Cracker Barrel is a casual family restaurant that serves cozy country cooking in a fun, friendly atmosphere. The American restaurant chain has been around for decades and is a favorite among diners across the country. 

Cracker Barrel's homestyle ambiance calls for outfits that blend comfort with a touch of country charm. It’s harder than you think to coordinate the perfect outfit for a visit to Cracker Barrel. 

So get your appetite for fashion ready. Whether you’re gearing up for a job interview, clocking in for a shift, or planning a casual meal out, we’ve got you covered with 15 outfit ideas to wear to Cracker Barrel. 

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Does Cracker Barrel Have a Dress Code?

cracker barrel dress code

Cracker Barrel is a casual family restaurant that evokes an old country feel. There is no strict dress code for guests because of Cracker Barrel’s cozy, laid-back style. Basically, guests are allowed in if they are fully dressed and wearing shoes. 

Things are a little different when it comes to Cracker Barrel employees. Employees are required to follow a general dress code at work. 

Cracker Barrel employees must wear a polo or button-up shirt in specific colors along with khaki, black, or navy blue pants. Non-slip shoes are a must to ensure workplace safety. 

As long as employees stay within the boundaries of the dress code, they can wear what they feel most comfortable in while on the job. 

A Button-Up Shirt & Slacks

cracker barrel outfit button-up

The Cracker Barrel uniform for employees is standard across locations. 

A blue, white, yellow, or pink button-up shirt is a standard uniform choice for Cracker Barrel employees. Long and short sleeves are permitted as part of the Cracker Barrel uniform. You can roll up the sleeves of any long-sleeve shirt worn during your shift. 

Black, khaki, or navy slacks are the easiest, most comfortable choice for the Cracker Barrel uniform. 

Many employees choose a light blue button-up with black pants for an easy, comfortable uniform. 

If you’re a Cracker Barrel employee, follow the dress code. Ultimately, the store manager has the final say on whether an outfit is appropriate for work.  

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Khakis & Non-Slip Shoes

cracker barrel outfit shoes khakis

If black slacks aren’t your style, try khaki pants for a comfortable yet put-together uniform. 

Khakis are lighter in color and work well for warmer weather. No one wants to feel uncomfortable while running back and forth between the floor and the kitchen. 

Wear comfortable, non-slip shoes with a Cracker Barrel employee outfit. Servers and kitchen staff are on their feet all day, so they want to be prepared for anything. 

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A Casual Blazer & Jeans

cracker barrel outfit blazer jeans

Cracker Barrel might be a casual restaurant, but you want to dress professionally if you’re going in for an interview. After all, first impressions are everything. 

A casual blazer and dark-wash jeans make a great interview outfit. Wear a solid t-shirt or a formal button-up under your blazer for a polished look. 

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A Knee-Length Dress & Cardigan

cracker barrel outfit dress cardigan

A knee-length dress and cardigan work well for a Cracker Barrel interview. This look is relaxed, comfortable, and semi-formal. 

Wear a knee-length floral dress with a black cardigan and flats for a professional first impression at your interview. 

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A Sweater & Wide-Leg Jeans

cracker barrel outfit jeans sweater

Express yourself with a cute patterned sweater and wide-leg jeans. This look is great for all seasons and any occasion. 

Complete your look with sustainable sneakers and a cute collared shirt underneath. 

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A Flannel Shirt & Jeans

cracker barrel outfit flannel shirt

A flannel shirt paired with jeans is perfect for a casual meal at Cracker Barrel.

Flannels fit into Cracker Barrel’s country kitchen theme. Plus, they’re comfy, stylish, and perfect for a blustery fall day. 

Layer your look with your favorite jeans and cowboy boots for a Cracker Barrel-ready outfit. 

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A T-shirt Dress & Sneakers

cracker barrel outfit t-shirt dress

Wear a T-shirt dress and sneakers for a comfy, casual look. This look is perfect for meeting up with friends for lunch or going out to dinner with family. 

Wear ankle socks and layer with a jean jacket for a cute evening look. 

A Boho Blouse & Cotton Shorts

cracker barrel outfit shorts blouse

A boho blouse and cotton shorts are great if you want to wear something a little dressier to Cracker Barrel. 

Wear a flowy floral blouse and patterned cotton shorts with loafers, a vegan leather handbag, and simple jewelry for an understated look.  

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A Maxi Dress & Denim Jacket

cracker barrel outfit maxi dress

A maxi dress and denim jacket hit the perfect balance of country chic and modern summer vibes. 

Wear a breathable maxi dress with a light denim jacket and sandals for a casual lunch or dinner at Cracker Barrel. This look is versatile and can work for any occasion, from a meal with the girls to a family birthday party. 

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A Graphic Tee & Denim Shorts

cracker barrel outfit shirt shorts

You can’t go wrong with a graphic tee and denim shorts. It is a go-to outfit for any Cracker Barrel outing because it’s comfortable, casual, and easy to wear. 

Wear a loose vintage tee over cut-off shorts or a graphic crop top with high-waisted black denim. 

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A Sweatshirt & Leggings

cracker barrel outfit sweatshirt leggings

Sometimes, you just don’t feel like getting dressed up to eat out. That’s okay! A sweatshirt and leggings are perfectly acceptable to wear at Cracker Barrel. 

Wear stretchy black leggings with an oversized fleece or organic cotton pullover. Sneakers, flip-flops, or slides are all fantastic footwear for this outfit. 

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A Blouse, Skinny Jeans, & Boots

cracker barrel outfit jeans blouse

Get cute and comfortable with a feminine blouse, skinny jeans, and stylish boots. 

This outfit is great for a casual get-together with family and friends at Cracker Barrel. You can wear anything from ankle boot heels to knee-high vegan leather boots.  

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A Cute Sundress

cracker barrel outfit sundresss

A cute sundress is an easy, breezy way to dress up for a visit to Cracker Barrel. 

Wear a floral knee-length sundress with sandals and a canvas tote bag. You can also go for an understated summer look with a monochromatic linen dress belted along your natural waistline.  

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A Cozy Sweater and Casual Slacks

cracker barrel outfit cozy sweater

There’s nothing like Cracker Barrel’s delicious, warm food on a cold winter day. Get bundled up in a cozy sweater and casual pants for your next visit. 

Wear a chunky knit cardigan or organic cotton pullover with wide-leg pants and sneakers for an easy casual outfit. 

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