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what to wear jazz dance class

10 Best Fun and Freeform Outfits for Jazz Dance Class

The best outfits to wear to jazz class have a casual style like leggings and a tank top or leggings and a leotard. Good clothes to wear to a jazz... Read More

10 Best Practical Athletic Outfits for Track Practice

The best outfits for track practice include running shoes, shorts, and a singlet or athletic t-shirt. You should also pack your track practice bag with a rain jacket and sunglasses... Read More
what to wear track practice
what to wear swing dance class

10 Best Cute and Practical Outfits for Swing Dance Class

The best outfits to wear to swing dance class have a casual style like jeans and a T-shirt or blouse. They feature cool, breathable material to keep you comfortable during... Read More

10 Best Practical Outfits UFC Fighters Wear

UFC fighters wear athletic shorts, open-finger gloves, and no shoes. Men wear no shirts and women wear sports tops or sports bras. Both men and women wear mandated protective equipment... Read More
what ufc fighters wear
what do breakdancers wear

10 Best Ultimate Streetwear Outfits Break Dancers Wear

Breakdancers wear streetwear-style clothing like t-shirts, track jackets or pants, loose jeans, sneakers, and baseball caps. Dancers pick clothing that matches this urban aesthetic and also provides a practical function,... Read More

10 Best Sensational Dancewear Styles Mambo Dancers Wear

Mambo dancers wear sexy, close-fitting, short dresses designed to show off quick footwork and stylized arm wraps. Female dancers typically wear low-cut or backless dresses with short, flared skirts. The... Read More
what mambo dancers wear
what kings wore

The Royal Wardrobe: What Kings Wore Around the World

In Medieval times, kings around the world wore decorative clothing to signify their wealth, power, and divine right to rule. In Europe, kings often wore cloth in gold, purple, or... Read More

10 Best Protective Elements of a Football Uniform

Football players wear jerseys, fitted short pants, and helmets. They also wear football gear, or protective equipment, that meets specific standards set by the NFL.  This includes special pads like... Read More
what football players wear
what soccer players wear

10 Best Practical Sportswear Items Soccer Players Wear 

Soccer players wear matching short-sleeved sports jerseys and shorts as the game-day uniform. Key accessories like shinguards, long socks, and goalie gloves keep soccer players safe during a game or practice. Soccer... Read More

How to Dress Like a Mormon: 10 Best Modest and Comfortable Outfits

Mormons wear modest outfits like a skirt and blouse or a dress shirt and tie in conservative cuts and simple styles. Mormons avoid revealing or tight clothing, which they consider... Read More
what mormons wear
what estheticians wear to work

10 Best Professional Outfits Estheticians Wear to Work

Most estheticians wear professional medical attire like scrubs and white lab coats to work.  In smaller facilities, estheticians may wear a color-coded dress code such as a black shirt and... Read More

10 Best Pragmatic and Safe Outfits Firefighters Wear

Firefighters wear heavy layers of fire-resistant protective equipment called bunker gear or turnout gear. This outer gear features special heat-resistant material to protect the firefighter from a dangerous fire. They... Read More
firefighters wear turnout gear
what zookeepers wear

10 Best Practical Outfits Zookeepers Wear

Zookeepers and zoologists often wear a “zoo uniform” of a branded polo shirt and khaki shorts paired with sturdy work boots and a handy belt to hold tools. This practical... Read More

10 Best Outfits Judges Wear: The Secrets Beneath Judicial Robes

Judges typically wear business casual or business attire when not in court, and official court dress including a long black robe when in a court session. Most courts have a... Read More
what judges wear
what engineers wear

10 Best Outfits Engineers Wear In The Office

Engineers typically wear business casual or casual clothing to the office. While many engineers do not have an official dress code in the workplace, they typically base their overall style... Read More

10 Hidden Truths About What Fashion Designers Wear

Most fashion designers wear tailored, neutral clothing in classic shades like brown and black. This may seem odd, given that they spend their lives designing intricate and elaborate outfits for... Read More
what fashion designers wear
what do construction workers wear

10 Best Practical and Protective Outfits Construction Workers Wear

Construction workers wear durable, practical clothing that provides protection such as jeans, work boots, and hard hats. Hi-Vis vests help keep constitution workers aware of each other in dangerous work... Read More

10 Best Practical Outfits Vets Wear

Veterinarians typically wear scrubs and comfortable shoes to work in an office, or khakis and a button shirt paired with muck boots for visiting farms and stables. Some vets wear... Read More
what vets wear
what do soccer moms wear

Top 10 Best Sporty and Comfortable Outfits for Soccer Moms

Soccer moms rock comfortable, semi-athletic outfits perfect for sitting on bleachers or a blanket by the field to cheer on their favorite team. These outfits feature garments like leggings, hoodies,... Read More

10 Best Professional Outfits Successful Bank Tellers Wear

Bank tellers wear professional outfits in a conservative style, like a white button shirt paired with dark slacks, or a suit and tie. Some banks provide a uniform for bank... Read More
bank teller outfits
wear ballroom dance class

10 Best Practical Outfits for Ballroom Dance Class

The best outfit to wear to a ballroom dance class includes stretchy bottoms or a loose skirt and a roomy top for easy movement. You should also wear comfortable shoes... Read More

Ten Best Dancewear Outfits for a Successful Ballet Class

The best outfit to wear to a ballet class includes stretchy garments like a leotard or yoga pants to allow you to move easily. For a professional-level ballet class, dancers... Read More
wear to ballet class
what to wear bachelorette party

20 Best Glamorous Outfits to Wear to a Bachelorette Party

The best outfit to wear to a bachelorette party suits the location and time of the event. For an evening bachelorette party at a club, wear a cocktail dress and... Read More

From Glamorous to Practical: Top 10 Outfits Ballet Dancers Wear

Ballet dancers wear form-fitting clothing like leotards and tights while dancing, to allow ease of movement and to highlight the shape of the body as they move. Ballerinas wear special... Read More
ballet dancers wear
jive dancers wear

The Top Ten Practical and Dazzling Outfits Jive Dancers Wear

Jive dancers wear casual partner outfits to local dances but often dress up in matching costumes featuring ballroom dance shoes and formal dresses for professional competitions. The fast nature of... Read More