Panera Bread is famous for its delicious, healthy meals and relaxed, modern vibe. You want your outfit to reflect that energy when you walk through the door. 

We have your go-to guide for nailing the perfect outfit for any visit to Panera Bread. Whether you're preparing for a job interview, dressing for a day on the job, or simply planning a casual lunch with friends, we have the best tips on what to wear to everyone’s favorite casual restaurant. 

Here are 15 stylish yet comfortable outfits to wear to Panera Bread, no matter the occasion. 

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What is Panera Bread’s Dress Code?

panera bread dress code

Panera Bread has a relaxed dress code for customers. Each store follows the standard practice of “no shoes, no shirt, no service.” As long as customers are reasonably dressed, Panera Bread will serve them. 

Of course, every Panera Bread location reserves the right to refuse service to customers who are disruptive or belligerent. 

As for Panera Bread employees, the dress code is generally the same across locations. 

All employees are expected to wear a solid-colored or Panera-issued shirt with jeans or khakis. Comfortable, non-slip shoes are a must for safety reasons. 

Follow these general Panera Bread dress code guidelines, and you’ll be ready to go on your first day of work. 

A Collared Shirt & Dark-Wash Jeans

panera bread outfit collared shirt

A collared shirt with dark-wash jeans is the go-to uniform for Panera employees. 

Wear a breathable cotton polo with dark-wash jeans for a professional, comfortable uniform. Go with jeans that have a little stretch for added comfort and flexibility while on the clock. 

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A Black T-Shirt, Jeans, & Non-Slip Shoes

panera bread outfit black shirt

Another Panera Bread uniform you can wear is a black t-shirt, jeans, and non-slip shoes. 

You can wear your own black shirt or the branded Panera shirt issued to all employees. 

Sneakers, running shoes, and work boots are all excellent options for non-slip shoes. 

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A Business Casual Look

15 Fun & Practical Outfits to Wear to Panera Bread

Managers at Panera Bread typically dress up a bit more than other team members. A business casual dress code is the general rule of thumb. 

Panera Bread managers should wear a professional button-up shirt tucked into dark or khaki slacks. Non-slip shoes are a must. 

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A Casual Blazer & Black Jeans

panera bread outfit blazer jeans

If you’re attending a Panera Bread job interview, a casual blazer and nice jeans are the way to go. 

Wear a casual hemp or cotton blazer with dark-wash denim and a loosely tucked-in t-shirt. Complete your look with closed-toe shoes for a professional yet laid-back look. 

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A Midi Dress & Cardigan

panera bread interview outfit dress

A midi dress with a cardigan is a fun yet professional look for a Panera Bread job interview. 

This look is comfortable, relaxed, and put-together. First impressions are everything, and a midi dress conveys professionalism alongside your personal sense of style. 

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A Polo Shirt & Tailored Slacks

panera bread outfit polo slacks

Switch up your Panera Bread uniform by wearing slacks instead of jeans. This look is more tailored and professional. 

A polo shirt with tailored slacks is an excellent outfit for Panera managers and shift leads. 

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A Floral Dress & Denim Jacket

panera bread outfit floral dress

A floral dress with a denim jacket is a fun, casual outfit to wear to Panera Bread. 

Chat with friends over your favorite salad and sandwich while wearing this easy yet stylish outfit. A sustainable denim jacket is perfect for sitting out on the Panera patio on a breezy spring day. 

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A Sweater & Your Favorite Leggings

panera bread outfit leggings

You don’t have to dress to the nines to eat at Panera. That’s what makes it such a great restaurant! 

Wear your favorite cozy sweater and leggings for a relaxed, casual outfit. You can even wear this outfit to pick up your favorite to-go meal if you prefer to relax at home. 

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A Knit Sweater & Knee-High Boots

panera bread outfit sweater boots

Cozy up with a warm cup of soup while wearing a knit sweater and knee-high boots. 

This outfit is perfect for those cold and blustery days when all you want is Panera’s chicken noodle soup or signature mac and cheese. 

Layer your sweater with leggings, a scarf, and a crochet beanie for an even cozier look. 

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A Maxi Dress & Sandals

panera bread outfit maxi dress

A maxi dress with sandals makes a perfect summer outfit at Panera Bread. 

Wear a lightweight cotton or linen maxi dress with strappy sandals, a boho bag, and sunglasses for the perfect lunch date look. 

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A Workout Outfit

panera bread outfit workout

Are you getting Panera Bread for lunch after hitting the gym? There’s no need to change your outfit. 

Wearing your workout outfit is perfectly acceptable. Leggings, sweat-wicking shirts, and running shoes make a wonderfully comfortable outfit to wear to Panera Bread. You can enjoy your healthy lunch without a worry in the world. 

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A T-Shirt & Jeans

panera bread outfit shirt jeans

An organic cotton or hemp t-shirt with jeans is a simple yet effective look for Panera Bread. 

You can’t go wrong with this classic combo. A classic short-sleeve tee and jeans are comfortable and look great on everybody. 

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A Breezy Blouse & Mini Skirt

panera bread outfit blouse skirt

Get dressed up for a special Panera Bread date with a breezy blouse and mini skirt. 

This look is perfect for a lunch date or self-care day. Wear a cotton, linen, or hemp mini skirt for breathability and sustainability. 

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Denim Shorts & A Flowy Blouse

panera bread outfit boho blouse

Wear a flowy boho-inspired blouse and denim shorts for a cute and casual Panera Bread outfit. 

A flowy white top tucked into cut-off shorts makes a fun outfit that looks great at Panera and will carry you through whatever the rest of your day may hold. 

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A Crop Top & Cargo Pants

panera bread outfit crop top

Create a fun, trendy look with a crop top and cargo pants. This outfit is perfect for Panera Bread because it’s relaxed and easy to wear. 

Layer a button-down shirt over a tight crop top for added interest, or simply throw on your favorite sneakers to complete your ensemble. 

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