Visiting the Galapagos Islands is a dream come true for nature enthusiasts and adventure seekers alike. This archipelago, located off the coast of Ecuador in the Pacific Ocean, boasts a unique ecosystem that inspired Charles Darwin's theory of evolution.

Careful consideration of what to wear is essential to savor this extraordinary destination. The Galapagos Islands present a blend of diverse activities and challenging environments, from hiking through volcanic landscapes to snorkeling with sea turtles.

Our guide will provide a comprehensive list of amazing outfit items to wear, complete with detailed descriptions, to ensure you are well-prepared for your Galapagos adventure.

Additionally, we will offer insight into five items you should avoid minimizing your impact on this fragile ecosystem and respect local guidelines. Let's dive into the ultimate packing list for the Galapagos Islands, ensuring you have a comfortable, enjoyable, and eco-conscious experience.

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Quick-Drying T-Shirts

galapagos islands outfits T-shirt

galapagos islands outfits T-shirt

These versatile shirts dry quickly and wick moisture away from your skin, keeping you cool and comfortable during outdoor adventures. Opt for designs with UPF sun protection against harmful UV rays. Check out these 15 best affordable and ethical T-shirts made in Australia. 

Breathable Tank Tops

galapagos islands outfits tank top

Opt for tank tops with moisture-wicking properties to ensure you stay dry and comfortable even on the hottest days. The built-in sun protection will help shield your skin from sunburn during extended outdoor activities. Do not forget to check out the 20 best affordable and sustainable tank tops

Lightweight Skirts or Dresses

galapagos islands outfits dress

Lightweight skirts and dresses are comfortable for strolling around town and great for impromptu photo ops with the stunning Galapagos scenery as your backdrop. Their breathable fabrics make them ideal for warm days.

Here are the 15 best affordable and sustainable mini skirts If you prefer a dress, check out these 20 best affordable and sustainable slip dresses

Wide-Brimmed Hat

galapagos islands outfits hat

Protect your face from direct sunlight with a wide-brimmed hat. Look for one that is lightweight and breathable. Choose a wide-brimmed hat that complements your outfit and makes you look stunning.


galapagos islands outfits swimwear

Whether you are exploring the underwater world, relaxing on the beach, or enjoying water-based activities, having the right swimwear will enhance your experience in this beautiful destination. Make sure to buy one from our extensive list of the best sustainable brands

Lightweight Cardigan or Sweater

galapagos islands outfits sweater

A lightweight cardigan or sweater is a versatile piece that adds a layer of warmth when needed. Its easy portability allows you to enjoy cool evenings without feeling weighed down by bulky clothing.

Check out these 20 best affordable and sustainable cardigansIf you prefer sweaters, make sure to check out these 10+ best affordable and ethical sweaters made in Canada. 

Daypack or Beach Bag

galapagos islands outfits backpack

A lightweight daypack or beach bag is handy for carrying essentials during your outings. Choose a daypack or beach bag that best completes your outfit.

The key is to balance comfort and beauty. For more inspiration, check out these affordable, vegan, and eco-friendly backpacks

Lightweight Long-Sleeve Shirts

galapagos islands outfits long-sleeve shirt

These are essential for protecting your arms from the sun's rays while keeping you cool. Go for moisture-wicking and breathable fabrics.  

Hiking Shoes

galapagos islands outfits hiking shoes

Sturdy hiking shoes with good traction are a must for exploring trails and uneven terrain. Opt for waterproof or water-resistant options. For more inspiration, check out our updated list of the best affordable vegan hiking boots

Reusable Water Bottle with Filter

galapagos islands outfits reusable water bottle

Stay hydrated while reducing plastic waste. Look for bottles with built-in filters to have access to clean water.


galapagos islands outfits sunglasses

Polarized lenses help reduce glare from the water and protect your eyes from the intense sunlight. For more inspiration, check out the 15 best affordable and sustainable sunglasses we have selected just for you. 

Performance Leggings

galapagos islands outfits leggings

Whether you are hiking through volcanic landscapes or exploring rocky shores, performance leggings offer the flexibility and sun protection you need.

Their moisture-wicking abilities keep you dry and comfortable throughout your adventures. Here are the 15 best organic cotton leggings you will love. 

Bandana or Buff

galapagos islands outfits bandana

galapagos islands outfits bandana

A bandana or buff is a versatile accessory that you can use to wipe away sweat or cover your neck for additional sun protection.

Casual Shorts

galapagos islands outfits shorts

Casual shorts are a must for leisurely beach walks and lounging. Look for breathable and quick-drying materials to stay comfortable in the island's tropical climate. Here are the 20 best affordable and sustainable denim shorts

Lightweight Rain Jacket

galapagos islands outfits rainjacket

Unexpected showers can happen. A lightweight, packable rain jacket ensures you stay dry and comfortable. Discover the 20 best stylish and eco-friendly rain jackets of 2023. 


galapagos islands outfits flip flops

While flip-flops are convenient for quick trips to the beach or short walks around your accommodation, it is important to choose durable options that provide adequate arch support and cushioning for your feet.

Comfortable and well-constructed flip-flops will make your relaxation moments even more enjoyable during your island getaway.

Avoid these Items!

High Heels

Galapagos terrain can be rugged and uneven, making high heels impractical and potentially harmful to the delicate ecosystem. 

Sturdy and flat-soled footwear is a better choice for your safety and the preservation of the islands.

Camouflage Clothing

Wearing camouflage clothing in the Galapagos can startle and disturb the wildlife, which is unaccustomed to such patterns.

To maintain the islands' natural harmony and respect for the native species, opt for neutral and earth-toned clothing that blends seamlessly with the environment.

Heavy Boots

Heavy boots can be cumbersome and uncomfortable, especially in the warm climate of the Galapagos.

Lightweight hiking shoes provide the necessary comfort and support for exploring the island's diverse landscapes without weighing you down.

Single-Use Plastics

To protect the ecosystem of the Galapagos, it is crucial to avoid single-use plastics such as disposable water bottles and plastic bags.

Opt for reusable alternatives like stainless steel water bottles and cloth bags to help reduce plastic waste and minimize your environmental impact.

Loud or Bright-Colored Clothing

The Galapagos Islands offer a unique opportunity to observe wildlife in their natural habitat. To minimize disturbance and maintain a low impact on the environment, choose clothing in muted, natural tones. 

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