Should you do Yoga Vs Meditation. What is the best choice for you? What is healthier? Are they the same thing? What are the differences?

A lot of people often confuse one for the other. Many think they are the same. But meditating and doing yoga have key differences.

Let us have a look at Yoga Vs Meditation.

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What Is Yoga Exactly?

Yoga is a Sanskrit word and means union. It is the union of your individual self (your soul) with the universal self (the Divine spirit).

It is thousands of years old and comes from ancient India. It is not just physical practices. It promotes postures (asanas), breath work (pranayama) and meditation (dhyana).

Meditation is a big part of yoga. The exercises aim to prepare your mind and body for higher spiritual possibilities.

People practicing yoga and aspiring to reach the state of union are yogis. Nowadays, yoga is enjoyed as healthy workout as well as spiritual development.

What Is The Definition Of Meditation?

yoga meditation learn beginner

Meditation originates from the Sanskrit word Dhyana, one of the yoga limbs. It is a mental state, a higher state of consciousness.

To reach higher awareness, cutting off distraction and improving concentration are key. Many exercises influences the body and mind positively towards these goals.

It is necessary to acquire calmness, relaxation, proper breathing and energy control (prana) or life force. Meditation is a positive way of being and experiencing the world.

How Do You Compare Yoga Vs Meditation?

yoga practice pose stretch meditate

You can practice yoga and meditation everywhere and at any time. At home, at the park, walking, at work, in traffic.

Yoga incorporates more aspects such as physical poses and breathing exercises than just meditation.

Yoga also focuses on developing discipline, concentration and balance, just like meditation. Meditation is axed towards mental training. Only few exercises focus on physical health.

Relaxation and self-discovery happen through the mind with meditation. While doing yoga, you will focus on physical exercises as well.

Yoga is much more physical than just meditation. Yoga exercises treat physical issues such as stress, soreness, strain, pain and discomfort.

Summing up:

Yoga Vs Meditation: what is better for you? You can effectively relieve stress and train your mind for calmness with both. Try them both and see what suits you best.

At any given time, practice yoga if you are looking for physical exercises. Focus on meditation if you want to find inner peace and harmony.

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