Waking up in the morning and parting with the warm mattress and blanket seems like a chore. Most of us procrastinate as much as we can until there is no other option but to leave the bed. What we may not know is that establishing the right morning rituals can power our day. Certain habits can energize you and help you achieve your goals, but what are these you ask? Well here is a list of 5 tried and tested morning rituals that can change your life.

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morning-rituals-change-your-life meditation

Beginning your day with positivity can prepare you for the challenges that are lined up. You can incorporate quick meditation exercises into your regular morning routine. Wake up mindfully and feel your body transitioning from sleeping to waking up. Take deep breaths calmly and turn to one side then slowly get up from the bed. Freshen up and then meditate for as much time as you can easily manage. You can try different routines and stick to the one that suits you best. Zen meditation or zazen is one of the simplest types and can help you develop focus and insight.

Other quick mindfulness exercises can help you out such as the gratitude meditation or the five senses exercise. The gratitude meditation is a useful tool for instilling positivity; it helps you remember the good things in life. Just close your eyes and think of the people or things that you are thankful for while taking deep breaths. Think about the talent and qualities you have been blessed with and everytime say to yourself “For this I am grateful.”

The five senses meditation helps you build focus and create awareness of the present moment. It requires you to utilize all five senses to become mindful. Begin by concentrating on five things that you can see, and then focus on four things you can feel. It can be anything from the fresh breeze to the texture of your clothes. Bring awareness to 3 things you can hear, two things you can smell and one thing you can taste. The aim is to concentrate all your attention on the surroundings and notice the little things around you.

Detoxify the Body

morning-rituals-change-your-life detox

Keeping yourself hydrated is vital for good health. Take a glass of warm water and add a slice of lemon to it. Drinking this mixture is the perfect morning detox ritual to follow. It helps remove the build-up of toxins and hydrates your body after the night. It can also maintain pH balance and reduce the inflammation of the joints.

Write Your Goals

morning-rituals-change-your-life goals

Success depends on achieving your aims, so it is essential to remind yourself each day of your goals and targets. Maintain a journal and begin your day by noting down three things that you have to complete during the day. These tasks can be small steps towards the bigger goal. It will also help you prioritize and manage your day accordingly. You can also write down any motivational quotes or pen down thoughts that would inspire you and give your day a great start.


morning-rituals-change-your-life exercise

Exercise in the morning boosts your metabolism and increases the flow of blood to our brain. It can be a great way to enhance your creativity and can even help improve performance at work. It will also increase your cognitive abilitiesand fire your energy.

You can either go for a morning jog or hit the gym for some high-intensity training. Be sure to be consistent and follow the exercise regime you set for yourself.


morning-rituals-change-your-life breakfast

Next up comes the most important meal of the day, breakfast. Some people make the mistake of skipping the first meal of the day with the misconception that it may help lose weight. This is entirely wrong, in fact, contrary to this opinion it is vital to eat a nutritious and filling breakfast. It will boost your metabolism helping you burn a higher number of calories during the day. People who skip breakfast are likely to end up snacking during the day. It can lower stress levels and improve concentration.

From healthy smoothies to a bowl of oatmeal, you can eat anything that satisfies your appetite. Ideal breakfast options include juices, salads, eggs, almond butter, brown bread, and coffee.

So incorporate these five rituals into your routine, and you will be able to feel the difference in your energy and life. You will feel better on the inside and radiate positive vibes all over.

This is a guest post by Kelly Newman from Health Listed.

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