Choose Right Yoga Class Berlin

How to Choose the Right Yoga Class for You in Berlin

Yoga is rising in popularity everywhere. In Berlin as well! But with so many different yoga styles and classes, how do you choose the right yoga class for you? Berlin... Read More

7 Ways to Find Inner Peace in Busy Life

Sometimes a simple change in your look, an unexpected compliment or a helping gesture towards someone can bring you peace and happiness all at once. However, in the whirlwind of... Read More
7 Ways to Find Inner Peace in Busy Life

Relaxing Sounds For Meditation | Ambient Nature Sounds

Here are the perfect relaxing sounds for meditation practice. An ambient nature sound of waterfall and birds. This an amazing to relax, calm down, quiet the mind and find inner peace. It... Read More

How To Do Meditation For Difficult Times

It is a great idea to practice meditation for difficult times. Practicing mindfulness during hard times helps you move forward. Meditation Is amazing to lower pain, stress and strain. One of the... Read More
meditation difficult times
meditation work statue

How Does Meditation Work | Make it Work For You

Do you wonder how does meditation work? Are you having trouble concentrating, staying still and getting rid of negative thoughts? Meditation is a great way to calm down, and relax. It has... Read More

Yoga Vs Meditation | What Is Better For You

Should you do Yoga Vs Meditation. What is the best choice for you? What is healthier? Are they the same thing? What are the differences? A lot of people often... Read More
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meditation weight loss

Meditation For Weight Loss | Lose Weight Naturally

Can you use meditation for weight loss? Is it an effective method to lose weight? Do you have to work out at the gym for long hours to see any result? Meditation (or... Read More

How To Use Mindful Yoga To Lose Weight Easily

Mindful yoga offers plenty of benefits that help you lose weight, including increased mindfulness and consciousness. Regular yoga practice makes you more attuned to our body, mind, and emotions to... Read More
yoga weight loss mindfulness
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30 Best Youtube Video Guides To Meditate Easy

  Youtube guided meditation is perfect for beginners as you will be walked through the meditation. It is easy to relax, listen to the instructions, and get all the health... Read More

4 Epic Proven Ways to Meditate for Sleep and Anxiety

  Meditation has many health benefits. Better sleep and anxiety relief are some of them. Different meditation techniques promote sleep and help combat anxiety effectively. I recommend to try them... Read More
Meditation for Sleep and Anxiety