UK Made Clothes From Recycled Plastic

15 Beautiful UK Made Clothes From Recycled Plastic

The best clothing companies from the UK use recycled and upcycled materials to create beautiful, fashionable, and sustainable garments that make you feel good and do good for the planet... Read More

15 Best Affordable Vegan Leather Bags And Purses

These ethical and vegan leather bags and purses are the best to take with you every day. They are affordable and animal-free to help you look fashionable and protect people,... Read More
Best Affordable Vegan Leather Bags Purses
Zero Waste Lifestyle Meaning Guide

All You Need To Know About The Zero Waste Lifestyle

The zero-waste lifestyle is a way of living that decreases the amount of waste being produced every day on a global scale. It aims to reduce overproduction and overconsumption of... Read More

10 Best Plus-Size Clothing Rental Subscription Services

Clothing rental subscription services are fantastic to access an unlimited wardrobe of everyday casual clothes and designer pieces from petite to extended sizes. Renting is often the better option for... Read More
Best Plus-Size Clothing Rental Subscription Services
3 R Reduce Reuse Recycle

The 3 R: How To Easily Reduce, Reuse, And Recycle

Reduce, reuse, and recycle are the commonly known 3 R of waste management. They help adults and kids deal with the rubbish that goes out into the world. By reducing,... Read More

All You Need To Know About Polyethylene Fabric

Polyethylene is a petroleum-based synthetic fiber widely used to make fabrics and materials in various industries, including fashion, similar to other plastic fabrics such as polyester, nylon, acrylic, and polypropylene.... Read More
All You Need To Know About Polyethylene Fabric
H&M Adidas New Cotton Project

H&M And Adidas Join The New Cotton Project

The New Cotton Project is a revolutionary and groundbreaking project funded by the EU to promote the circular economy and sustainable fashion. The New Cotton Project harnesses collaboration and cutting-edge... Read More

15 Best Sustainable Yoga Clothing Brands From Europe

The best yoga clothing brands from Europe use recycled or organic materials to create comfortable, affordable, and sustainable yoga clothes that help you practice yoga with a good conscience. If... Read More
Best Sustainable Yoga Clothing Brands From Europe
New Sustainable Fashion Initiatives In Columbia

New Sustainable Fashion Initiatives In Columbia

Columbia University EcoReps recently organized several initiatives on campus to promote sustainable fashion. It aims to promote sustainable behavior and implement green initiatives on Columbia's campus. The student group works... Read More

What To Do With Unwearable Clothes And Shoes

Are you wondering what you can do with used clothes that you cannot sell or donate anymore? You might want to get rid of them, but throwing them in the... Read More
Unwearable Clothes And Shoes
Thrift Stores To Sell Used Clothes

10 Best Thrift Stores That Buy Your Used Clothes

Selling your pre-loved clothes is an easy way to earn extra cash and save the planet. You can make money and protect the environment by taking your used clothing and... Read More

Yekowave New Ethical Activewear Brand From Cambodia

Yekowave just launched its first collection of sustainable sportswear from Cambodia, featuring eco-friendly high-waisted leggings and supportive bras made of recycled nylon from fishing nets and fabric scraps. The new... Read More
Yekowave Ethical Activewear Cambodia
Charities That Pick Up Your Donations For Free

10 Best Charities That Pick Up Your Donations For Free

Whether you want to declutter or move out to a new place, now might be a good time to go through your stuff and donate some of them. Some fantastic... Read More

10 Proven And Easy Ways To Reduce Clothing Waste

As a conscious consumer, you can easily make a positive impact on people, animals, and the planet by helping to reduce clothing waste. Through some easy changes, it's possible to... Read More
Easy Ways To Reduce Clothing Waste
money For Donating Clothes To Goodwill

Do You Get Money For Donating Clothes To Goodwill

Donating your unwanted clothes to Goodwill is a great way to protect the planet by reducing pollution and waste and help people in need. Does Goodwill give you money for... Read More

Meet Good Days: New Consciously Created Activewear

New Hong Kong-based sportswear brand Good Days just launched in October 2020 to offer leggings, tops, and sports bras made from recycled post-consumer plastic waste. Libby Perry, a former brand... Read More
Good Days Consciously Created Activewear
Recycled Polyester Fabric Sustainability

The Truth About Recycled Polyester Fabric Sustainability

Recycled polyester is a fabric widely used in the textile and apparel industry to make fabrics for athletic and fashion clothing. It contains recycled plastic fibers made from polyester waste... Read More

Brand New H&M In-Store Garment Recycling Program

H&M just launched a brand new in-store garment recycling program to turn old clothing into new pieces for its customers. The first iteration of this sustainability initiative benefits buyers in... Read More
hm recycling program
hyundai sustainable fashion collection

Hyundai New, Unique, Sustainable Fashion Pieces

Partnering with established fashion brands, car manufacturer Hyundai released a capsule collection featuring unique pieces made from recycled automotive waste, such as a handbag by Rosie Assoulin and a floral... Read More

14 Best Affordable Workout Leggings With Side Pockets

The best workout leggings with side pockets are affordable, high-quality, comfortable, and sustainable to help you protect the planet, perform, and look your best while exercising. If you are interested... Read More
cheap workout leggings with side pockets
uniqlo recycled fall winter collection

New Uniqlo Beautiful Fall/Winter Recycled Collection

Continuing its commitments in favor of the planet, Uniqlo is releasing an innovative and responsible recycled Fall/Winter 2020 collection. The selection includes its first 100% recycled down jacket and one... Read More

ASOS Releases A New Beautiful Circular Collection

The leading UK-based fashion retailer ASOS released a brand new circular fashion collection in collaboration with the London Centre for Sustainable Fashion. ASOS is a British online fashion and cosmetic... Read More
asos circular collection
cute comfy usa made leggings

13 Best Comfy USA Leggings You Need To Own

Some of the best leggings are high-quality, comfortable, affordable, timeless, and made in the USA. They perfectly fit into the modern wardrobe of the sophisticated woman. Are you interested in... Read More

New Uniquely Soft And Sustainable Naia Renew Fiber

Eastman Chemical Company launches a new type of sustainable fiber for the apparel and textile industry. Called Naia Renew, it combines cellulosic material extracted from wood pulp with recycled plastic... Read More
eastman naia renew sustainable fiber
zero waste clothing brands

10 Best Affordable Zero Waste Clothing Brands

Zero waste clothing is challenging to create for fashion brands and hard to find for eco-conscious consumers. But reducing waste generated by garment manufacturing and distribution is necessary to make... Read More