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Software Engineer Outfits

16 Practical and Stylish Outfit Ideas for Software Engineers

What should you wear as a software engineer? There are a variety of companies each with their own dress codes and business culture.   There is also a variety of different... Read More

What to Wear After a Tattoo: 15 Easy Ideas

You just got an exciting new tattoo and you’re ready for the healing process to start.  You want your tattoo to heal well and be able to show it off proudly... Read More
What to Wear After a Tattoo
Gypsy or Romani Dress

Discover the Unique Style of Gypsies

Gypsy dress also known as Romani dress is well known for its creative, expressive styles that are bright with colors and patterns.  Many people prefer to refer to Gypsies as... Read More

15 Outfits to Make Your Next Mini Golf Date Amazing

It’s that time of year when the sun is shining and the weather is warm and the perfect time to go mini golfing on your next date night!  Mini golf... Read More
Mini Golf Date Outfit
Famous Graphic Designers Fashion

10 Famous Graphic Designers In Fashion to Inspire You

When you think of fashion, you may not think of graphic design, yet, many famous graphic designers have played a key role in fashion in more ways than you may... Read More