How to Love Weight With 10 Yoga Poses

How to Lose Weight With 10 Yoga Poses

How to lose weight with 10 yoga poses? Do these simple yoga asanas to lose weight easily at home. With very easy steps, you will reach your ideal weight and... Read More

5 Natural Ways to Maintain Beautiful and Youthful Skin

When it comes to the concept of natural beauty, many people associate it with the skin. And it is no wonder why – skin it is the first thing that... Read More
Natural Ways Maintain Beautiful Youthful Skin flower
Different Ways of Yoga Challenge April 2018

Different Ways of Yoga Challenge April 2018

Panaprium is sponsoring the fourth round of the Different Ways Of Yoga Challenge from April 23rd to the 29th. This challenge aims to show you the different ways to perform... Read More

How To Start Yoga At Home | The Very First Step To Yoga

How to start yoga at home? What is the best way to get into a yoga practice? What is the very first step to yoga? These are very common questions I... Read More

Join The Panaprium Yoga Community | Offers, Giveaways

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What Is Ahimsa In Yoga | Definition And Benefits

What is Ahimsa in Yoga? It is the very first limb of yoga and one of the most important. Ahimsa is the Yama representing non-violence and compassion. It is a... Read More

How Yoga Helps With Fat Loss On And Off The Mat

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Top 10 Ways To Make Time For Yoga | How To Do Yoga

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How To Do The Splits In One Week | Yoga For Flexibility

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How To Lose Weight With Gentle Yoga | Restorative Yoga

Is it possible to lose weight with gentle yoga? Can you do yoga gently and slowly and still get in great shape? Yoga has deep breathing exercises, challenging postures and meditation that push yourself out... Read More

How To Lose Belly Fat In 10 Days | Try Out Yoga

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Yoga For Digestion | Ease Digestion And Prevent Bloating

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Yoga For Detox | Detox Yoga Benefits For Health

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Is 5 Minute Yoga Enough | Morning Yoga Routine

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Yoga For Diabetes | How To Cure Diabetes With Yoga

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Best Tips To Lose Weight Around The Waist Naturally

Are you looking for tips to lose weight around the waist? Maintaining a slim waist is very challenging! It is a common issue and you are not alone. I struggled for... Read More
Best Tips To Lose Weight Around The Waist Naturally

Top 10 Reasons To Slow Down Your Yoga Practice

Should you slow down your yoga practice? Especially if you are new to yoga, starting slow is highly recommended. Take your time to get more aware of your body, thoughts... Read More

Top 15 Reasons Not To Do Yoga | Why Not Get Into Yoga

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How To Lose Weight With Yoga | Yoga For Weight Loss

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Yoga Guide For Beginners | How To Get Started

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Why Wear Comfortable Clothes For Yoga

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Yoga For PCOS | Best Yoga Poses For Hormonal Imbalance

Yoga for PCOS helps tremendously. Anxiety and stress are major causes for polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS). Hormonal imbalances lead to poor sleep quality and weight gain. Luckily yoga is a very powerful remedy. You will... Read More

Amazing Inspirational Yoga Quotes On Happiness

Are you looking for amazing inspirational yoga quotes on happiness? I personally love yoga quotes for inspiration and motivation. They are great for personal enlightenment and offer many benefits. In the pursuit... Read More

Teach Yoga In Germany | Become A Yoga Teacher

Do you want to teach yoga in Germany? It is possible with the qualifications and opportunities. To become a yoga teacher in Germany, you can get a certification and start teaching right away. Yoga has... Read More

30 Things That Happen When You Do Yoga

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