Youtube guided meditation is perfect for beginners as you will be walked through the meditation. It is easy to relax, listen to the instructions, and get all the health benefits of the best meditations effectively.

Guided meditation is known to help relieve stress and anxiety, combat depression, and mental exhaustion. It is also recommended for weight loss and getting better deep sleep, as you learn to be aware of thoughts, emotions, and how to manage them.

The regular use of guided meditation raises awareness of the body and the mind. It is great to start adopting healthy living habits to maintain good health and a healthy weight. Follow this 30-day free meditation program I organized and start your mindfulness journey today.


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Day 1: Vibrational Alignment Youtube Guided Meditation

2 minutes of motivation

Meditation benefits: This is a great start for your meditation journey. You will feel empowered, energized, and motivated after listening. Take a moment in the morning to start the day with this guide. You will become filled with positive energy.


Day 2: Peace of Mind – Guided Meditation to Slow Down

3 minutes of peace

Meditation benefits: This is a great way to find peace and slow down from a busy day. Get rid of any racing thoughts, learn how to find your natural pace. This guided meditation will make you relax.


Day 3: Positive and Uplifting Affirmations with this Youtube Guided Meditation

3 minutes of uplifting

Meditation benefits: Wake up to this uplifting Youtube guided mediation. It will get you to start the day on the right foot and accomplish what you aim for. You will go to work with a positive attitude after this practice.


Day 4: Follow the Instructions for Initiation to Guided Meditation

3 minutes of breathing

Meditation benefits: Follow this guided meditation to get a quick rest and focus on breathing. This is very helpful to focus your attention on your body and let go of racing thoughts. It will encourage you to try more.


Day 5: An Honest Meditation for Healing

3 minutes of healing

Meditation benefits: How to get rid of stressful thoughts. This honest meditation is powerful to heal and stop any suffering from the external world. It is a quick fix to reach a peaceful state of body and mind.


Day 6: Breathing Space Mindfulness Meditation for a New Mindful Life

3 minutes of mindfulness

Meditation benefits: This Youtube guided meditation is great to focus on the body and be more mindful of the present moment. Relieve stress and relax while practicing this pleasant meditation.


Day 7: Guided Meditation on Letting Go and Freedom of Mind

4 minutes of freedom

Meditation benefits: Let go of resentful feelings and stressful thoughts. This guided meditation helps anyone looking to stop over-thinking and worrying. You will feel lighter and at peace after listening to this.


Day 8: The Five Minute Miracle Youtube Guided Meditation

5 minutes of empowerment

Meditation benefits: This Youtube guided meditation will help you think positively. It aims at getting rid of stressful thoughts and replace them with loving ones. This is an awesome step towards acquiring the right mindset for longer sessions.


Day 9: Guided Meditation of the First Root Chakra

7 minutes of vibration

Meditation benefits: Listen to this meditation to raise awareness of the body. This focuses the attention on the breath and every part of the body. It is great to feel grounded and relaxed after a stressful day.


Day 10: Affirmation with the Perfect Day Youtube Guided Meditation

8 minutes of affirmation

Meditation benefits: How to start the perfect day. This guided meditation on Youtube will have you overwhelmed with gratitude. You will fall in love with your life. Then feel enlightened for a good start in the day. Follow with a hearty breakfast like oatmeal.


Day 11: Pain Management with Guided Meditation

10 minutes of relief

Meditation benefits: Relieve any tension and pain with this video. It is amazing to learn how to deal with difficulties and how to overcome them. Explore your own body deeply and get filled with healing energy.


Day 12: Powerful Guided Meditation to relax

10 minutes of power

Meditation benefits: This relaxing guided meditation is very powerful to calm down and find peace. You will feel deeply revitalized and ready to tackle with any obstacle ahead.


Day 13: Guided Meditation to ease Anxiety, Worry, Overthinking and Urgency

10 minutes of peace

Meditation benefits: Beautiful. This amazing meditation will transport you away from any worry and anxiety. This fits perfectly in the morning waking up or at night before sleep. Breathe, calm down, and heal.


Day 16: Youtube Guided Meditation on Healing and Forgiveness, Letting Go

13 minutes of forgiveness

Meditation benefits: This beautiful guided meditation assists you with letting go and forgiveness, for yourself and others. It will get you free, relaxed, and in a wonderful state of mind.


