If you are knowledgeable about both language and literature and would love to share that knowledge with the world, there are few jobs out there as rewarding as working as an English teacher.

English teachers can have a difficult job: translating their know-how into actionable lessons that can inspire the next generation of students. One way to feel confident in your teaching, of course, is by knowing what to wear.

No matter what the dress code at your school might be, this guide has the ultimate low-down on what you should wear. Read on now to learn all about it.

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Tweed Jacket 

woman tweed jacket

For old-school charm and sophistication, a cute tweed jacket can certainly establish yourself as somebody who knows what you are talking about. This should certainly be the centerpiece of your outfit; build the rest of your wardrobe around it. 

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Dress Shoes 

brown dress shoes

Staying formal is a large part of commanding respect in the classroom, especially if you work in an institution that has a dress code. Finding a pair of smart, comfortable, and respectable dress shoes can help you to stay on your feet and work effectively.

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A Fancy Tie 

man tie

For men, one of the best ways to finish off your English teacher outfit is by wearing a fancy and interesting tie. One advantage of a particularly mesmerizing tie is that students may concentrate on it during lessons, helping them to pay attention. 

Great ties can certainly be found in vintage stores. Find the right tie for you from our selection of the best second-hand clothing apps for affordable vintage

Khaki Pants

khaki pants

A pair of well-fitted khaki pants will firmly establish yourself as someone who knows what you are talking about. The best thing about them is their versatility; a great base pair can be worn with a variety of different shirts or blazers. 

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A Simple Shirt 

man white shirt

English teachers are known for their understated, cool, and collected style. That’s why it’s smart to invest in a simple, ostentation-free shirt that can easily be paired with any other outfit choices. 

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A Stylish Jumpsuit

women jumpsuits

Women who don’t want to look too formal in a school setting yet still want to exude confidence in the classroom should look towards a stylish, power jumpsuit — a piece everyone is talking about in recent years.

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A Long Winter Coat 

winter coat

In the cold winter months, it’s important to have something to wear over your outfit in order to protect yourself from inclement weather — especially as the flu is prevalent in schools

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A Handy Backpack 


When you are working as a teacher, it’s likely that you will be carrying lots of books and term papers around. Keep them all in one place courtesy of a handy backpack that will help you look professional at the same time.  

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A Knitted Cardigan

woman cardigan

To feel comfortable and to portray a sense of comfort for all of your students, it’s worth looking for a chunky, hand-knit cardigan. Not only is a chunky cardigan a practical and cozy choice for chilly classrooms, but it can also be a stylish addition to any teacher’s wardrobe.

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A Smart Blouse

woman blouse

Female teachers can look smart and relaxed at the same time courtesy of a strong blouse. They are a versatile item that can be worn as a casual item, especially when the sleeves are rolled up, or can give off a sense of professional confidence.

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A Knee-Length Skirt 

woman knee-length skirt

To stay modest while also asserting professionally, women can opt for a knee-length, professional-looking skirt. 

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A Chic Scarf

woman scarf

Scarves might be most associated with the winter months, but the right scarf can certainly give off a relaxed vibe in the summer as well. It’s certainly worth investing in more than one scarf to whip out of the wardrobe at the right moment. 

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A Casual Sweatshirt 

man sweatshirt

Not all time spent as an English teacher is necessarily spent in the classroom. In fact, you might be spending time outside teaching sports or in the teacher’s lounge. To feel comfortable during those moments, it’s worth investing in a fantastic, comfortable sweatshirt. 

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A Confident Turtleneck

woman turtleneck

Popular with tech leaders and business moguls, a turtleneck is a simple, effective option that shows that you are somebody who means business. Opt for dark colors in order to give off a serious, strong vibe.  

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Dress For Your School 

school teacher

It’s worth bearing in mind that how you choose to dress might depend on the type of school that you go to. For example, a state-run institution will likely have a more informal dress code than a private institution where students wear uniforms. Understand what type of school you are going to before finding the right outfit for you.

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