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Phantom Opera Outfits

Dress for Drama: 15 Looks to Wear to The Phantom of the Opera

Lloyd Weber's masterpiece, Phantom of the Opera is Broadway’s longest-running show, first opening in 1988. It follows the story of a beautiful young soprano Christine who meets the mysterious Phantom... Read More

15 Easy Outfits to Rock When Visiting Chinatown

There are many Chinatowns in a variety of cities, with notable ones including New York City and San Francisco. Chinatown in New York has over 100,000 people, making it the highest... Read More
Chinatown Outfits
Warehouse Interview Outfits

15 Practical, Smart Outfit Ideas for Your Warehouse Interview

When you think of a warehouse, are you imagining people in jeans and boots? Are you also wondering if that is what you should wear to your interview? If so,... Read More

15 Best Outfit Tips for Your Interview at Lowe's

Lowe's is an American hardware chain, established in 1921. Lowe's has over 1700 locations worldwide with over 300,000 employees, making it the second-largest hardware chain in the United States.  This... Read More
Lowe's Interview Outfits
Lululemon Interview Outfits

15+ Smart, Practical Outfit Ideas for Your Lululemon Interview

Congratulations on getting an interview with Lululemon! Lululemon stores can be found throughout Canada and the United States. Their apparel is worn everywhere, from gyms and yoga studios to grocery... Read More

15 Best Outfit Tips for a Successful Interview as a Server

Being a server at a restaurant is a popular job with the amount of existing places new places popping up, the flexible hours, and the valuable skill sets required. Many... Read More
Server Interview Outfits
Wear Under Golf Skirt

Female Golfer Attire: What to Wear Under Golf Skirt

Golf has the highest percentage of woman players yet, with women playing 25% of rounds worldwide and 40% of the junior population being women. Whether you watch women’s golf live,... Read More

15+ Interview Outfits That Will Get You the Job at McDonald's

With over 38,000 locations worldwide, it is highly likely you or someone you know has once interviewed for and worked at McDonald's. Whether you are going for a part-time starter... Read More
McDonald's Interview Outfits
Construction Job Interview Outfit

The Right Look: What to Wear to a Construction Job Interview

When it comes to interviews, first impressions are very important, including what you wear and how you present yourself. Choosing what to wear to an interview can be difficult, especially... Read More

Ultimate Cruise Wardrobe Guide: What to Wear on a December Cruise

Going on a cruise is not just for the summer. Whether you escaping the cold for a warmer destination or exploring the sites of a wintery destination, a cruise can... Read More
What Wear December Cruise
Memorial Day Outfits

Memorial Day Mastery: Unleash Your Outfit Brilliance this Year!

Memorial Day is a national holiday in the United States to honor and mourn those who have lost their lives while defending their country. It is also a time for... Read More

Ultimate Guide: What to Wear for a Night Out in Atlanta

Atlanta, the capital of Georgia USA, is well known for its strong charm, rich history, and of course vibrant nightlife. A city with a diverse population, including artists and entrepreneurs,... Read More
Atlanta Night Out Outfits
Nursing Interview Outfits

Best Outfit Tips for a Successful Nursing Interview

What you wear to an interview is important to give your prospective employer the right first impression and make you feel confident. What you wear can help or hurt your... Read More

Practical Outfits and Tips for SeaWorld

Seaworld is a massive theme park, that combines a water park, ride park, and animal shows all in one. There are several Seawrold locations in the United States, with the... Read More
SeaWorld Outfits
What Wear Under Sweater Dress

Styling Tips: What to Wear Under a Sweater Dress

When the months get colder, a sweater dress is an easy piece to throw on that is a complete outfit in itself. It is also comfortable, warm, and a classic... Read More

15+ Spectacular Outfits for Animal Kingdom

Animal Kingdom is one of four theme parks at Disney World in Orlando Florida. It can be distinguished from the others with its safari theme, and hundreds of species of... Read More
Outfits Animal Kingdom
Salt Cave Attire

Salt Cave Attire: What To Wear For Full Relaxation

Salt caves are becoming more popular, being included in day spas, wellness centers, and fitness facilities. Sitting in a salt cave, also known as halotherapy, has a multitude of benefits,... Read More

Can You Wear a Bikini in Qatar? Helpful Tips

Qatar is a beautiful country in the Middle East, bordering the Persian Gulf on one side and Saudi Arabia on the other side. Qatar is a popular tourist destination, with... Read More
Can Wear Bikini Qatar
Hydrotherapy Attire

Hydrotherapy Attire: What to Wear for a Great Experience

Hydrotherapy is a great therapy for recovery and treatment of a variety of issues, including relieving pain, promoting circulation, and reducing muscle spasms.  Exercising in the water is also a... Read More

Choosing the Perfect Outfit for Your Video Interview

When it comes to interviews, even video interviews, first impressions are important. Every aspect of you, including what you wear will be seen. What you wear influences what message you... Read More
Video Interview Outfit
Orange Pants Outfits

Orange Pants Outfit Ideas: 40 Outstanding Looks for Every Occasion

Do you have a pair of orange pants sitting in your closet, or have thought about buying a pair only to leave it at the store? Styling orange pants can... Read More

Stylish Cape Cod Outfits: 15 Sensational Ideas

Cape Cod is a popular tourist destination with its ample beaches, seafood shacks, and numerous vacation rentals.  Located in the south of Massachusetts, its hooked-shaped peninsula sits along the Atlantic... Read More
Cape Cod Outfits
Rowing Practice Attire

Rowing Practice Attire: What to Wear for Excellent Performance

Rowing is a great low-impact sport to work on your cardio and strength.  It is also a great way to meet new people and bond with your teammates.  Plus,  you... Read More

What to Wear Under Swim Trunks for Comfort and Style

Have you ever put on your swim trunks and wondered what to wear underneath them? Or if you should wear anything underneath them?  There are many different types and styles... Read More
What Wear Under Swim Trunks
What Wear Tumbling Class

Practical Stylish Outfits to Wear to Tumbling Class

Tumbling can be a great choice for a fun sport or a way to exercise. Whether it’s your first tumbling class, or you are usual, what you wear to tumbling... Read More