Kawaiicore aesthetic is a delightful fusion of cuteness, creativity, and self-expression. With its playful motifs, pastel palette, and whimsical accessories, this style invites individuals to embrace their inner child and celebrate the joy of dressing up. 

Kawaiicore is a Japanese fashion trend that consists of pastel colors, space-age clothes, statement prints, video games or cartoon-inspired outfits, statement pieces from the 1990s, and over-the-top looks, sometimes even dramatic and overabundant. But the leading and most important thing that unites all of these looks under the name Kawaiicore is that they all must look adorable and cute!

Stay with us as we uncover some must-have ensembles and accessories for anybody building a Kawaiicore-inspired wardrobe or simply showing interest in this fashion trend.

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Pastel Princess 

Cinese girl wearing tule dress in Kawaiicore style

Craft a superb Kawaiicore ensemble that combines a feminine silhouette with whimsical accessories. Dress in a pastel pink tulle skirt – the more voluminous and layered, the better. Pair it with a well-fitting top or a corset top to create a beautiful hourglass silhouette, and add a heart-shaped purse for a playful touch to the outfit.

Here are some beautiful and sustainable corset tops to create this look.

Magical Unicorn 

Girl posing with a unicorn tee and jeans

Channeling the joyous spirit of childhood and conveying the wonder of unicorns is the main objective here. Wear a rainbow-striped tee to exude happiness and layer it over light blue skinny jeans. Check out our selection of the best affordable and sustainable graphic tees made under high social and environmental standards.

Complement the look with unicorn-themed sneakers adorned with shimmering details and glittery hair accessories, such as hair clips or a headband featuring unicorn motifs.

Lollipop-colored Jumpsuit  

Woman posing with lollipop-colored jumpsuit and roller skates

For a sweet and effortless Kawaiicore-inspired ensemble choose a lollipop-colored jumpsuit. The jumpsuit, in a shade reminiscent of sugary lollipops, serves as the statement piece, offering a bold burst of color. Find chic and sustainable jumpsuits made under high social and environmental standards here.

Layer on a cropped denim jacket adorned with colorful enamel pins depicting cute characters, adding a touch of personalization and nostalgia. Complete the look with platform sneakers featuring playful prints or if you are a roller lover put on your favorite pink roller skates.

Denim Skirt

Woman posing with fuchsia crop top and a denim skirt

Mini pleated denim skirt – every girl used to have one in their wardrobe. Pleated denim skirts are cute and stylish, and most importantly take you back to childhood. Here is our selection of the best denim skirts for women. 

Pair it with a fuchsia crop top, platform heels, and a handbag in a complementary color to enhance the overall charm of the ensemble. The cool tones of the classic blue denim wash radiate when paired with fuchsia and look absolutely amazing together.

Barbie Girl

Woman posing with fur crop top and heeled sandals paired with fuchsia pants

Create a Barbie girl Kawaiicore aesthetic with fuchsia skinny pants paired with a faux fur crop top and heeled fur sandals. This ensemble captures the essence of Barbie's signature style with its bold colors, playful textures, and glamorous accessories. The fuchsia skinny pants add a pop of vibrant color, while the faux fur crop top exudes luxury and femininity.

Remember that it is essential to buy faux fur to prevent unnecessary harm and suffering to the animals. By supporting cruelty-free brands, we contribute to a more compassionate and environmentally conscious fashion industry while still enjoying stylish and luxurious garments.

Learn more about why we should stop buying and wearing fur clothes here.

Sweet Lolita 

Korean girl posing sitting with a pastel dress with flower motifs

Craft a romantic and doll-like aesthetic suitable for a Kawaiicore look with A ruffled pastel dress adorned with lace and bows. Choose a dress in a soft pastel tone and delicate flower patterns.

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Pair it with lace-trimmed socks and Mary Jane shoes to exude that sense of innocence and femininity reminiscent of Kawaiicore style.

Teddy Bear Love

Young woman posing with a pastel-colored sweater and teddy bear hat and bag

Kawaiicore aesthetic loves teddy bears, little puppies, and sweet kitties. An oversized pastel sweater featuring a cute bear print is an item you cannot miss in your Kawaiicore wardrobe. Pair it with polished blue skinny jeans for a casual and effortless vibe.

Buy clothing from brands that support sustainable practices and the ethical treatment of animals. Find our top ethical brands here.

Complete the look with some Teddy bear-adorned accessories, such as a hat with bear ears or a plush shoulder bag in the shape of a Teddy bear.

