You may wonder how to lose weight at home because you don't have the time, or the energy, or the money to spend on a gym membership or an expensive class regularly.

We believe it is perfectly possible to obtain the body you want naturally and with healthier methods right at home. It is all about making small changes in your lifestyle by adopting small healthy living habits.

You don't have to exercise for hours on end, or drastically change your diet today. Losing weight is achieved for 80% by small eating habits, for 20% by regular exercise that you can do right at home to keep your body moving.

There are a few tips that you can apply step by step, as you feel comfortable and let your body adapt to the changes. It is not necessary to do them all at once and we recommend you not to. Begin with one or two, and progress towards your goals.

Here are 10 proven amazing tips to help you lose weight at home without too much effort. 

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 1. Avoid empty calories like coffee and sugary drinks.

The first step towards a healthy weight begins with drinks. In general, it is best to avoid eating or drinking calories that are not filling.

Coffee and carbonated drinks are usually filled with sugar and fat but do not fill your stomach, leaving you still hungry and not satisfied.

Furthermore, they will make you inclined to drink more, and the calories that are not used by your body for energy may be stored as fat, which doesn't help when looking to lose weight.

2. Drink more water to help digestion, liver, and kidneys

Water is very important when it comes to the natural method on how to lose weight at home. Water is very good for your health and also has many benefits for weight loss.

Drinking plenty of water helps you stay hydrated, which promotes better digestion and helps the liver and kidneys do their work. Water is used constantly by our body and it is vital to replenish its reserves.

Furthermore, water makes you feel full and satiated, less inclined to eat bigger portions or eat between meals. You can have juices at breakfast but stick to water throughout the day.

3. Drink green tea without sugar to promote health and weight loss

Green tea lose weight home

Green tea is a very popular natural remedy that helps lose weight. The natural compound catechins found in green tea increase the body's ability to use fat as energy.

They promote a healthy weight with positive effects on fat storage, cholesterol, blood pressure, and blood sugar. Green tea is a healthy supplement that you can easily prepare at home for amazing results.

Moreover, green tea is filled with plenty of vitamins and nutrients such as vitamins A and C, zinc, potassium, iron, selenium, chromium, and others.

Drinking green tea daily helps combat obesity, maintain good heart health, and reduce the risk of chronic diseases. Try Matcha Green Tea as it is more potent than any other tea.

Main Point: It is very important to care about what you drink if you are looking to lose weight. Avoiding drinking coffee and carbonated drinks that contain a lot of sugar and fat is a step in the right direction. Drinking plenty of water and green tea is also good for digestion and promoting weight loss.

4. Eat healthy at home and avoid processed food

cooking meal lose weight home

One of the best tips on how to lose weight at home is avoiding buying prepared food.

Eating very nutritious foods that are filling and taste good while losing weight at the same time is possible. One good idea is to avoid junk food as much as possible.

You can easily get rid of all the junk foods that you have stored at home to not be tempted. It is better to focus on eating whole foods and cook your meals.

Prepared and processed foods are usually more calorie-dense than whole foods. They also have fewer nutrients and vitamins, less fiber but more fat, sugar, and salt.

5. Eat more fiber to load up on nutrients, facilitate digestion, and feel satisfied quicker

Cooking your meals based on whole foods will have you naturally eat more fiber. Dietary fiber is great to promote weight loss and is essential for good health.

It is known to help maintain healthy digestion and burn excess body fat. Furthermore, fiber can absorb a high amount of water and gain a lot of volume in the stomach. It is very filling.

Eating more fiber during meals will make your body feel full and satiated with a lot fewer calories. To do so, make whole foods a large part of your diet, avoid refined carbs and white foods that contain a lot less fiber than their unrefined version.

lose weight home fiber

6. Replace bad fats with healthy fats instead of avoiding fat completely

All fats are not equal. Some are more inclined to not be consumed by the body for energy and stored as body fat or cholesterol. Good fats include the ones rich in omega-3 fatty acids like chia seeds.

You can also replace cooking oils like corn with coconut oil at home. Coconut oil is one of the healthiest oil and is known for increasing metabolism and promoting weight loss. It can be used for cooking, baked goods, or smoothies.

Choosing to eat fats made of Medium Chain fatty acids like coconut is recommended as they are easily digested and can be quickly burned as a source of energy instead of being stored as body fat.

7. Eat more fruits and vegetables to get plenty of nutrients and fiber

fruits vegetable lose weight home

Trying to eat more fruits and vegetables at home is the best way to make sure the body has enough nutrients and vitamins to function properly. It should be the base of your diet and has the advantage of providing a lot of fiber.

There is an easy way to begin to incorporate more fruits and veggies into your daily diet. Instead of snacking on cookies, fries and chips, prefer fresh fruits, dried fruits, nuts, and seeds.

This is important if you are looking to lose weight and maintain a healthy body over the years. Try not to overeat, but replace step by step your meal habits with a healthier version.

Main point: Concentrate your diet around home-made meals when you can and replace bad fats with healthy fats. Avoiding processed and prepared foods is a good way to reduce how many calories you consume. Try to eat more whole foods, like fruits and vegetables, nuts, and seeds, as they provide plenty of nutrients and fiber that promote weight loss.

8. Practice yoga to easily exercise at home

exercise lose weight home healthy

While losing weight at home, it is recommended to do some kind of exercise to keep your whole body moving. To have success long term, it is necessary to aim at burning excess body fat and not muscle mass.

So to keep your muscles, you will have to find some way to use them. Luckily, this can be done in the comfort of your home. Try to do yoga regularly, as it is a healthy and simple way to work all your muscles.

9. Make sure to get plenty of sleep

Sleeping is important to maintain a healthy lifestyle. By sleeping sufficiently, you give the body enough time to rest. The body cells must regenerate, digestion must end and you need to earn back enough energy to exercise the next day.

You have to sleep enough for a long period at night to allow the body to heal itself and be ready to function properly in the morning. It is also a great way to enhance the metabolic function, the rate at which the body burns calories for energy.


10. Meditate regularly to become more mindful of your body's needs

Meditation is a very helpful way to combat stress and anxiety, which leads to weight gain. It is quite easy to follow guided mediation as a beginner. It allows you to stop worrying thoughts and sleep better, promoting weight loss.

After meditating, you will also be more conscious and mindful of your thoughts, emotions, and body. You will then be able to exactly know what your body needs and avoid unhealthy cravings.

Main point: Yoga is a wonderful way to keep your whole body moving and your muscles working right at home. Make sure to get enough sleep for your body to rest and adapt to your lifestyle changes. Also, take some time to practice meditation regularly to help your mind identify exactly what your real body needs are.

meditation lose weight home

Summing up:

If you'd like to lose weight at home, pay attention to what you are drinking. Avoid drinking empty calories like coffee and carbonated drinks, which contain sugar and fat and are not very filling. Try to drink plenty of water and green tea to promote healthy digestion and weight loss.

Cook your food when possible and replace bad fats with healthy fats. By avoiding prepared and processed food, you can make sure to reduce how many calories you eat. With more whole foods in your daily diet, like fruits and vegetables, nuts, and seeds, you will get plenty of nutrients and fiber to allow your body to function properly and burn excess fat.

Yoga is amazing at home to keep your muscles working and your body in movement. Make sure to get enough sleep so your body can rest and adapt to the changes. Meditation helps you be more mindful of what you eat and what you need. This is a great step towards adopting healthy living habits for weight loss.

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