If you are invited to a Havana Nights Party and have never attended one, be ready to experience a spectacular mix of music, culture, and color. These parties recreate the lively ambiance of Cuban nights, featuring elements such as tropical decor, Latin music, and colorful attire. 

When choosing what to wear, you might want to think of bold and vibrant colors such as turquoise, coral, yellow, and hot pink. These colors evoke the lively atmosphere of Havana and add a festive touch to your outfit. Include garments with tropical prints such as palm leaves, hibiscus flowers, or exotic fruits, or adorn vintage-inspired outfits to pay homage to the glamorous fashion of past decades.

Stay with us and discover our 15+ colorful blasts guaranteed to elevate your style and capture the essence of tropical sophistication. Prepare to turn heads and make a statement with your Havana Nights Party look.

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Floral Diva

Woman posing with a floral maxi skirt and a black top

A floral maxi skirt paired with a fitted bodysuit and imperious headband will turn you into a floral diva at the Havana Nights Party.

Choose a flowy maxi skirt with big and bright floral motifs and a slit to add a sexy flair to your look. Wear it with a plain bodysuit to create a beautiful hourglass silhouette. And finally, finish off the look with a rich headband adorned with colorful flowers.

Top in Royal Green

Black woman posing with a patterned green blouse and yellow dressy pants

Experience the enchanting allure of royal green and bring a touch of elegance to your ensemble. Choose a statement satin blouse with balloon sleeves in royal green and fascinating patterns. Buy beautiful and eco-friendly blouses here.

Pair the blouse with light yellow dressy pants and complete the outfit with heeled sandals to elongate the legs and add height. The combination of green and yellow creates a beautiful outfit reminiscent of sun and flowers, suitable for the Havana Nights Party.

Bodycon Dress

Black woman posing with a baby pink bodycon dress and a colorful shawl

Create a vibrant and stunning combination of baby pink and floral patterns. Start with a baby pink bodycon dress. Ensure it fits you perfectly and accentuates your curves. Add a splash of color to your outfit by gracefully draping a brightly colored shawl over your shoulders and allowing it to fall down your arms.

Finish the look with strappy sandals in a neutral color like nude or beige to balance out the boldness of the shawl and add a touch of sophistication to your look.

Here are some of the best affordable and sustainable bodycon dresses you must own to look fashionable at Havana Nights Party.

Cute Vintage Look

Vintage photo of a woman with a floral shirt and a mini skirt

Create a unique look that pays homage to the fashions and styles of the 1960s and 1970s. This look represents the soul of revolutionary Cuba during these years when the head of the state aimed at eliminating all remnants of capitalism.

Style a floral shirt of thin and breathable fabric and a slightly faded appearance with an A-line mini skirt in a complementary color. Find beautiful and eco-friendly mini skirts here.

Capture The Cuban Spirit

Smiling black woman wearing colorful ruffled top

Ruffles are a significant element in Cuban aesthetics, reflecting the vibrant and lively spirit of the culture. These flamboyant frills serve as a visual spectacle and symbolize the rhythm and passion inherent in Cuban music and dance.

You cannot go wrong with a ruffle-sleeved off-the-shoulder top and a pencil midi skirt. And, of course, these garments must be very colorful and patterned, radiating vitality, femininity, and a festive spirit to truly embody the Cuban design.

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Maxi Dress

Woman posing with a colorful maxi dress

For a Havana Nights Party, a maxi dress exudes effortless elegance and captures the essence of tropical sophistication. Opt for a flowing maxi dress with a vibrant floral pattern reminiscent of the lush flora typical in Cuban landscapes. Look for a style with a halter neckline or off-the-shoulder design for added allure.

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Accessorize with statement earrings, a straw clutch, and strappy sandals adorned with colorful embellishments to complete the look.

Mambo Dancer Look

Woman posing with a red tessel dress and

Mambo evolved from the fusion of Afro-Cuban rhythms, jazz, and popular dance music and holds a significant place in the cultural heritage of Cuba.

Showcase mambo’s irresistible energy, catchy melodies, and pulsating beats through a mambo-inspired look. Choose a sequin tassel mini dress and pair it with metallic pumps or high heels with crystals.

Crisscross Halter Top

Woman posing with a knitted crossed top and white pants

For an outfit that combines comfort and sophistication, suitable for a Havana Nights Party, go for a yellow crisscross halter top with high-waisted white wide-leg dressy pants. The sunshine hue of the top adds a pop of color, evoking the vibrant energy of Havana, while the crisp white pants exude timeless sophistication.

