Deciding when to move in with your girlfriend is a big step that depends on several factors unique to your relationship and personal circumstances. Dating coaches and relationship experts say it can be a complex and emotional decision.

Moving in with your girlfriend is a significant milestone in any relationship, marking a transition towards greater commitment and shared life experiences. Many studies on couples prove that after moving together, they feel closer to each other.

It's a choice that involves considering not only the depth of your relationship but also practical aspects like readiness, compatibility, and future aspirations.

Let's explore the key factors to consider when contemplating the move to cohabitate with your partner. They will help you navigate this important decision with clarity and confidence, ensuring that the timing aligns with both your emotional readiness and practical circumstances.

Here are the signs it's time to move in with your girlfriend (or not).

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Step-by-Step Guide to Moving in Together

1. Watch the video below for a basic idea of how to move in together successfully with your girlfriend.
2. Read through all the different signs you are ready or not you'll find in this article to get a sense of your current situation and personal circumstances.
3. Don't forget to get expert advice on the subject matter as one opinion is often not enough to make sure you are on the right path.
4. Read to the very end of this article to get the "Moving in Together" checklist that you can download for FREE!!
5. Finally, read the FAQs that will answer many of the questions you may still have by that point.

Moving in Together Relationship Advice

What Dating And Relationship Experts Say

This new study from Stanford University, How Couples Meet and Stay Together, proves that it's now common for couples to live together for years before getting married. Over 50% of couples live together for over 5 years before saying 'yes' to each other.

Melissa Myer, Center Staff at The University of Texas, affirms that couples moving in together should always be prepared for the worse to happen since over 80% of unmarried/uncommitted relationships end, and it's pretty close to a guarantee that you won’t stay with the person you’re living with.

"Lack of planning and preparation for when the relationship ends is the bigger problem when uncommitted couples live together. I have never seen this work out well for any one of my single co-habitating friends", she says.

However, Chuck Roberts, who have been studying healthy relationships for 30+ years and author of "Relationship Magic", confirms that it's always a good idea to move in together with you girlfriend.

"You won’t really know your bf/gf unless you get past the honeymoon stage and get into a routine. Only then will you know if the minor things that never annoyed you become big problems."

What You Need to Consider Before Moving in

So how do you know it's time to move in together with your significant other? How soon is too soon? Is it a bad idea or not? Should you wait a couple more months before making the jump?

Here is what you should take into consideration before asking her to move in with you.

1. Relationship Readiness: Ensure that both you and your girlfriend feel emotionally ready for this step. Moving in together requires a strong commitment and readiness to share your life more fully.

2. Relationship Stability: Evaluate the stability and health of your relationship. Moving in together can be stressful, so a strong foundation of trust, communication, and mutual respect is crucial.

3. Logistics and Practicality: Consider practical aspects like finances, living arrangements, and long-term goals. Are you both financially stable? Do you agree on how to manage household responsibilities?

4. Communication: Have open and honest conversations with your girlfriend about your expectations, concerns, and boundaries regarding cohabitation. Ensure you're both on the same page about what moving in together means for your relationship.

5. Timing: Think about external factors such as work or study commitments, family dynamics, and other life events. Sometimes waiting until the timing feels right can lead to a smoother transition.

6. Trial Period: Some couples opt for spending more time together gradually before making the full commitment of moving in. This can help both parties assess compatibility in a shared living space.

7. Respect Autonomy: Moving in together doesn't mean giving up individuality. Make sure you both have space and time for yourselves even when sharing a living space.

8. Long-Term Goals: Discuss your long-term goals as a couple. Moving in together can be a step towards a more serious commitment like marriage, but it's important to be aligned in your vision for the future.

10 Signs It's Time to Move in Together

Here are ten signs that it might be the right time to move in together:

1. You Spend Most Nights Together: If you're practically living together already and feel comfortable sharing your space, it might be a sign that you're ready for a more permanent arrangement.

2. You Communicate Well: Open and effective communication is crucial in any relationship. If you and your girlfriend can discuss expectations, concerns, and boundaries openly, you're more likely to navigate cohabitation successfully.

3. You've Discussed Future Plans: If you've had conversations about your future together and both see yourselves continuing to build a life together, moving in can be a natural next step.

4. You've Met Each Other's Families: Introducing your girlfriend to your family (and vice versa) often indicates a level of seriousness in the relationship, which can signal readiness for cohabitation.

5. You Share Similar Values: Compatibility in core values, such as financial management, lifestyle preferences, and long-term goals, is important for a successful living arrangement.

6. You've Experienced Challenges Together: Facing and overcoming challenges as a couple can strengthen your bond and prepare you for the realities of sharing a home.

7. You Respect Each Other's Space: Mutual respect for each other's personal space and independence is essential for a healthy cohabitation.

8. You're Ready to Share Responsibilities: Being willing to share household responsibilities, such as chores, bills, and decision-making, indicates readiness for a shared living space.

