When it comes to the concept of natural beauty, many people associate it with the skin. And it is no wonder why – skin it is the first thing that someone notices about a person, along with the hair.

Having a beautiful and youthful skin is something that almost all women secretly desire, and that is why the skin care industry is so massive today. Using industrially made skin care products from time to time is fine, but there are many natural methods that can yield even better results, with the added bonus of not containing any chemicals. Moreover, they can be easily done from home without the hassle of reading endless instructions. Without further ado, here are five natural ways to maintain beautiful and natural skin.

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Steam Massage

Steam massaging is an ancient Korean technique that yields great results. As old as it is, it is still popular today, as you can find skin clinics that provide this service on every corner of major Korean cities.

Fortunately, you do not have to book a plane ticket and travel thousands of miles to get this treatment, because you can do it just as easily from the comfort of your own home, in the shower. This particular skin care treatment is quite straightforward.

After hopping in the shower and turning up the heat, massage your face in circular motions with the tips of your fingers. Start from the forehead, then lower your hands towards the cheekbones and cheeks until you end up at the jawbone. Steam massaging your face will not only increase the blood circulation to appropriate levels, but it will also provide it with a dewy complexion. Make sure to do this every time you take a shower, in conjunction with other natural skin care methods.

Consume Foods High in Antioxidants

While antioxidants improve the health dramatically, they also do wonders to your skin. Generally speaking, the aging process of the skin is triggered by free radicals that appear due to oxidative damage. As a result, foods that are rich in antioxidants can slow down this process and maintain the youthfulness of the skin.

Moreover, consuming foods with high amounts beta-carotene, vitamin C and various other types of antioxidants have been proven to decrease skin dryness and the occurrence of wrinkles. Carrots, sweet potatoes, milk and eggs contain vitamin A, vegetables oils, nuts, mangoes and broccoli are rich in vitamin E, while fresh fruits and vegetables, in general, are rich sources of Vitamin C.
To put all this information into perspective, here are a few ways you can incorporate these antioxidants in day to day meals:

  • Pomegranate juice. Besides being delicious to drink, pomegranate contains high amounts of B5 and vitamin C, along with potassium and polyphenols, a type of antioxidant. This drink contains a slightly higher level of antioxidant than green tea, red wine and wild blueberries.
  • Like pomegranate juice, green tea is high in an antioxidant called catechin polyphenol. One cup of green tea is worth about 10-40 mg of this particular antioxidant. If you are not a fan of hot drinks, do not worry, because drinking it cold will not negate its beneficial effects.
  • Berry smoothies are another option if you are seeking a drink high in antioxidants. All you need to do is throw a few frozen berries in the blender with some yogurt and milk and you have one of the most delicious drinks ever conceived. As for the fruits themselves, you can choose between blackberries, raspberries, strawberries and blueberries.

As a side note, in conjunction with consuming foods high in antioxidants, you could try following the golo diet plan. On defendyourhealthcare.us you can find a full review. It can help you lose belly fat and contribute to a more toned body, as well as a beautiful, youthful skin.

Drink Sufficient Amounts of Water and Apply Water-Based Treatments

This might make you raise your eyebrows in suspicion, but it has been proven to work. One celebrity proponent of skin treatment based on water is Christie Brinkley.

If consumed in adequate amounts (3.3 liters for men and 2.2 for women, respectively), water can do wonders to your skin. Water prevents you from getting dehydrated and cleanses the body by eliminating any toxins or waste elements. Moreover, water aids the body when it is processing the food we eat by carrying the nutrients to the cells through the lymphatic system.

When it comes to the skin, water keeps skin moisture at an adequate level by aiding the process described above. As a result, it helps the skin maintain a glistening, glowing complexion. Further on, it increases the skin’s elasticity, delaying the apparition of wrinkles and can prevent various types of skin disorders such as eczema and psoriasis.

Moving on, besides consuming water, you can also follow water-based treatments for the skin. Cold, two to three minutes long cold showers will reduce the skin damage caused by stress. You can also try opening the pores by washing with warm water and splashing your skin with cold water, tightening the pores and preventing them from getting clogged.


A good night’s sleep is the basis of every healthy lifestyle. After a while, sleep deprivation has tons of negative effects for your skin. Here are a few of them, in no particular order:

  • It affects the aesthetics of the skin. While sleeping, the system rebalances the body’s hydration levels by recovering moisture and prepares the excess water for removal. This is why sleep deprivation causes those puffy bags under your eyes and accentuates the wrinkles. Moreover, the levels hyaluronic acid and collagen, the two elements that gives the skin its glow, are decreased when the body is not getting enough rest time.
  • Sleep deprivation worsens immune-related skin conditions. Increasing levels of inflammation will not only affect the immune system’s ability to manage the condition, but will trigger immune-related skin diseases such as eczema and psoriasis.
  • Sleepless nights accelerate the aging process. In short, during sleep, the levels of hormones grow, repairing any cells that were damaged during the day. This process occurs especially during the deep phases of sleep.

Physical Activity

Rounding up this list is the one thing that we always swear we’re going to get into, but always put off until the last moment: exercising. While it does not affect the health of the skin directly, it is a surefire way of naturally maintaining it young and beautiful.

The positive effects of exercising on the lungs, heart and mental health are already well documented, but one aspect that is often overlooked by the general population is its benefits for the skin. If you have acne, rosacea, psoriasis or cellulite, exercising is the perfect way to keep them at bay.

Physical activity increases the blood flow, enhancing the efficiency of the cells. Further on, various beneficial nutrients and oxygen are carried throughout the body through blood, so keeping the blood flow at adequate levels will protect the skin from free radicals and other waste products.


Almost every woman aims at some point during her life to maintain a youthful and beautiful skin. While it does take some effort and lifestyle changes, it can be easily done from home, in the natural way. Make sure to exercise, get enough sleep, hydrate and consume foods high in antioxidants and you will maintain the youthfulness of your skin.


This is a guest post by Luke S. Mitchell, an MS Undergraduate in Sports Journalism from Defend Your Healthcare.

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