If you are looking for stylish, versatile, and ethical crop tops to style that outfit or create endless combinations, check out our list here.

Floral Jumpsuit

Woman posing with a floral jumpsuit and a wide-brimmed hat

Staying on the wave of chic and comfort, here is another stunning look, perfect for sipping mojitos and dancing the night away at a Havana Nights Party. Choose a jumpsuit adorned with vibrant blooms, echoing the lush flora of the Cuban landscape and featuring a flattering silhouette that accentuates your curves.

Here are some of the best affordable and sustainable jumpsuits made under high social and environmental standards.

Pair it with a wide-brimmed hat, wedge sandals for comfort and height, oversized sunglasses for a dash of old Hollywood glamour, and statement earrings to add a touch of sparkle.

Guayabera Shirt

Man posing with an unbuttoned white linen shirt

Guayabera shirts are a Cuban fashion staple. They are traditional men's shirts characterized by lightweight fabric, a button-up front, four pockets (two on the chest and two near the waist), and decorative pleats or embroidery along the front and back.

Men may get a casual yet elegant style that perfectly captures the tropical beauty of Cuban design by teaming a guayabera shirt with chino pants.

Close photo of a woman wearing a Havana shirt

Women can go with a more tropical-inspired shirt paired with cigarette pants or bell-bottomed jeans for a laid-back yet stylish look.

If you are interested in eco-friendly button-ups, find our best selection here.

Elevate Your Look With A Blazer 

Woman posing with a blue blazer over a patterned blue and white midi dress

A women's blazer for a Havana Nights Party should balance elegance and tropical flair. Consider a lightweight linen or cotton blazer in a vibrant color or bold print. You can attach a flower to the front pocket to add visual interest or wear it with a belt in a contrasting color.

Pair the blazer with a flowing maxi dress or wide-leg pants for a chic and sophisticated look, perfect for dancing the night away under the Cuban rhythms. 

Man posing with a retro-inspired blazer and a hat

Men can elevate their look for a Havana Nights Party with a stylish and sophisticated blazer in a retro style. Look for blazers with bold patterns or prints that were popular during the retro era, such as houndstooth, plaid, or geometric motifs.

Here is our selection of the best affordable and sustainable blazers made under high social and environmental standards.

Contrasting Colors

Woman posing with orange bell-bottoms and a fuchsia shirt

Add extra energy to your Havana Nights Party look with the bold combination of fuchsia and orange. Choose a satin fuchsia shirt with a tie-front style and pair it with orange bell-bottomed leggings for that daring feel.

Wear this ensemble with confidence, and you will make sure to turn some heads at the Havana Nights Party.

Two-piece Suit

woman posing with coral two-piece suit and a crop top

Another elegant and showstopping ensemble for the Havana Nights Party, suitable for both men and women, is a two-piece suit. 

For this occasion, choose a lightweight linen or cotton suit in a vibrant color such as turquoise, coral, or light blue to capture the tropical spirit of Havana. Instead of a classic dress shirt, opt for a crisp white or light-colored linen shirt with a relaxed fit to keep the outfit casual yet sophisticated. Roll up the sleeves for a laid-back vibe, and add a Panama hat or fedora for a touch of old-world charm.

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Close photo of espadrilles and a straw hat

For both men and women attending a Havana Nights Party, footwear should balance style, comfort, and suitability for dancing the night away.

Women can opt for strappy sandals adorned with colorful embellishments like beads or tassels, adding a touch of glamour to their ensemble.

Espadrille wedges are another excellent choice, providing height and stability while complementing the tropical theme with their woven detailing. 

Men in a metro wearing a retro-inspired outfit

Men can opt for leather loafers in a neutral tone like tan or brown, which exude sophistication while offering comfort for hours of dancing. 

For a more casual look, espadrilles or canvas slip-on shoes in vibrant colors or tropical prints are perfect for capturing the laid-back yet stylish atmosphere of a Havana Nights Party.

Essential Accessories

Woman in a colorful outfit and a floral headband

A few essential items are a must-have for every Havana Nights Party. Both men and women may look great in a fashionable straw hat or Panama hat. 

A headband adorned with big, colorful flowers can be a fantastic accessory to embrace the festive and vibrant atmosphere of the event.

Bold and colorful statement earrings and stacking bangles or bracelets are also indispensable for women's ensembles.

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