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niagara falls

What to Wear to Niagara Falls: 15+ Great Recommendations

Niagara Falls is one of the most beautiful places on earth, and worth a visit. This is what you need to wear to prepare yourself for a trip.

15+ Fantastic Ways to Dress as a Real Estate Agent

Real estate agent outfits need to be professional and exude large amounts of confidence. We have the complete guide on how you should be dressing for success.
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What to Wear to See Pink Floyd: 15+ Great Suggestions

What to Wear to See Pink Floyd: 15+ Great Suggestions

The great British rock and roll band Pink Floyd still performs to this day. Here's what you should wear to one of their iconic concerts.

15+ Excellent Fashion Tips for An Eagles Concert

The Eagles are still going strong after 50 years. Their casual rock songs require a casual, mix-and-match fashion wardrobe. Read our guide now!
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what to wear ted talk

15+ Great Outfits to Shine At A TED Talk

Giving a TED Talk is a great opportunity to boost your brand or your business. We have the ultimate fashion guide to make the best possible impression.

How To Dress as A Hippie: 15+ Brilliant Ideas

If you are looking to embrace an alternative lifestyle, then it might certainly be a good idea to look into becoming a hippie. Starting in the 1960s, hippies are known... Read More
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lawyers desk

What Do Barristers Wear: 12+ Excellent Suggestions

Barristers have one of the most important jobs in the world. To help you dress for legal success, it's certainly worth reading our dedicated guide.

11+ Ideas for Your Amazing Architect Outfit

Architects should blend casualness with professionalism while they are in the workplace. We have the total lowdown courtesy of our detailed guide.
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palace of versailles

15+ Great Fashion Suggestions for Palace of Versailles

The French Royal Family may have been long gone, thanks to the efforts of The French Revolution, but many of their wonderful buildings have stood the test of time. One... Read More

15+ Great Fashion Suggestions for a Techno Party

Whether you’re in Berlin, Detroit, or Barcelona, few thrills in life can match the passion and excitement of going to a techno party. This is especially true when you are... Read More
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woman singing queen

15+ Ways to Dress For a Killer Queen Concert

Match the energy of Queen and their iconic late frontman Freddie Mercury with our 15 excellent ideas for what to wear during one of their concerts.

How to Wow Investors with 11+ Entrepreneur Styles

Being an entreprenuer is all about wearing clothes that keep it simple while exuding confidence and professionalism. We have the ultimate how-to guide.
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woman soccer kit

10+ Great Tips for Dressing Your Best at Soccer Practice

Looking good on the soccer field is all about balancing comfort with durability. We have the essential lowdown on what you need to be wearing.

15+ Tips on How to Master your English Teacher Outfit

If you are knowledgeable about both language and literature and would love to share that knowledge with the world, there are few jobs out there as rewarding as working as... Read More
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journalist on chair with notepad

The Best Style Secrets of Successful Journalists

Journalist must exude power and confidence, especially with regards to their fashion choices. We have the ultimate guide to dressing for journalistic success.

How To Get Your Hipster On With These Awesome Outfits

Hipsters know what they like and how to wear it. Here is our essential, detailed guide to dressing as part of one of the trendiest demographics in the world.
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Woman Wimbledon Tennis Bench

How to Serve Up Fantastic Style at Wimbledon

When it comes to grass-court tennis, no event in the world comes close to the excitement of Wimbledon. One of the big four Grand Slam events, alongside the US Open,... Read More

Great Fashion to Rock a Rolling Stones Concert

Over six decades since they first formed, The Rolling Stones are still going strong, and still selling tens of thousands of tickets. Their marathon concerts, featuring hundreds of brilliant, bopping,... Read More
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what to wear Sundance Film Festival

Suitable Fashion Styles for Sundance Film Festival

Kicking off the global film calendar at the end of January, Sundance is the biggest independent film festival in the United States. It’s a place where filmmakers, actors, journalists, PR... Read More