Day 17: Youtube Guided Meditation for Deep Relaxation and Bliss

13 minutes of bliss

Meditation benefits: Relieve stress and anxiety while relaxing listening to this guided meditation on Youtube. It is fantastic to heal and calm down after a busy working day.


Day 18: Powerful Abundance Guided Meditation to Manifest Your Dreams

16 minutes of abundance

Meditation benefits: This guided meditation is best done in the morning to have the best day start. You will feel excited and energized to take on the tasks ahead of you and achieve your goals. Great to follow with a quick yoga workout.


Day 19: Breath Focused Guided Meditation with Nice Imagery

17 minutes of calm

Meditation benefits: Take your time to rest and allow yourself to be calmed. This Youtube guided meditation will help you quiet your mind and improve your attitude. The focus is on relaxing and avoiding stress.


Day 20: Blissful Deep Relaxation with Youtube Guided Meditation

18 minutes of relaxation

Meditation benefits: Enjoy this time on your own in a comfortable position. This youtube guided meditation will get you relaxed and get rid of any racing thoughts. It is great if are feeling anxious or stressed out to manage your emotions.


Day 21: Guided Meditation for Deep Positivity

20 minutes of positivity

Meditation benefits: This gentle guided meditation will allow you to relax and replace anxiety with positivity. Take control of your life and find love and happiness within yourself.


Day 22: Healing Spirit Guided Meditation for Relaxation

21 minutes of acceptance

Meditation benefits: Amazing guided meditation to throw away any negativity and anger from your mind. It is a very healing experience that will leave you floating. Let go of anxiety and depression for self-acceptance and confidence.


Day 23: Chakra Cleansing Youtube Guided Meditation

22 minutes of cleansing

Meditation benefits: One of the best initiation to chakras opening out there. You are healed and filled with positive energy after this Youtube guided meditation. It is very powerful to relax and gain clarity.


Day 24: Letting Go Guided Meditation for Freedom

23 minutes of fresh air

Meditation benefits: It really is empowering to let go of bad thoughts, anxiety, and tension you have been holding on to. Follow this guided meditation to break free from any limitations and start fresh. Great after a quick morning yoga routine.


Day 25: Youtube Guided Meditation for Relaxation, Anxiety, and Depression

30 minutes of training

Meditation benefits: You will find greatness while practicing this meditation as you learn to focus more and more on your inner self and find new techniques. This is a beautiful place to take your meditation journey to the next level.


Day 26: Best Guided Meditation Before Sleep for Beginners

30 minutes of rest

Meditation benefits: Finish your day in bed with your headphones listening to this wonderful guided meditation. It will make you fall asleep peacefully and get a restful deep sleep.


Day 27: Healing the Body, Mind and Spirit Guided Meditation

40 minutes of cleansing

Meditation benefits: This Youtube guided meditation is very powerful to feel better and heal. It helps take a more positive outlook on life and get a very deep cleanse.



Day 29: In Transition – Ending and New Beginnings Youtube Guided Meditation

60 minutes of awareness

Meditation benefits: Start viewing life in a more positive way today. If you are feeling stuck or lifeless, this will help you break free from any disruptive thoughts. It is also great for fear and anxiety relief.


Day 30: Meditation For Insomnia with Gentle Music

62 minutes of release

Meditation benefits: Best done in bed before going to sleep, you will feel calm after hearing this Youtube Guided Meditation for better sleep. In love and at peace with yourself, you will focus on the breath and the body for happiness.


Summing up:

Youtube guided meditation is recommended for beginners to get started. Feel free to go back to some of the meditations presented here. Try to find out which one you feel the most comfortable with. It will help you relax and stabilize your thoughts for better sleep quality and peace of mind.

Focusing on your body, meditation can be used to combat anxiety effectively. Relieving tension leads to mental relaxation as well. Focusing on the body and getting rid of any stressful thoughts makes falling into sleep quite easy.

A regular meditation practice helps get better deep sleep. It also reduces stress, anxiety, and raise awareness of the body and the mind. This plays an important part in adopting healthy living habits for weight loss.


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