Kicking off the global film calendar at the end of January, Sundance is the biggest independent film festival in the United States. It’s a place where filmmakers, actors, journalists, PR agents, and distributors mingle across Park City for ten days of films, fun, and fabulous fashion.

The trick to a successful Sundance is making sure that you keep warm while looking cool. Temperatures can drop lower than -10°C during the festival, while the long, snaking queues to get into the latest and greatest films are the stuff of legend.

There’s also the opportunity to hit the local ski slopes, meaning you need to have clothes adaptable to different situations.

This detailed article has you completely covered. We will explain what to wear — and what not to wear — when attending the Sundance Film Festival.

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A Chic Sweater

sundance film festival outfit sweater

The Sundance Film Festival might have splashy premieres and big films, but it’s still an independent festival at heart. Save the gala wear for Venice or Cannes, and use this festival as your chance to make an understated statement.

Check out the latest winter wear fashion from Les Arcs — an exclusive French film and après ski film festival running a month beforehand in December— before picking a jumper that demonstrates your discerning penchant for true chic.

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A Stylish Winter Coat

sundance film festival outfit coat

Don’t be drab and dull in the snow. Embrace the great natural light that cold weather and high elevation can bring with a stylish winter coat — keeping you snug while getting you noticed.

If you want to smash the powder before or after screenings, it might also be worth wearing a coat that doubles as a wind-resistant ski jacket.

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A Warm Pom-Pom Hat

sundance film festival outfit hat

To be noticed amongst the hustle and bustle of a major international film festival, you need to stand out. Having a pom-pom hat that fits thematically with the rest of your outfit will not only keep you warm — it will also keep you on people’s minds.

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Durable Jeans

sundance film festival outfit jeans

Due to the inclement, unpredictable weather at Sundance, leave the daytime skirts and dresses at home. Durability is the name of the game when spending hours at a time in subzero temperatures, waiting in queues, or standing around talking to new and old friends.

Purchase a robust and suitable pair of jeans to be your constant throughout the many stresses of the fest.

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UV-Resistant Sunglasses

sundance film festival outfit sunglasses

High altitude means far more exposure to the sun. Protect yourself from the sun’s rays while looking fabulous with a pair of scene-stealing UV-resistant shades.

And whether it’s chunky sunglasses, oversized aviator frames, or thin cat’s eye sunglasses, having the right shades is all about understanding what works best with your facial structure.

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thermals sundance film festival outfit

The three most important words to bear in mind at Sundance are layers, layers, and layers. Staying warm 6,900 feet above sea level while still making a good impression is as much about what people don’t see as what they do.

Make sure that your base layers are absolutely on point, including leggings, underwear, and an undershirt. Nobody might see these layers, but you’ll feel the difference. Just don’t overdo it as you’ll surely notice the warmth once you’re finally sat inside a screening.

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Thick Cozy Socks

socks sundance film festival outfit

Before you head over to Sundance, take stock of your socks! Having the right footwear is essential to keeping your feet as cozy as possible during super cold temperatures. Look for thick organic cotton socks that are perfect for both casual wear and any potential skiing.

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Waterproof Snow Boots

boots sundance film festival outfit

Park City receives at least 12 days of snow during January. You simply won’t last if you’re trudging through the snow to screenings in ordinary, slippery shoes.

That’s why it’s essential to find footwear that is both sturdy, comfortable, and stylish, keeping things simple when climbing the mountain to your next cocktail party or gala premiere.  

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A Statement T-Shirt

tee sundance film festival outfit

In the film festival world, you might not have that many opportunities to make a great first impression. Make sure that you put yourself directly on the radar of filmmakers, journalists, and producers by wearing a loud, bold T-shirt that carries a statement.

Whether it’s a cause you believe in or a provocative assertion, a statement T-shirt can help you to be noticed among large throngs of people.

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A Party Outfit

sundance film festival party outfit

When the last film of the day has finished, it’s time to experience the iconic Sundance nightlife; no matter whether it’s a cocktail reception, film party, or spontaneous time spent in Park City’s bars, restaurants, and clubs.

While the relaxed atmosphere of the festival means you can walk into a party still wearing your winter clothes, you need a sleek evening outfit that makes you stand out in the crowd.

Think puffer mini-dresses, polyester coats, bright colors, cozy cardigans, and knee-length boots. Mix and match your best clothes to make the biggest impact possible.

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Be Adaptable

sundance film festival versatile

Whether you’re more interested in networking, you’re a glutton for cinema, or you want to make use of the local ski slopes, adaptability is essential at Sundance Film Festival.

Make sure you bring clothes that are suitable for both indoor and outdoor situations, allowing you to switch situations with ease.

We hope this guide has been useful as you prepare to head to Sundance.

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