For petite women, the search for the perfect outfit is always on.

That's because many brands don't offer a petite range, and even when they do sometimes their selection is not very wide, and therefore not suitable for all the body shapes that petite women may have.

Rest assured, we have done a lot of research and we have prepared wonderful summer outfit recommendations for you.

Keep reading to discover the ultimate amazing and sustainable summer clothes for petite women.

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Mini dresses

petite women summer clothes mini dresses

Mini dresses are perfect for petite silhouettes. They showcase your beautiful legs and they are the epitome of feminine, summer dresses.

Mini dresses are no-brainers because they can be worn on many occasions such as going out with your friends, on a date, or when shopping.

Discover fantastic mini dresses made by sustainable brands.

Sleeveless dresses

petite women summer clothes dresses

Stylish, comfortable, and ideal for the warm weather, sleeveless dresses are very flattering for petite women. They are also extremely easy to wear.

The best sleeveless dresses for petite silhouettes are tight around the waist. This way, your dress has a beautiful shape and does not look baggy.

Take a look at these beautiful and ethically made dresses.

Shirt dresses

petite women summer clothes shirt dresses

Shirt dresses are the ultimate hybrid between shirts and dresses. With the length of a dress, the collar, and the buttons of a shirt, they have gained a lot of popularity during the last years because of their versatility.

Shirt dresses come with a loose fit and our recommendation for petite women is to wear them with belts. By accentuating your waist, you create an outfit that is relaxed, but put together and fashionable.

Check out the 15 best affordable and sustainable petite clothing brands for the most amazing shirt dresses.


petite women summer clothes shirts

If you want a neat outfit, a shirt is always a great idea.

Purchase yours from a sustainable brand and wear it with shorts for a fresh and fashionable summer look.

Lightweight fabrics

petite women summer clothes lightweight fabrics

Do not overwhelm your petite silhouette with heavy fabrics, especially during summer. Wear lightweight materials instead.

Lightweight materials provide breathability and ease of movement, and they also look cute and feminine.

Check out these 200 European sustainable fashion brands and discover amazing, eco-friendly clothes that fit your body perfectly.

Cute crop tops

petite women summer clothes crop top

Crop tops are fashionable and they look great on any body type.

They are fun to wear, easy to match with your other clothes, and perfect for summer.

You can now buy yours from a sustainable brand.

Wide-leg trousers

petite women summer clothes trousers

Choose a well-fitted pair of wide-leg trousers. They add length to your legs, and they also are breathable and very comfortable.

Because your trousers already add some volume to your attire, we recommend a tight top to avoid a bulky look and balance your outfit.

Take a look at the 20 best organic cotton women's trousers.

High-waisted jeans

petite women summer clothes jeans

Not unlike the above-recommended trousers, high-waisted jeans make your legs appear longer.

They are also fantastic clothing items that can be worn all year round. During summer you can wear your jeans with cute tops, blouses, or T-shirts.

Make sure your jeans are in the right size for your body so that you can feel comfortable the whole time. Purchase them from a sustainable brand that works with very high-quality materials.

Bodycon maxi dresses

petite women summer clothes maxi dresses

Can petite women rock maxi dresses? Absolutely!

Make sure your maxi dress is a bodycon one that follows the beautiful, natural curves of your body. This way, you have a very attractive outfit to wear on a summer evening.

It goes fantastic with both heels and comfortable shoes. Check out our sustainable recommendations for you.

Denim skirts 

petite women summer clothes denim skirts

Denim skirts come in many lengths and styles, and we believe that every woman can find the perfect denim skirt that suits her body and her preferences.

For petite silhouettes, we recommend mini skirts made of denim. They can be worn with tank tops and T-shirts.

Take a look at these beautiful and ethically made denim skirts.

Comfortable shoes

petite women summer clothes shoes

Embrace the beauty of your height!

Save the heels for special occasions and choose a pair of breathable, comfortable shoes that can complete your outfit stylishly and beautifully. These kinds of shoes are great for everyday wear, and they look fantastic with skirts, dresses, jeans, shorts, and trousers.

Read our article if you want to find out more about vegan and cruelty-free barefoot shoes.


petite women summer clothes blouses

Choose a versatile and cute blouse that is both attractive and comfortable. Don't forget to opt for a breathable fabric that feels great during hot weather.

Make your choice sustainable and purchase from one of these brands.


petite women summer clothes swimwear

No matter if you choose a one-piece swimsuit or a cute bra and bikini set, make sure it comes from a sustainable brand that works with great care for the environment to produce timeless, beautiful, and comfortable pieces.

Here are the 20 best sustainable swimwear brands in Europe.

Party outfits for petite women

petite women summer clothes party outfits

Be creative when it comes to party outfits.

The easiest way is to wear a dress, but you can also put together a modern and unique outfit by mixing some of your favorite clothing items. You can combine a mini skirt with a crop top. Add a vest and a pair of heels to make your attire more interesting.

Let yourself be inspired by these 20 best affordable designer clothing brands.

Wear small bags

petite women summer clothes bags

A beautiful bag can be the final touch your outfit needs. However, size matters.

A big bag will contrast a small body and will instantly become the central piece of your outfit - all the other beautiful pieces that you are wearing will be in its shadow.

petite women summer clothes bags

On the other side, a small bag or a purse will fulfill your need to carry your essentials, while its small size will not overwhelm the other fashion items you are wearing.

Check out these beautiful and vegan recommendations.

Dos and don'ts

petite women summer clothes avoid this

Probably the most important thing to avoid as a petite person is the excessive use of volume in your outfit.

Both oversized clothes and those made with a large amount of material can make your outfit look bulky, and unattractive.

Every time you decide to wear puff sleeves, bell sleeves, oversized shirts, statement jewelry, wide-leg trousers, or mom jeans, make sure you create visual balance by adding a tighter item. Avoid wearing multiple loose items and oversized accessories at the same time.

Another great tip for you is to always purchase clothes in the right size for your body. This is a general rule for aesthetically pleasing outfits, but it is particularly important for petite women because they are at risk of wearing clothes that do not highlight their best features.

Pay a lot of attention to the production processes and materials used for your clothes to make the best decisions when purchasing.
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