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Complete Guide to What Buddhist Monks Wear Worldwide

Complete Guide to What Buddhist Monks Wear Worldwide

Buddhist monks wear robes that represent their renunciation of the world and worldly possessions. The color and style of the robe can vary from one sect of Buddhism to another.... Read More

A Behind the Scenes Look at What Nuns Wear Today

Most nuns wear a uniform consisting of garments with special symbolic meaning. This includes colors, such as black to symbolize repentance or red to symbolize the divine. Most nuns wear... Read More
A Behind the Scenes Look at What Nuns Wear Today
what nurses wear to work

The Insider Guide to 15 Practical Items Nurses Wear to Work

Most nurses wear medical scrubs to work at a hospital, lab, or doctor’s office. Scrubs serve as a practical uniform to easily identify the medical staff at any institution. Nurses... Read More

The Ultimate Guide to Outfits to Wear in Jamaica

The best outfits to wear on your trip to Jamaica combine a casual style with lightweight fabrics to keep you cool. You will want several swimsuits and sundresses or T-shirts... Read More
outfits wear jamaica
lawyer court

What Lawyers Wear to Court: 15 Secrets to Winning Outfits

Lawyers wear dignified, professional attire such as suits and ties to court. The best lawyer outfits feature a tailored fit, neutral or dark colors, and a dressy style. The key... Read More

How to Dress Like a Charismatic Woman in Italy

The key to dressing like an Italian woman when you visit Italy is to wear tailored, smart-casual or dressy clothing rather than more American staples like athleisure or ragged jeans.... Read More
what women wear in italy
15 Practical and Comfortable Outfits to Wear to Jury Duty

15 Practical and Comfortable Outfits to Wear to Jury Duty

The best outfits to wear to jury duty have a professional or business casual style like a suit, a blazer paired with a skirt, or a button-down and slacks. It... Read More

20 Practical Travel Essentials to Wear in Japan

The best outfits to wear as a tourist in Japan feature stylish, fitted tops and jeans or slacks. Japan rocks a fashion-forward style but maintains a more conservative fashion sense... Read More
outfits to wear in japan
cute therapist outfits

20 Cute and Successful Therapist Outfits

The best cute therapist outfits combine a business casual style like slacks and a blazer with a focus on specific clientele, such as pants that allow mobility when working with... Read More

20 Special Outfits for a Sweet 16 Party

The best special outfits to wear to a Sweet 16 party include cocktail dresses, formal gowns, or summer dresses in your favorite colors and patterns. A Sweet 16 often provides... Read More
20 Special Outfits for a Sweet 16 Party
outfits to wear in ireland

20 Simple Outfits to Wear in Ireland

The best outfits to wear in Ireland focus on quality, comfort, and covering up for chilly weather. Outfits like a thick knitted sweater and slacks work well in cities like... Read More

20 Sensational and Stunning Outfits to Wear to Las Vegas

Great daytime outfits to wear to Las Vegas incorporate bold colors and flirty styles like sun dresses and rompers. Las Vegas styles to wear at night range from a black... Read More
outfits to wear in las vegas
outfits to wear in Egypt

Best Breathable and Comfortable Outfits to Wear in Egypt

The best outfits to help you fit in when you visit Egypt feature conservative styles and breathable fabrics. Long, loose garments like blouses or maxi dresses for women and trousers... Read More

20 Practical and Professional Outfits to Wear to Medical School

The best outfits to wear to medical school depend on the classroom or clinical rotation setting. For a classroom setting, a smart casual outfit such as khakis and a polo... Read More
outfits to wear to medical school
celebration of life outfits

20 Vibrant Celebration of Life Outfits

The best outfits to wear to a celebration of life ceremony feature cheerful colors and conservative styles. Unlike a traditional funeral, you should not wear black, brown, or grey to... Read More

How to Blend in With 20 Perfect London Outfits

As a tourist visiting London, you should wear dressy-casual outfits like a blouse paired with jeans to avoid standing out. London has notoriously wet weather year-round, so pack waterproof shoes... Read More
outfits to wear in london
outfits to wear to europe

Ultimate Formula for Uncomplicated Outfits to Wear to Europe

When you visit Europe in the fall bring layered outfits for changing temperatures and focus on solid colors, tailored fits, and classy styles. Leave the sweatpants and t-shirts at home... Read More

20 Stunning Outfits to Wear in Paris

When you travel to Paris you should adopt a classic, dressy style to fit in with the Parisian crowd. Avoid athleisure or t-shirts and look for chic black, elegant accent... Read More
outfits to wear to paris
sustainable living meaning

The Simple Meaning of Sustainable Living

Sustainable living means sustaining the earth by protecting its natural resources. A sustainable lifestyle embraces habits that do not harm the earth, such as avoiding plastic waste. But sustainable living... Read More

21 Inexpensive Outfits to Wear With a Christmas Jumper

The best outfit to wear with a Christmas jumper combines neutral or black bottoms with the bright, festive colors of the top. Think about adding stylish shoes like knee-high boots... Read More
wear with christmas jumper
Outfits to wear to college

21 Quick College Outfits to Wear on Campus

The best college outfits to wear on campus include comfortable elements like sneakers, athleisure wear, and a jacket or sweater. You need warm, comfortable clothes because you may need to... Read More

20+ Best Outfits to Wear to a Christmas Market

You should wear warm layers and festive colors when you visit a Christmas market. Most Christmas markets take place outside, so you may want to pair a stylish coat with... Read More
what to wear to christmas market
what to wear to funeral Panaprium

22 Best Dependable Outfits to Wear to a Funeral

In Western cultures, traditional funeral attire for guests and family members consists of a formal black outfit like a knee-length dress paired with a blazer or a black suit and... Read More

What to Wear in Iceland: 20+ Best Outfit Ideas With Layers

The best outfits to wear in Iceland feature layers of clothes so you can dress up or down for changing weather. If you plan to enjoy Iceland's amazing outdoor features... Read More
What to Wear in Iceland
What to wear to baptism or christening

20 Best Outfits to Wear to a Christening or Baptism

The key to putting together a great outfit to wear as a guest at a christening or baptism is to choose happy colors, conservative cuts, and just the right level... Read More