This choice will accentuate your shoulder muscles and make them look larger.

Prefer Horizontal Stripes

Happy Man wearing a tee with horizontal stripes

Tees and shirts with horizontal lines are the best for men with rectangular body shapes because they provide the illusion of a wider bust than a smaller pelvis. This pattern can give the illusion of added width.

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Turtlenecks Always Look Good

Black man posing with a white turtleneck and khaki pants

Turtlenecks emerge as a versatile and flattering option for men with rectangular body shapes, offering a stylish solution to accentuate their proportions while maintaining a sleek and sophisticated appearance. The high neckline of a turtleneck creates the illusion of added bulk around the chest and neck area, helping to balance out the straight lines characteristic of the rectangular frame.

Wear a well-fitting turtleneck with a slightly stretchy fabric layered under fitted jackets or structured blazers to give depth and dimension. Add slim-fitting trousers or dark-wash denim to finish the set and accentuate the sleek style.

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Wear A Shirt Over A Tee

Young man posing sitting with ripped jeans and a flannel shirt over a tee

Wearing a flannel shirt over a tee can be particularly advantageous for men with rectangular body shapes as it adds layers and texture. The thicker fabric of the flannel shirt provides structure and bulk, especially around the shoulders and chest area, which can help in proportional balancing and visibly enlarging the upper body.

When pairing with jeans pants, consider opting for styles with slight tapering or slim cuts to provide a bit of contrast to the looser fit of the shirt. Dark-wash jeans can offer a polished appearance and create a visual anchor for the outfit, while distressed or faded denim can add a touch of ruggedness and personality.

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Double-Breasted Jacket 

Close photo of a man wearing a double-breatsed jacket

Another garment that is very flattering to the rectangular physique is the double-breasted jacket, again giving greater fullness to the upper part of the body compared to the lower part.

Go for a double-breasted jacket or coat with tweed, herringbone, or subtle checks, as these patterns draw attention away from straight lines and create the illusion of curves. Many Italian clothing brands offer high-quality, beautifully crafted, affordable, sustainable jackets and coats. Check our selection here.

Body Definition With A Cardigan

Mannequin with classic cardigan over a shirt and a tie

Shawl-collared, rib-textured, or cable-knit-patterned cardigans are the most suitable choices for men with rectangular body shapes. Additionally, choosing cardigans with slightly tapered waistlines or belted designs can help to accentuate the waist and create the illusion of curves.

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Chino Pants

Man dressed with a white shirt and black chino pants

Chino pants are highly suitable for men with rectangular body shapes due to their tailored fit and slightly tapered leg cut. Their structured yet flexible fabric provides a flattering drape without adding unnecessary bulk, ensuring a pleasing appearance.

Also, they are a wardrobe must for every event because they are so effortlessly dressed up or down. Find affordable chinos and khakis made in the USA under high social and environmental standards to craft numerous outfits.

The Best Casual Outfit

Young man posing with a red tee over straight-leg jeans

Pairing a slightly oversized tee with straight jeans emerges as the ideal casual outfit for men with rectangular body shapes due to its ability to add balance and dimension to the silhouette while maintaining comfort and style.

The oversized tee drapes loosely over the body, creating the illusion of volume and softening the straight lines characteristic of the rectangular frame.

This relaxed fit offers a comfortable and laid-back look, while the straight-leg jeans provide structure and a clean line to the lower body, ensuring a well-balanced appearance. If you're interested in eco-friendly materials, you might want to look into these eco-friendly brands that produce fashionable hemp jeans.

Bomber Jacket 

Close shot of a man wearing a bomber jacket

The bomber jacket is particularly suitable for men with rectangular bodies due to its elasticized waistband, which creates the illusion of a more defined waistline. Furthermore, a bomber jacket's wide shoulders and clinging sleeves enhance the upper body, balancing out the straight lines characteristic of the rectangular frame.

Pair the jacket with slim-fitting trousers or jeans to create a sleek and flattering appearance. 

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Sexy Summer Look

Man reading a book and wearing a sleeveless top

A sleeveless tee is an excellent choice for men with rectangular body shapes, offering a simple yet effective way to add dimension and balance to their silhouette. The absence of sleeves shifts attention away from the midsection and draws it to the shoulders and arms, creating the illusion of broader upper body proportions.

Choosing sleeveless tees in vivid colors or patterns gives visual appeal to the combination while adding accessories like a statement necklace or watch may further accentuate the upper body.

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Total Denim Look

Man posing in a denim outfit with a shirt and jeans

A total denim outfit is a beautiful and adequate outfit for men with rectangular body shapes, as the versatility of denim allows for a range of options in terms of washes and cuts, providing ample opportunity to create visual interest and dimension.

Wear darker jeans with a lighter denim shirt unbuttoned to the sternum to build a slight contrast and draw attention to the upper body with a sense of sensuality without being too exposing.

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Jogger Pants

Close shot of light blue joggers
Jogger pants can be highly favorable for men with rectangular body shapes due to their versatile design and tailored fit. Unlike traditional sweatpants, jogger pants typically feature an elasticized waistband and tapered legs, providing a more tailored and flattering silhouette. This design helps to create the illusion of curves. Pair the jogger pants with a fitted tee or a tank top.
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Layering A Vest

Young man posing with a vest over a white shirt and black jeans

Layering a vest over a shirt can enhance the appearance of men with a rectangular body structure by adding depth and dimension to their silhouette. The structured design of a vest creates the illusion of a more defined waistline, which helps to break up the straight lines characteristic of the rectangular shape.

Men may add a chic touch to their ensembles and create a pleasing silhouette by layering a vest over a shirt. This look is both fashionable and adaptable.

Wear A Scarf

Young man wearing a scarf with a coat

A scarf around the neck can enhance the appearance of men with a rectangular body structure by adding visual interest and drawing attention upward. Scarves add texture and dimension to an outfit, which can create the illusion of curves and create a more balanced silhouette.

Men can further enhance their style by choosing scarves with bold colors, patterns, or textures to create a focal point that adds personality to their ensemble.

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