Barristers have one of the most important jobs in the world, working hard to uphold the strong principles of a fair legal system. No matter whether they are defending or prosecuting, their job is to present the case of their client to the absolute best of their ability. 

As the legal profession is all about the art of convincing people, the way that a barrister looks is highly important. This certainly extends to their wardrobe choices. By dressing powerfully, they will be able to reinforce the fact that what they say should be taken seriously. 

While barristers certainly have to look professional, and may even have to abide by a dress code that differs depending on the state you are in or the level of court, there are still many ways to imbue your look with personal flair and authority. If you are looking to become a barrister or you are simply interested in what these types of people wear, then you are in the right place. This dedicated guide has you covered. 

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A Powerful Suit 

lawyer suit

The first item in your outfit that you simply need to have if you are looking to become a serious barrister is a well-fitted suit. It’s best to opt for a double-breasted option that utilizes dark colors and can be paired well with dress shoes and a waistcoat. Getting the suit, currently making a return, right is crucial, so it’s worth making sure that you visit a tailor who can find you a bespoke option that fits your body shape. 

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A Commanding Robe 

lawyer robe

In many states and higher courts, barristers need to wear a robe. This is an important part of their dress code as it states that they are true participants in the law. This means that you should certainly place high importance on this item, and find the best robe that money can buy. 

We have a list of the best affordable and sustainable robes & bathrobes. 

Smart Dress Shoes

man shoes

As previously stated, your barrister outfit will certainly need to be professional. One way to ensure that is by investing in a pair of very smart dress shoes. To stay in line with any dress code you might be asked to adhere to, you should avoid any shoes that aren’t black. 

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A Plain White Shirt 

man shirt

Underscoring your suit and robe with a smart, elegant item is crucial. A great method of achieving this is by wearing a plain white shirt that looks great but also does not call any attention to itself. Find a shirt with a great fabric, ideally from the same outlet that sold your suit. 

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A Brilliant Jacket 


The way you look when you walk into the courtroom matters. That’s why, even if you have to take it off when you are about to give evidence, it’s certainly worth investing in a smart jacket. Make sure that it excellently compliments the rest of your barrister wardrobe. 

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An All-In-One Jumpsuit 

woman jumpsuit

It does depend on the individual dress code of your courtroom, but if it is allowed, one amazing way for women to make a great impression while also looking comfortable is by investing in an all-in-one jumpsuit. This can exude power, confidence, and charisma, helping you to perform at your best level during the case. 

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A Vegan Leather Bag 

leather bag

When you are a lawyer, you naturally carry all of your documents in a bag. The one that you choose should certainly balance comfort, spaciousness, and elegance. By opting for a great vegan leather bag, you will be able to have all of those things in one. 

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A Tie


Once you have a double-breasted suit, shirt, and dress shoes, it’s important to find that final item that can finish the look off. By opting for a smart necktie, you will give off a professional sheen that will easily allow you to be taken seriously when you are up in the courtroom. 

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Small Earring Studs 

earring studs

While there aren’t many chances to insert a little personal flair into your legal wardrobe, one way that you can add some personality to your look is by investing in a pair of small earring studs. Just make sure that they don’t overwhelm anyone watching. 

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Dark Socks 

black socks

It might be a small detail, but to complete your outfit correctly, the types of socks that you choose to wear can make a big difference. To complement the rest of your wardrobe, it's best to wear a pair of short, dark, unassuming socks. 

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A Hair Clip

hair clip

For women in the courtroom, as well as men with long hair, it’s important to make sure that your hair doesn’t distract you or the people watching. Always have a hair clip on hand to keep it neat. 

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Dress To Impress 


While the legal case you prepare is one the most crucial part of your work as a lawyer, certainly, the clothes you choose to take with you can also make a big difference in your confidence and how you present yourself in front of a jury and a judge.

This means that, while you are staying in line with the dress code, you should certainly make sure that you are dressing to impress. 

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