If you are looking for a beautiful destination to visit, or to mark a special occasion, then there are few places more worthwhile than Niagara Falls. Three waterfalls located on the border between the USA and Canada, they see millions of visitors every year, making it a very popular tourist destination and a great place to get that perfect Instagram picture. 

The key question you might be asking yourself when visiting this iconic location is what you should be wearing. Naturally, you are near a significant water source, so it’s worth covering up, but there are certainly ways that you can imbue your look with a lot of personality. 

If you are interested in learning more then you are in the right place. This guide has been specially created to give you the perfect overview and includes only organic, and ethical, recommendations. Read on now to learn all about it. 

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Light Rain Jacket 

rain jacket

When you are near a waterfall, it is expected to encounter a lot of rain or splash-back. This is especially true if you visit in the fall or winter. That’s why you should certainly protect yourself from inclement weather by investing in an ethical light rain jacket. 

Check out our list of the best stylish and eco-friendly rain jackets in 2023. 

Large Boots 

boots rain

As the weather will likely be wet, what you don’t want to bring are shoes that get instantly soaked. That’s why it is certainly an excellent idea to bring a pair of sturdy, all-weather boots that will help you to stay dry no matter what condition the weather is in. 

Learn more about the best sustainable and vegan winter boot brands. 

Durable Jeans 

jeans rain

To be able to stay comfortable and dry at the same time when visiting Niagara Falls and especially if you are taking a boat trip, then investing in a fine pair of durable jeans will certainly help. Just make sure that they are not too heavy, as they will become rather uncomfortable when wet. 

Here is our list of the best affordable, sustainable, Australian-made jeans. 

A Useful Umbrella 


As previously mentioned, rain is a significant factor when visiting Niagara Falls, where every month sees at least 60mm of rain. To make sure that you stay dry, it is certainly worth making sure that you buy an umbrella. If you are worried about not being able to see what you want, then look for a see-through umbrella. 

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Comfy Undergarments 


Keeping yourself comfortable is not only about what you wear on the outside but also what you wear on the inside. That’s why it’s a good idea to make sure that you have comfy undergarments that act as that final layer of protection against cold and wet weather. 

This is a list of the best organic cotton underwear brands in 2023. 

A Spare T-Shirt


When traveling to Niagara Falls, having a spare pair of clothes is essential. To make sure that you are feeling fresh after a trip, then it is important to pack a fresh, organic cotton t-shirt that will quickly reinvigorate you. 

You can easily learn more by checking out this list containing the best organic cotton t-shirts made in Canada. 

A Strong Hoodie 


Another way to stay comfortable when dealing with rain and moist weather is by investing in a strong hoodie. Find one that perfectly complements the rest of your outfit. 

Learn more from our list of the best affordable and sustainable hoodies. 

A Powerful Jumper 

woman jumper

To impress your personality on the location while also staying comfortable and warm, then buy yourself a great jumper. To feel great about your purchase, make sure to buy one that has been made ethically. 

Read our essential guide to the best organic cotton jumpers and sweaters. 

A Smart Backpack

vegan leather backpack

When bringing your things with you to Niagara Falls, it’s important to keep them both safe and dry. That’s why it might be a good idea to invest in a smart and small backpack that you can use to carry your items. 

This is our great list of the best affordable, ethical, vegan leather backpacks.  

Thick Socks 

thick socks

Keeping dry should extend to absolutely every item in your wardrobe. That’s why you should certainly make sure that you combine your boots with a thick pair of socks. 

This is our complete overview of the best affordable, sustainable, and organic socks. 

Stylish Sunglasses 


If you go to Niagara Falls during the spring or summer, there might be a high chance that it is rather sunny. One great way to protect yourself against the rays is by investing in a great pair of ethically-made sunglasses. 

Get an idea with our list of the best affordable and sustainable sunglasses. 

Fabulous Earrings 


While you should be dressing up with many layers at Niagara Falls, one way that you can imbue your look with some personal style is by buying some excellent earrings. Just make sure that they are small so they don’t get in the way during windy weather. 

To learn more check out our best affordable and sustainable earring brands. 

A Great Necklace 


To make the most of your Niagara Falls experience, complete your outfit with a necklace. Try and find one with sentimental meaning to make the trip even more special. 

Get a better understanding courtesy of our list of the best affordable and sustainable necklace brands. 

A Nighttime Dress

nighttime dress

When spending around 36 hours or so in Niagara Falls, then it’s worth considering that there is a lot to do afterward, including the local nightlife. Make sure you have a neat nighttime dress in your back pocket for the perfect occasion. 

To learn more we have the essential list of the best places to rent cocktail dresses near you.

Stay Warm yet Fancy 

waterfall wear

As you can see from the rest of our dedicated guide, traveling to Niagara Falls does require some preparation and layering up, but it doesn’t necessarily mean sacrificing your stylish side. That’s why you should certainly make sure that you balance staying warm with staying stylish. 

For more inspiration on staying warm, read our article covering amazing outfits to wear in Norway. 

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