Mormons wear modest outfits like a skirt and blouse or a dress shirt and tie in conservative cuts and simple styles. Mormons avoid revealing or tight clothing, which they consider disrespectful to their bodies. 

Actually, it is more correct to refer to a Mormon as a Latter-Day Saint, and to the Mormon religion as the Church of Latter Day Saints. The Church of Latter-Day Saints has a specific dress code for young people embarking on their mandatory missionary year, but there is no required dress code for daily life. Instead, Latter-Day Saints embrace the idea of respecting their body by wearing modest attire, especially to church.

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Modest Style

mormons wear modest style

If there is a rule to how Latter Day Saints dress, it is to dress modestly and respectfully. This concept stems from the idea of respecting the body by not displaying it in public. In practical terms, women avoid wearing low-cut tops or dresses. Both men and women avoid tight or clinging clothing in most circumstances.

However, Latter-Day Saints dress in ordinary, casual clothing on a daily basis. They wear shorts and athletic clothes for sporting events just like anyone else! They simply seek to wear non-revealing versions of modern clothes.

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Missionary Attire

mormons wear missionary clothes

Many LDS men and women go on a mission either during college or after finishing college. This missionary year gives young people a chance to share their faith in the wider world. Because they represent the church during this time, they have to follow a strict dress code that includes neat and clean attire such as a shirt and tie for men, and a long skirt and modest blouse for women.

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Temple Garments

mormons wear temple garments

Latter-Day Saints who have gone through a special ceremony at the Temple in Salt Lake City wear a unique set of white undergarments under their clothing for the rest of their lives. The undergarments, called “temple garments,” consist of a white undershirt and shorts for men, and a fitted white undershirt and shorts for women.

The garments serve as a reminder of a commitment to the faith, but they also require the wearer to always wear modest clothing that will fully cover the undergarments.

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Skirts and Blouse

mormons wear skirt and blouse

LDS women commonly wear a skirt and blouse to church. There is no rule forbidding LDS women from wearing pants, especially in daily life, but it is more common for them to wear skirts or long dresses to church.

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Button-up Shirt

mormons were shirt and tie

LDS men typically wear either a button-up shirt or a dress shirt and tie to church. They pair this dressy top with slacks or trousers and dress shoes to church. This conservative outfit is a sign of respect for the church service.

In daily life, though, LDS men wear jeans, shorts, or sweatpants just like anyone else. The only difference is that they typically wear knee-length shorts, rather than super-short shorts.

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Suit or Blazer

mormons wear suit

You will also often see LDS men dressed up in a suit and tie or a blazer and dress shirt for a church service. Women may wear a blazer and a knee-length dress for special church events, too. For Latter-Day Saints who work in an office environment, a suit or pants suit also makes a good choice because this ensemble has a built-in modest and respectful style.

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Longer Dresses

mormons wear long dress

Though modern LDS women do wear pants and jeans, they wear long dresses more often. This has to do with honoring the history of the LDS church, which was founded during a time period when all women wore dresses. Traditionally, dresses have a more modest and respectful style for women in the LDS church.

While LDS women wear many different styles of dresses, the hemline always falls at least to the knee, and you will rarely see an LDS woman wearing a dress with skimpy straps or a low neckline.

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mormons wear sweater

In chilly weather, sweaters offer a great modest outfit for LDS men and women. Popular outfits include pairing a chunky sweater with jeans or a maxi skirt for casual events, or a nicer sweater or cardigan with a dress or slacks for church.

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Simple Hairstyle

mormons simple hair

Both men and women in the Church of Latter-Day Saints tend to stick to the hairstyle rules they learn during their mission year. This style requires a simple, short haircut for men. Women wear a plain and unassuming hairstyle that does not draw attention.

That said, the church does not enforce any hairstyle rules, and you will sometimes find men wearing a longer hairstyle, or women with a more elaborate hair do for formal events.

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Limited Jewelry

mormons wear jewelry

Traditionally, LDS men and women avoid wearing any jewelry that requires piercings, though these days some LDS women do wear a single pair of small earrings. LDS men typically wear no jewelry except for a tasteful watch and a wedding ring. Women wear minimal jewelry like necklaces and rings.

Also, Latter Day Saints do not get tattoos, though people who come to the church later in life simply cover up any ink they may have acquired before joining the church.

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