Dancing Queen

Black woman posing in a pink outfit with flare pants and a crop top

Flare leggings are a staple from the 1970s trends. They were symbols of rebellion, freedom, and eccentric fashion. Choose well-fitting flare leggings in adorable pastel colors and team them with a matching long-sleeved crop top for a retro-inspired Kawaiicore appearance.

Finish the look with platform sandals to add some height and balance out the flare of the leggings.

Polka Dots

Cinese young woman posing with a pink polka dots pencil skirt and a crop top

Who is our favorite Disney character who loves polka dots? Minnie, of course! Polka Dots typically have a playful, innocent sentiment to them. They are a favorite pattern for children's clothes, toys, and room decorations.

Clothes in pastel tones with polka dots are an excellent addition to your wardrobe if you want to create a Kawaiicore-inspired look.

Choose a polka dot dress or a skirt with a matching top. Go for a pencil skirt and a well-fitting top to create a beautiful hourglass silhouette and mix an innocent flair with a sexy appeal.

Soft and Cozy Ensemble

Girl posing with plush sweatpants and headphones

We are in love with those soft and cozy plush sweatpants sets! They are super comfortable and fantastic for a Kawaiicore-inspired look. Start by layering a pastel-colored cropped hoodie over the sweatpants for a coordinated and youthful vibe. You can select a monochromatic look or combine colors to give some dimension to the outfit.

For footwear, go for platform sneakers adorned with colorful laces or embellishments for an extra pop of personality.

Prioritize sustainable clothing and buy cute sportswear from green fashion companies. Find our brand selection here.

Cute Streetstyle Mix 

Girl posing with bright-colored cropped hoodie and black leggings

Craft a cute ensemble that combines the adorable Kawaiicore aesthetic with the adventurous spirit of street-style fashion. Choose a galaxy-printed hoodie featuring vibrant colors and cosmic motifs that evoke the mysteries of outer space. Pair it with black leggings to create a beautiful contrast, and complete the look with holographic platform boots to add a touch of sparkle and shine. 

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Sailor-inspired Look

Young woman posing with sailor-inspired outfit

The fantastical world of sailors and pirates comes to life with this playful and vibrant look. Choose a dress or two-piece set with a nautical theme that combines vintage and whimsical elements. It usually has a striped trim and a sailor collar. 

Pair it with platform trainers and knee-high socks decorated with vibrant patterns or figures to combine comfort and charm in the extraordinary world of Kawaiicore's fanciful looks.

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Cartoon-inspired Look

Happy black woman posing with a denim rompers

Craft a cartoon-inspired and fun Kawaiicore look with classic denim rompers and a cartoon tee. Choose rompers that fit well and flatter your figure. Kawaiicore aesthetic does not like baggy clothes. Layer a tee underneath featuring your favorite cartoon character, anime motif, or nostalgic cartoon print.

Complete the look with a pair of statement sneakers in a bright and playful color. Choose sneakers adorned with fun details like glitter or sequins.

Hello Kitty Love

Girl wearing a pastel pleated skirt and a white top

Hello Kitty defies conventional norms with her distinctive appearance, characterized by a round face and minimalist features. This unique aesthetic seamlessly captures the essence of the Japanese Kawaiicore concept.

Creating a Kawaiicore wardrobe would be impossible without a Hello Kitty-inspired piece. As the main piece of the ensemble, start with a charming and vibrant Hello Kitty graphic t-shirt. Pair it with a pastel pleated skirt and add Hello Kitty accessories, such as a bow headband adorned with Hello Kitty motifs, a charm bracelet featuring Hello Kitty charms, and a bag in the shape of Hello Kitty.

Find a cute skirt for this look from our listing of the best eco-friendly brands here.


Girl posing with plush backpack

For a complete Kawaiicore aesthetic, essential accessories play a vital role in adding charm, whimsy, and personality to the ensemble. Essential accessories typically include oversized bow hair clips or headbands, pastel-colored scrunchies, statement earrings featuring cute motifs like hearts or animals, plush backpacks or crossbody bags adorned with playful characters or shapes, heart-shaped sunglasses in coordinating pastel hues, and platform sneakers with fun embellishments like glitter, bows, or cartoon characters.

Girl posing with sequin handbag

The typical color palette of these accessories revolves around soft pastel shades such as baby pink, lavender, mint green, sky blue, and lemon yellow, evoking a dreamy and ethereal atmosphere while adding a pop of color and playfulness to the outfit. These accessories are the perfect finishing touches to complete the Kawaiicore aesthetic, adding whimsical charm and delight to every look.

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