9. You Feel Excited About the Idea: If the thought of living together brings you joy and anticipation rather than anxiety, it's likely a positive sign.

10. You Trust Each Other Completely: Trust is the foundation of any successful relationship. If you trust each other implicitly, you're more likely to navigate the challenges of living together harmoniously.

10 Sings It's Too Soon To Move in With Your Girlfriend

Here are ten signs that it might be too soon to move in with your girlfriend:

1. You Haven't Been Together Long Enough: If you've only been dating for a short time, moving in together might be premature. Building a solid foundation takes time, and rushing into cohabitation can add unnecessary pressure.

2. You Haven't Discussed Long-Term Commitment: Moving in together should ideally be a step towards a more serious commitment. If you haven't discussed your future together or aren't sure about your long-term compatibility, it might be too early to live together.

3. You Haven't Spent Enough Time Together: If you haven't spent extended periods of time together (such as weekends or vacations), you might not fully understand each other's habits and personalities.

4. You're Not Financially Ready: Financial stability is crucial when moving in together. If you or your girlfriend are not financially prepared to share expenses and contribute equally to household costs, it can strain the relationship.

5. You Haven't Resolved Major Issues: If you're still dealing with significant unresolved conflicts or disagreements, moving in together can exacerbate these issues.

6. You Feel Pressure from External Factors: Don't let external pressures (such as friends moving in with their partners or societal expectations) dictate your timeline. Each relationship is unique, and it's essential to move at your own pace.

7. You Haven't Established Trust: Trust is fundamental in any relationship. If you or your girlfriend have doubts or unresolved trust issues, living together prematurely can intensify these feelings.

8. You Haven't Defined Expectations: It's crucial to have clear expectations about living arrangements, responsibilities, and boundaries before moving in together. If these aspects haven't been discussed thoroughly, it might be too soon.

9. You Haven't Met Each Other's Families or Friends: Meeting each other's families and friends can provide valuable insights into your partner's life and background. If this hasn't happened yet, it might be premature to move in.

10. You Feel Uncertain or Anxious: Trust your instincts. If you have lingering doubts or feel anxious about moving in together, it's a sign that you might need more time to strengthen your relationship before taking this step.

Moving in Together Checklist

Move in together successfully with your girlfriend with our comprehensive guide on how to do it right. Discover the secrets to making your relationship work past this very important step.

Every relationship is unique, and there's no one-size-fits-all timeline for moving in together. Take the time to assess your readiness as a couple and have honest conversations about your expectations and concerns before making this significant decision.

Here is our Moving In Together Checklist you can download for FREE!


1. How do I know if it's too soon to move in with my girlfriend?
   - Consider factors like the length of your relationship, unresolved conflicts, and overall readiness for a more serious commitment. If you have doubts or feel rushed, it might be too soon.

2. What are the signs that we're not ready to move in together?
   - Signs include unresolved trust issues, lack of communication about expectations, financial instability, and feeling uncertain or anxious about the idea of living together.

3. Should we wait until we've been dating for a certain amount of time before moving in together?
   - While there's no fixed timeline, it's generally advisable to wait until you've spent enough time together to understand each other's habits, values, and compatibility.

4. How can we assess our readiness as a couple to move in together?
   - Evaluate your communication, conflict resolution skills, financial stability, and shared long-term goals. Discuss these aspects openly with your girlfriend to gauge readiness.

5. What if our families and friends think it's too soon for us to move in together?
   - Ultimately, the decision is yours as a couple. Consider their input but prioritize what feels right for you and your girlfriend based on your relationship dynamics.

6. Is it okay to have doubts or fears about moving in together?
   - Yes, it's normal to have concerns about such a significant step. Take the time to address and discuss these doubts with your girlfriend before making a decision.

7. How can we prepare emotionally before moving in together?
   - Spend quality time together, have honest conversations about expectations and concerns, and ensure you're both comfortable with the idea of sharing a living space.

8. What are the risks of moving in together too soon?
   - Moving in too soon can lead to increased relationship stress, unresolved conflicts, and potentially jeopardize the future of the relationship if the timing isn't right.

9. What if one of us feels ready to move in together, but the other doesn't?
   - It's crucial to be on the same page before making such a significant decision. Take the time to discuss your feelings openly and reach a mutual understanding.

10. How can we test the waters before committing to living together?
   - Consider spending more time together, planning weekend getaways, or temporarily cohabitating to see how you both handle sharing space before making a permanent move.

Final takeaways

Moving in together is a big step that requires careful consideration and mutual readiness. Take the time to evaluate your relationship dynamics and ensure you're both emotionally and practically prepared for this next chapter.

While these signs can be helpful indicators, it's essential to have open discussions with your girlfriend about your willingness and expectations for moving in together.

Ultimately, there's no one-size-fits-all answer. Take the time to assess your relationship and have open conversations with your girlfriend about your thoughts and feelings regarding moving in together.

If you're both ready and excited about this next step in your relationship, it could be the right time for you.

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